Beckner Speaks Regarding DeMuth's Accusations

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by RiverRat, Aug 31, 2006.

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    The truth is right there in the records for anyone to see, and Trip DeMouth and the rest of the RST continue to lie about it. When they are confronted with the truth of how many people were investigated by the BPD, they says, "Well, they didn't investigate them deeply enough."

    How the hell do they know how "deeply" the BPD investigated these people? What do they want them to do - strip them and inspect every hidey hole on their bodies, their family's ear cavities and eye sockets, their friends' underwear and underarm hair? Who needs probable cause to get search warrants for their cars and homes? Tap their telephones. A person produces a solid alibi that proves they couldn't have been at the Ramsey home that night, that's cause to stop investigating them, but not for the RST. No, keep harrassing them, harrass their employers, follow them around, maybe even pray with them - hell, it worked for the Ramseys. That's what the RST wanted the BPD to do?

    How very little they know about Police Investigation 101. These people have civil rights JUST LIKE THEIR BELOVED RAMSEYS HAVE. But, now, they have placed their beloved Ramseys in a plastic bubble, protected from the evidence that hangs them.

    Trip DeMouse is tooting his own horn, but none of those hot shot "experienced" (snicker) Ramsey-bought detectives have been able to find an intruder, because there is no freaking intruder evidence to work with, except that Lou Smit invented.

    :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit:
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    Trip DeMuth - "Hey, it worked for Steve Thomas, why not give it a try?"

    I'd place a bit more weight on Trip's perspective if, say, he had come out and said this in 1998, in a disgust-filled resignation letter, and if he had then written a book detailing this deplorable situation, but....he waited until August of 2006 to reveal this scandalous investigative failure on the part of the BPD? Ten years of sitting on this shocking revelation? Suuure....

    Hey Trip, what do you say to the BPD handling 5,300 phone tips, 4,800 letters, conducting 6,300 interviews, investigating 140 possible suspects.....oh I know, they shouldn't have focussed on the Ramseys so much!!
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    THE BPD just issued a press release in response to Tripp DeMuth's comments,

    August 31, 2006 - Police response to allegations
    Julie Brooks, PIO, (303) 441-3370


    Recent events in the nearly 10-year-old homicide of JonBenet Ramsey have rekindled the firestorm of accusations about how the Boulder Police Department handled the investigation into her death. The department has remained silent in recent years, as the effort to correct inaccuracies seemed futile.

    In the fall of 1997, three prominent Denver-area attorneys, Dan Hoffman, Robert Miller, and Richard Baer, assisted the Boulder Police Department with the investigation. After reading comments made by Trip DeMuth in today's Rocky Mountain News, all three felt compelled to contact the police department to provide support. They have authorized the Boulder Police Department to release this statement on their behalf:

    We assisted the Boulder Police Department in their investigation of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Throughout our involvement and to this day, we have never spoken to the media about this case because we feel that comments by anyone involved in the investigation could only compromise the ability to prosecute the perpetrator or perpetrators of this horrible crime. However, we are compelled to respond to the irresponsible statements of one of the deputy district attorneys who worked on the case, Trip DeMuth. Some ten years after the fact, DeMuth claims that he was somehow prevented by the Boulder Police Department from pursuing leads in the investigation. Based upon our knowledge of this matter, DeMuth's claim is ridiculous. Mr. DeMuth's assertion that the Boulder Police Department refused to pursue a variety of theories is also ludicrous. In our opinion, the Boulder Police Department, as well as Michael Kane, an experienced prosecutor, conducted an exhaustive and wide-ranging investigation of this matter. If Mr. DeMuth truly cares about seeing justice done, he should act responsibly and refrain from making inaccurate statements that could further jeopardize this investigation.

    The Boulder Police Department, over the years, investigated more than 160 potential suspects in the case.

    "A few people have accused the department of focusing too narrowly in its investigation of this homicide when that was not the case," said Chief Mark Beckner. "People who have spoken out that way have relied on the department's inability to discuss case specifics, but I cannot allow the misperceptions to go unanswered any longer."

    Daniel Hoffman has practiced law in Colorado since 1958 and he was the dean of the University of Denver College of Law from 1978 to 1984. He is now in private practice at a firm in Denver. Robert Miller was the U.S. Attorney for Colorado from 1981 to 1988. Before that, he was the Weld County district attorney for 10 years. He is now in private practice in Denver. Richard Baer was a state prosecutor in New York before joining a law firm in Denver. He is now the executive vice president and general counsel for a large corporation in Denver.
  4. wombat

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    Good for them, finally.

    If this snowballs instead of fizzles, it will be because the behavior of the Boulder DA is affecting PUBLIC SAFETY in the community.
  5. RiverRat

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    Sabrina sweetie - that is sooo sticky thread worthy.......please retitle so that the headline is blazing!!!
  6. koldkase

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  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Beckner defends Ramsey work
    Karr arrest renews criticism of Boulder Police Department

    By Christine Reid, Camera Staff Writer
    September 1, 2006

    Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner thought the days of his department making it into Jay Leno's monologue were over.

    But following the brief consideration of John Mark Karr as a suspect in the JonBenet slaying case, "The Tonight Show" host worked the "Blunder Police Department" back into his show. And former members of the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, including Trip DeMuth, have renewed their criticism of the department's work.

    Beckner's tired of it.

    He said Thursday that he can no longer stay silent, and he wants the department's recurring role as the Ramsey-case punching bag to end.

    "I haven't been aggressive in that regard because of our professionalism to not have those disputes in the public arena," Beckner said during an hour-long interview at his office. "I don't want to talk now, but I'm not going to let our detectives have their credibility attacked over things that are not true."

    Boulder police investigated JonBenet's 1996 murder for six years before handing it off to the DA's office, which had Karr arrested Aug. 16 in Thailand. On Monday, District Attorney Mary Lacy dropped the case because Karr's DNA didn't match crime scene evidence.

    Revived interest in the case reopened old wounds as critics accused Boulder police of botching the investigation from the start by not immediately securing the Ramsey house as a crime scene, then focusing exclusively on the parents as suspects.

    Beckner admits the department made mistakes on the case, but he said it didn't ignore the possibility that an intruder killed the 6-year-old beauty queen. And he said the DA's office, then headed by Alex Hunter, wasn't without flaws.

    Beckner said DeMuth, who headed the Ramsey investigation for the DA's office for the first two years, was fixated on an intruder killing JonBenet and accused anyone who didn't buy his theory of "not following all the evidence."

    "I never understood how that goes just one way," Beckner said.

    He said the characterization of his department just focusing on the Ramseys is just plain wrong.

    "I have the evidence we investigated many people," he said.

    More than 100 huge, white binders line the shelves of a small, locked room that holds the department's Ramsey case files. Beckner grabbed one binder after another, and threw them onto a table, showing page after page of investigative reports on one-time suspects.

    He estimates that detectives investigated 150 to 160 people, many of whom gave blood, hair and handwriting samples before they were cleared.

    "Can you see why we get frustrated?" Beckner said.

    Beckner also grabbed four notebooks full of reports from DA investigators, showing that they followed leads themselves — a practice that was never shut down by the police department, as DeMuth has asserted.

    Responding Thursday, DeMuth said Beckner doesn't know how the initial investigation went because he wasn't assigned to the case until about nine months had passed. And regardless of how many notebooks are in the evidence room, DeMuth said Beckner told him early on that detectives didn't want to hear any more about an intruder committing the crime.

    "I'm only telling the truth about what happened during the course of the investigation," DeMuth said. "I'm not seeking to criticize anybody. I'm just sharing information about what happened."

    On Thursday, after the Rocky Mountain News published a lengthy interview detailing DeMuth's allegations that he was hamstrung by the department, three Denver attorneys who helped Boulder police during their investigation issued a written response condemning the claims.

    "If Mr. DeMuth truly cares about seeing justice done, he should act responsibly and refrain from making inaccurate statements that could further jeopardize this investigation," said the statement, from Dan Hoffman, Robert Miller and Richard Baer.

    But DA investigator Lou Smit said DeMuth is telling the truth.

    "Mark Beckner made this statement that the Ramseys were the only ones under the umbrella of suspicion, and we didn't agree with that," Smit said. "I don't criticize any member of Boulder Police Department, but I do criticize the direction they took and the devastation it had on the Ramsey family.",1713,BDC_2423_4960987,00.html
  8. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    :lame: :weaklink:

    Enough! SHOVE IT you lyin' bastard! They haven't told the truth in almost 10 years.
  9. Why_Nut

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    Time to document the truth as opposed to the revisionist-history spin, it appears.

    From the Daily Camera, October 16, 1997:

    Police look for possible suspect
    Ramsey investigator asks Oceanside, Calif., police for information on man

    Lou Smit, a retired Colorado Springs homicide detective working for the prosecutor, called authorities in California last week for information about a 54-year-old man arrested 32 years ago in Oceanside in connection with a crime against a child.

    The man, arrested March 15, 1965, and eventually convicted of misdemeanor indecent exposure, reportedly lived six blocks from the Ramseys Boulder home and disappeared shortly after the murder.

    "What he (Smit) said was that it was not any big deal, said Sgt. Mike Goldsmith of the Oceanside Police Department. "Its just a normal follow up (on a lead), just as you would with any other homicide case. They (Boulder County District Attorneys investigators) are just doing their job.

    Officials referred Smit to the California Department of Justice because the Oceanside Police Department purges most felony records after seven years, Goldsmith said.

    Boulder District Attorneys Office spokeswoman Suzanne Laurion declined to comment.

    Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was found strangled in the basement of her home on Dec. 26. About eight hours earlier, Patsy Ramsey, the girls mother, discovered a ransom note demanding $118,000 and called police.

    Authorities have not named any suspects or made any arrests in the slaying.

    So far, investigators on the case have conducted more than 175 interviews and contacted several sex offenders registered in Boulder.

    But Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter has identified Patsy and John Ramsey, the girls father, as the focus of the investigation.

    The Ramseys have strongly criticized the police investigation into their daughters murder.

    Police, however, have investigated several possible suspects in the crime:

    Authorities eliminated John Andrew and Melinda Ramsey, JonBenets adult half-siblings, as well as Ramsey family friends Fleet and Priscilla White as suspects.

    Two Boulder police detectives traveled to Charlotte, N.C., in April to investigate a man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl. John Brewer Eustace, 31, of North Carolina, was arrested in Charlotte after he said he entered a local home through a bedroom window, abducted and raped the girl in late March. Police later ruled out Eustace as a suspect.

    Detectives interviewed Bill McReynolds, a former University of Colorado journalism professor who portrayed Santa Claus at the Ramseys Dec. 23 Christmas party, and his wife, Janet. Although authorities collected hair and handwriting samples from the couple in the first few months following the murder, police sources said they did not consider the McReynolds serious suspects.
  10. Carol

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    JonBenet Prober Rips Cops

    From today's New York Daily News:

    A former Boulder County, Colo., deputy DA caught up in the
    JonBenet Ramsey murder case in its earliest phase claims that he
    was prohibited from chasing leads pointing to an intruder as the

    Lawrence DeMuth said this week that he and his investigative
    team from the District Attorney's Office "were restricted" by
    police from conducting an investigation of their own and that their
    suggestions concerning intruder-related leads were routinely ignored.

    "We were restricted to reading police reports - from which we
    developed a lot of intruder leads," he said, "[but] prohibited from
    pursuing [them]."

    DeMuth insists the Boulder Police Department's "myopic" focus on
    the Ramseys as the culprits prevented its officers from following
    the evidence.

    "The vast majority of our leads were not pursued," he said. "...I saw
    the police reports."

    Scripps Howard
  11. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    Jeesh, I've been looking all over for this and finally found it where? At ACR's...something in the archives DejaNu put together!!! Anyways, this is it!

    Someone want to get a copy of this to Trip DeMuth? Note too, that these are the stats as of 2001!!

    OTOH, try to find something like this from the BDA's office.

    I know, let's call Trip and ask him what kind of stats he's got for his office's hard, diligent look for the intruder. And then ask him how myopic the BPD could be when they interviewed more than 650 people!!! Certainly there aren't 650 Paughs and Ramseys!!!

    Also ask Trip what his office did with the reports of more than 60 experts!!!

    How the BDA's office gets away with claiming the BPD botched the investigation and ONLY looked at the family is beyond me. Statistics like this need to get out because it's a clear indication that the BDA is the one who IGNORED evidence and had a MYOPIC view!
  12. Kangatruth

    Kangatruth Member

    you realise Trip DeMuth is an anagram of TIRED THUMP !!
  13. Kangatruth

    Kangatruth Member

    oh ..and John Ramsey = Enjoys Harms

    and Patsy's is Mastery Pays !!

    sorry for digression
  14. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    EXCELLENT!! :clap: :highfive:

    and Welcome to FFJ, BluesStrat!
  15. Shadow

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    "There was a lot of friction between the BPD and the BDA's office." LOL

    There was a lot of friction between the DA's office and the FBI also. Anyone remember that the FBI had to stop the DA's office from giving the Ramsey lawyers "all the evidence the BPD had to date"? The only reason the FBI didn't clash as much with the DA's office as the BPD is that the FBI could, and did, just ignore them when they acted like p**cks!!
  16. koldkase

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    Hokaaaaay. Been at this way too long today. Read this thread for some research, and now I'm posting on a whole 'nother topic on it. Fine. Ignore me. Too much holiday stuff has fizzled my shizzle! :foshizzle
  17. Jayelles

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    You are da bomb! Happy New Year!
  18. Elle

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    Aren't you a little clever clogs! :)
  19. Tez

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    Dear Mr. Mouth DeMuth,

    You say the BPD only focused on the parents? Ok, why didn't you sign off on the search warrants for the Ramsey's phone records and credit card statements? Maybe the intruder called the Ramsey's? You didn't because you were more concerned with the Ramseys maintaining an "island of privacy." Only in Boulder would this be allowed!

    Instead of focusing on where the evidence lead, you were focused on people who had alibis and who had been cleared. Remember Santa McReyonlds?

    I'm disgusted with you and the whole Boulder County District Attorneys Office.

    One of the people who used to help pay your salary,

  20. Show Me

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    Yep the Ramseys 'comfort' level allllllllways came before justice for JonBenet. Can't imagine a phoning kidnapper case where you don't get ALL the phone records....

    Why? What was in the phone records the Ramseys didn't want the cops to know? The kidnapper's phone calls might have been on there. They do have phones in Foreign Factionland.

    The kidnappers said they'd phone so I doubt this was the first time the FFPs used a phone. I'd say the FFPs are experienced phone dialers and the odds of them making a 'trial' phone call are pretty darn good.
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