Book Proposal for "Prostitution of Justice" by Thomas C. "Doc" Miller

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  1. Tricia

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    Ok my friends, here is the beginning. This is the incredible proposal for Doc Miller's book. While I put up chapter one aquaint yourself with all that Judith and Doc Miller have been put through by the Ramseys. It will make your blood boil, AGAIN...Enjoy!!

    Book Proposal for Prostitution of Justice by Thomas C. "Doc" Miller.


    The world awaits the truth in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. The demand has been building for over a decade to understand how the American legal system so thoroughly failed a six year old child. Not just any six year old child, but a beauty princess, a pinup girl being groomed for adoration, then fatally bludgeoned and strangled.

    The publication of JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice in Japanese in May, 2007, proves worldwide hunger for this gothic tale of sex, taboo and innuendo. The facts remain so tantalizingly occluded by time and kaleidoscope press coverage that the arrest of a lunatic pedophile in 2006 drew international headlines. So, why hasn’t the book been published in English, the native tongue of its author?

    The promise of law suits carried out by John and Patsy Ramsey has silenced the press in the United States of America. Boulder Detective Steve Thomas and St. Martin Press were sued upon publication of JonBenet Ramsey: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation. Carol McKinley and Fox News were sued for airing a report that police found no evidence of an intruder. John and Patsy’s modus operandi lie in threats and civil and criminal prosecutions for purchased “justice.”

    JonBenet Ramsey’s death Christmas night, 1996, still ignites the world’s imagination. John Mark Karr’s remarkably well publicized 2006 arrest in Thailand, after “confessing” to being with JonBenet when she died, only sparked an ember of the fire left in this American tragedy. What makes this story mythical in its enduring interest to the public?

    The public wants to know the truth. That’s what made the O.J. Simpson case the “trial of the century”; which occurred only months before the JonBenet tragedy. Belief remains strong within the public, worldwide, that somehow the Ramsey’s: (a) got away with it, or (b) an intruder did it. Absent a trial, the public has no “facts” to rely upon for a belief that justice prevailed. JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice pours gas on the fire and exposes the truth.

    John and Patsy got away with it, not cheaply, but completely. This exposé takes the evidence in the case and explains its use by the police, lawyers and the press. Ultimately, the book clarifies how the evidence was distorted, abandoned or invented and the corrosive effect the Ramsey case had on American jurisprudence.

    John and Patsy spent millions on their defense and hundreds of thousands of dollars went to prosecute persons at the fringes of the case. With the Ramseys’ unparalleled access to law, politics and power, investigators, news brokers, editors and lawyers found themselves facing jail time for uncovering evidence pointing to JonBenet’s parents. Prostitution of Justice exposes the Ramsey’s public relations triumphs and smear campaigns. More ominously, their out of court manipulations and very expensive legal counsel silenced critics as they flaunted their purchased “innocence.” Even the few who believe in the couple’s innocence cannot expect equal justice in a legal system publicly prone to ignore a child’s death.

    Fortunately, this book is based upon the truth. While no person or publisher is immune to a lawsuit, Prostitution of Justice makes no statement that is not fully researched and accurately reported. Every fact is documented and/or taken from statements made under oath. (Over 200 footnotes document the 96,500 word manuscript.) The book is protected from a libel or slander action under New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S.Ct. 710, 11 L.Ed. 2d 686 (1964). Additionally, statements made under oath in court proceedings, which are quoted extensively, are protected speech.

    While the book focuses on the diverse pursuits of justice when big money and politics bully their way into a case, it is also the love story of a photographer, Judith Phillips, and a down and out Denver lawyer, Thomas C. "Doc" Miller. Their love story becomes an heroic journey
    through the criminal justice system.

    Before any investigation, the Ramseys were identified as “credible millionaires.” As the bungled case deteriorated from a crime demanding prosecution to an intruder theory, money kept the case out of the courtroom for the chief suspects. Those without money suffered the consequences.

    The inside story on the Ramseys comes from Judith Phillips, a photographer who knew the family for fourteen years in both Atlanta and Boulder up to the time of the tragedy. Phillips’ haunting family photographs of Patsy and JonBenet have been published internationally and are seen on national television any time the story resurfaces. Twenty of Phillips’ photographs accompany the manuscript. Release for usage of the photographs by American Media Corporation has been obtained.
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  2. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    The author, Thomas C. "Doc" Miller, is a practicing criminal defense lawyer in Colorado and a handwriting expert who worked on the Ramsey case. Through his involvement in the case, Miller was prosecuted along with a tabloid editor for a concocted case of commercial bribery claiming Lewis and Miller attempted to purchase the ransom note. Lewis walked after his company gave a $100,000 “gift†to the University of Colorado. Miller was acquitted after a three day jury trial. That trial took four years in the making. Miller and Phillips met during the case and publicly argued that John and Patsy were involved in JonBenet’s death.

    Phillips, Miller, friends, cops and the tabloids are much maligned in the Ramsey’s tell-all, The Death of Innocence, published by New American Library in 2001. Two years earlier, American Media Corporation, owner of The Globe, found itself defending its editor in Boulder, Craig Lewis, and Miller in lengthy and expensive felony criminal prosecutions. To solve The Globe’s costly criminal defense problem, American Media Corporation hired former President Bill Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, who represented the President in the Monica Lewinski scandal. In November of 2000, days after winning reelection as District Attorney, the Jefferson County prosecutor dismissed charges against the tabloid editor for a $100,000 “gift†to the University of Colorado. Mr. Kendall arranged for the checkbook dismissal.

    That left Miller, and his wife Phillips, to defend against the felony charge of commercial bribery remaining against Miller while the tabloid editor, Craig Lewis, moved to Florida. Miller’s trial exposed the Ramsey’s prostitution of justice. John and Patsy paid to have Miller investigated and paid lawyers to demand filing charges against Miller. The jury learned how Miller, a handwriting expert, had identified Patsy Ramsey as the author of the ransom note. The jury was denied evidence of Lewis’ involvement. The trial serves as a backdrop explaining how the criminal and civil justice system was manipulated by money, power and the public’s unquenchable appetite for news.
    More importantly, the book exposes the monumental damage done to equal justice in the United States of America: One justice for the rich – one justice for the poor. The Ramsey case establishes this fact of life for every American citizen. As was their right, John and Patsy purchased more “justice†then even the fit, clique and trendy city of Boulder could afford. Given the not guilty verdict purchased in the O.J. Simpson trial at the time of JonBenet’s death, the press, including the fabled “tabloid†press, came to Boulder to hunt down the story, but the story’s unsatisfying ending remains a pox on the system.

    Prostitution of Justice answers the questions the public has been asking since Christmas Night 1996. Why were John and Patsy never prosecuted? It is not satisfying to learn of the perfidy, shams and follies of the system and the public servants, but understanding how justice is bought is the only way to cleanse the system.

    About the Writer​

    As the only person to face a jury in the JonBenet Ramsey case, and having been acquitted of the felony charge of commercial bribery, Thomas C. "Doc" Miller renewed his license to practice law as a criminal defense lawyer. He is currently defending a woman accused of causing the death of her three year old child. The courtroom experience translates into a layman’s explanation of what the system could or couldn’t do and should and shouldn’t have done in the JonBenet tragedy.

    Beginning in 1970 as the editor of a high school newspaper, Miller worked in journalism as a reporter, sports writer, paste up artist, publisher, editor, photographer, ad salesman, etc. for weekly newspapers. He never held a job for long at any of the newspapers he worked for in Colorado, Texas or Wyoming, nor as a painter, cook, welder’s helper or busboy before the urge to travel would interfere with his study of poetry and labors as a bachelor. His first marriage in 1985 and the birth of two sons soon after settled his direction from “poet†to lawyer.

    Miller earned a Master’s degree in English from Middlebury College through the Bread Loaf School of English at Lincoln College, Oxford during the days of literary exploration. He graduated as the class president in 1985 and returned to Denver to open Investigative Reporting Services. As owner of a private investigations business, Miller worked as and supervised investigators and handwriting experts. He sold the business in 1995, two years after beginning a law practice.

    Miller also took a B.A. in Classical Languages, from the University of Denver (summa cum laude, 1985) and a B.A. in Journalism and History from Metropolitan State College (1971). He also taught creative writing at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado from 1985 to 1998. In addition to thousands of column inches of newspaper and magazine articles, Miller has published several dozen poems and short stories locally, regionally and nationally. In September, 2006, his poem, “Living with Witches†was published by the Colorado Bar Association. He has published one book of non-fiction, Prostitution of Justice, thus far only in Japanese.
  3. Tricia

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    About the Photographer​

    Judith Phillips captures souls on film. Her portrait of Patsy and JonBenet Ramsey, included in this proposal’s sample book cover, tells the underlying story of a little girl trapped in the beauty pageants of her mother’s glory days. The photograph comes from Phillips’ Motherhood collection. Twenty of the 100 pieces are currently hanging at a local coffee shop on Broadway in Denver. The entire collection has hung at Denver’s concert halls, theaters and art centers throughout Colorado. Phillips’ first book of photographs, Scream Baby! SCREAM! was published in limited edition by Pearl Street Press in 2006.

    Phillips grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. She was exposed to a wide range of artists from Frank Lloyd Wright to Ernest Hemingway and Stan Kenton, imparting in her a lifelong impression of the impact of art on the human spirit. On childhood vacations on the shores of Wisconsin’s lakes, Phillips consumed the images in Life and National Geographic magazines, dreaming of taking pictures.

    Once Phillips picked up a camera, she established herself as a photographer. She won contests and awards as many publications in Boulder and Colorado published her work. She began a portrait business, and Patsy Ramsey became one of her artistic supporters and a patron. That led to the stunning images Phillips took of Patsy and her children growing up. Most of the photographs of Patsy, Burke and JonBenet are owned by American Media Corporation. Phillips owns or has permission for use of the photographs that accompany the manuscript.

    In addition to the Ramsey images, Phillips has portraits of many of the characters associated with the case. Lawrence Schiller, author of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Tabloid “Bad Boy,†Craig Lewis, and Carol McKinley of Fox News are some of the notables. Locals such as mayor Leslie Durgin, reporter Frank Coffman, the reluctant friend, Fleet White and the Moms Gone Bad softball team are included with others whose lives were caught in the maelstrom.
  4. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Market Analysis​

    The murder of JonBenet Ramsey is one of the most publicized crimes of the 20th century. Network producers combed Boulder for two years for any news on the case. Websites, made for TV movies, tabloids and editorial pages dwelled on the murder. Talking heads shouted of the “crisis†in the justice system. JonBenet was the poster child VICTIM! The public is as fascinated with JonBenet as it is with Lizzy Borden, Jack the Ripper or Medea, and will remain so forever.

    Prostitution of Justice doesn’t spout a conspiracy “theory.†It traces the carbuncle of the plea bargain festering in the American criminal justice system. Freedom of speech and of the press crossed paths with justice in the Ramsey investigation. The winner so far has been the intruder theory through the suppression of the back stories that kept John and Patsy out of handcuffs, out of jail and free from trial. This book offers the first exposé on the development and use of the intruder theory to derail the justice system. Further, it identifies the rules lawyers and courtrooms could have used in a prosecution. As it is, the public recalls the story after one bungled arrest in 2006 of John Mark Karr. The public and JonBenet have Karr’s release from custody to look to for justice.

    Look at the success of Larry Schiller’s, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. He did his job well. All the leads, threads and theories abound in his book. Published in 1998, the Ramsey case shaped a suspenseful story in Perfect Murder, Perfect town. But, the story went on and Schiller’s book contains old facts and lacks the inside story on the political prosecutions, the bribes and acts of whoring within legal and political circles. Facts explaining the manipulation of grand juries and political favors date back to the 1970’s. That’s the era in which the Ramsey’s mastermind lawyer, Hal Haddon, began practicing law. The stories inside those closets explain the dissatisfying, “Well, who knows?†ending in Schiller’s book.

    The international market has already spoken. Why a book written in English and translated into Japanese, yet no copies in English? John Ramsey will only drive profits skyward with a futile lawsuit. Patsy being dead, the lust for vindication is more than halved.

    In the years since John Benet Ramsey’s murder, most of the titles are out of print:
    1. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Lawrence Schiller,
    2. Presumed Guilty, Stephen Singular,
    3. Death of a Little Princess, Carlton Smith,
    4. Who Killed JonBenet, Cyril Wecht,
    5. JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas,
    6. A Mother Gone Bad, Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.,
    7. Who will speak for JonBenet, Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.,
    8. JonBenet’s Mother: The Tragedy and the Truth, Linda Edison McLean,
    9. JonBenet: The police Files, edited by Don Gentile and David Wright,
    10. A JonBenet Ramsey Story: A Little Girl’s Dream, by Eleanor Von Duyke,
    11. The Death of Innocence by John and Patsy Ramsey.
    Prostitution of Justice does not follow the one-dimensional themes presented thus far: guilty, innocent and who knows? While the evidence against the Ramseys provides plenty of guilt, the analysis of the investigation, politics and purchase of justice breaks new ground in the JonBenet Ramsey case. Treating JonBenet Ramsey’s death as a mystery subverts the truth.
    A Mother Gone Bad and Who Will Speak for JonBenet by Andrew Hodges, M.D. use Judith Phillips’ photographs on their covers, but not the photographs available in Prostitution of Justice. The title of Hodge’s book, A Mother Gone Bad, came from the name of the softball team Patsy sponsored, “Moms Gone Bad.†Judith Phillips played on the team and named it. Hodges books never sold well because his writing style was complex and pedagogical. The author could have also deleted personal anecdotes that intrude on the facts.

    Investigation alone leads to a narrow interpretation of the
    Ramsey case. It takes some understanding of law, its strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages to explain how the system failed. It helps to have worked inside the system as Steve Thomas did in his very thorough, but angry, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation. It’s the cover-up after Thomas published the results of his investigation that readers can’t find in any book. What the market awaits is a touch stone work that gives this horror story closure and answers. It also suggests repairs to the American justice system.

    This book’s scholarly approach, simple, clear, direct writing style, and unimpeachable research opens the market to a far broader readership than that of the super market tabloids. Educated and professional persons will appreciate the extensive documentation in the footnotes. True crime and mystery readers will make the book a must read. Those in airports will purchase a copy for their next flight. Cops, historians, housewives or schoolteachers will find the book invaluable in understanding the promises and failures in American jurisprudence.

    Within 24 hours of announcing the publication of Prostitution of Justice in Japanese on the Forums for Justice internet site, the posting received over two thousand hits. Americans and Europeans are no less curious than Japanese. The Forums for Justice website has had millions of hits on JonBenet Ramsey. The world is clamoring for the publication of Prostitution of Justice. Hundreds of thousands of copies await sale from the pent up demand. Once the truth becomes palpable, and available, this book sells itself.

    Nothing new and nothing exposing the truth has been published in years about John and Patsy except the intruder theory which they floated, financed and spun to the public in an unrelenting campaign. A hungry market waits. Having seen the absurd manner in which the arrest of John Mark Karr was handled, perpetuating the Keystone Kops tradition in the Boulder District Attorney’s office, talking heads such as Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews will find this non-fiction exactly their kind of fodder for reporting.

    The power of Judith Phillips’ startling images cannot be ignored in the book’s promotion. Colorado audiences know Judith Phillips, and several of her Ramsey pictures are internationally recognized. Exhibition of selections from her Motherhood collection can be included in promotional engagements. Even though a book should not be judged by its cover, Phillips’ photograph makes an argument against the adage. It’s a great photograph, and Prostitution of Justice is a great read. Nothing sells a book like a great read! This book provides a satisfying explanation and a satisfying ending to the JonBenet tragedy.

    John and Patsy took their best shot at silencing Miller and the results of his handwriting analysis by purchasing a political prosecution. They missed the mark, and the result was Miller’s acquittal. The court transcripts provide a record of protected speech impervious to a “shut up†lawsuit. Should John Ramsey decide to sue for libel and/or slander, the filing of such a lawsuit will stimulate sales, and the failure of such a lawsuit will also stimulate sales. Truth is an absolute defense, and the truth has already been published in Japan.
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