Burke Ramsey to be on Dr. Phil

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Moab, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Just when we think it cannot get anymore disgusting....everything about this is all & only about the money and NOT JonBenet so here I am and hoping this call to arms brings back many others to our fold. Let's not let our efforts for almost twenty years now not be heard! JFJBR!!!

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    Courtesy of info from tadpole at ws -
    In Touch Magazine
    Aug 5, 2016

    Shortly after it was revealed that the now 29-year-old plans on giving his interview to Dr. Phil, a source told In Touch, “More than anything, he wants to use this interview to make a plea to find JonBenét’s real killer — who he believes is still out there.”

    Disgusting and nauseating are paltry adjectives to describe this turn of events. Does anyone now doubt he is a chip off the old block?
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    There’s a dizzying array of programs playing this fall and into the winter. The following may not be a complete compilation.

    In addition to the announcement about Dr. Phil and BR, and Niner’s notice about the Investigation Discovery program (with Steph Watts) there’s also:

    - A Lifetime movie, scheduling not yet announced. It’s titled “Who Killed JonBenétâ€.

    - CNN , September 30, 2016, on JonBenét’s case. Past Channel 9 journalist/author PW is making an appearance on this one.

    - A&E, October 2, 2016, another appearance by journalist/author PW.

    - Case Closed on CBS, a three-part, six-hour unscripted miniseries about the unsolved mystery. It premieres Sunday, Sept. 18, Part 2 airs on Sept. 19, with Part 3 on Sept. 25. This show’s promo states that they will include some original investigators including former chief investigator for the DA Chief Kolar, retired FBI supervisory special agent and profiler Jim Clemente; forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee; forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz; and retired FBI supervisory special agent and forensic linguistic profiler James Fitzgerald.

    They have also invited former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards and retired FBI supervisory special agent and statement analyst Stan Burke. Laura Richards’ background in behavioral analysis has focused on stalking, domestic violence and domestic homicides.
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    Well now...just maybe that explains why Burke is ready for his close-up...
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    A plea to find Jonbenets killer.....okay....what is it now....John\s pleas :booty: getting old and boring?Does IDI need a new fresh innocent voice? Is John\s manipulation that great that he fooled Burke into doing this for him or is it Burke finally taking care of his own business?

    no clue but am pretty sure this show will tick me off
  8. questfortrue

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    Am very sure it will tick me off, too. And it's far from over.

    Prepare yourselves for the R/RST ongoing operation to counter any negative press or hint of suspicion towards the family this 20th anniversary of JonBenét’s death. smh

    “The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered” will be aired on Sept. 5 on A&E Network. Brought to you by Mills Productions. Yes, that’s David Mills who once joined Tracey in their joint video productions selling the Intruder program.

    - More BR. His taped interview from 1998, plus a child psychologist.

    - More JR. A review of his personal diaries written during the time he and Patsy were under the umbrella of suspicion. He shares his feelings in a sit-down interview. (Does anyone need a commode? :puke:)

    -Oh, and dontcha know, there will be “shocking” DNA evidence pointing more conclusively to the killer.

    Maybe we should be prepared for airplanes flying message banners designed to evoke sympathy. Their ongoing media operation in 1997/98 is what Jay Leno termed “Their World-wide Innocence Tour”; and now in 2016, as I see it, it’s the Marketing of Innocence redux.
    Just mho here.
  9. madeleine_ws

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    I hate to say this but don/t you feel that whenever there/s a media battle between RDI and IDI the IDI camp is better prepared?

    You will be surprised to see how many will feel sorry about them after BR/s interview!

    It/s a smart move on their part if you draw the line.

    Shows wont change anything IMO,actions will.Like Brennans.Facts.

    Lee and Spitz wont convert many if you ask me.

    There were RDI books published, but only half of the truth was revealed.Until the gloves come off and its a bit too late for that nothing will change, sadly!
  10. questfortrue

    questfortrue Member

    Yeah, Maddie, I agree, it appears that a concerted effort to push forward the storyline of the R family has been in the works for a while. I’ve noticed these true crime documentaries from this past year have met with some pretty good success. Interest in the big ‘unsolved’ case is high. It would be pretty natural that there would be an outreach effort towards JR, especially if their past productions slanted to the idea that the Rs were wrongly suspected.

    I’d also agree many will have sympathy for BR. Those who don’t know the case will walk away believing everything he says. How many years has this case been a media Cluster F?

    Interesting, though, when someone peeked at the PW book on Amazon, PW quotes BR as saying that it was finals week when he was visited by the BPD back in 2010. That’s why he couldn’t talk to them. Note that BR didn’t make any arrangement to talk to them after finals week. (Lin Sue claimed that the BPD were harassing this family and he would sue them if they continued.)

    OTOH, those who’ve sought justice for JBR, and wanted to tell the truth about her death, are not an organized group with much influence with the media. IIRC, Delmar England commented once that he’d sent dozens of letters to the media attempting to introduce other facts of the case. They did not want to know anything else beyond the story they’d already settled upon, i.e., the Rs’ story.

    Maybe I’ll be disappointed, idk, but I do hold out some hope for the Tom Forman production of The Case Of. I don’t necessarily believe the investigators will accuse any one person, but I think they will put the Intruder Theory in its place. Plus, one of the featured participants is not only a profiler, but also has a law background. That’s Clemente. He is not shy, comes across with a tone of authority and is extremely persuasive that he knows what’s relevant in this case. Fitzgerald too. And Kolar knows from the depths of his professionalism and his work on the case there is no other conclusion but that the Rs were involved.

    What action is left now? My opinion - only that more and more folks tell the truth about the case, JFJB.
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    Just a question I have - will you all be discussing the Dr. Phil show with Burke - HERE on THIS thread? I don't want to miss the discuss after the shows!

    Thank you in advance!
  12. Moab

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    Either here or we will start a new one, but you will be able to tell from the front page which threads have new posts on them.
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    I'm not sure if this is the best place for this or not. If it would be better somewhere else, feel free to move it, Moab :)hiya:).

    I posted this at WS and at questfortrue's suggestion, I'm copying it here so everyone here can keep up with all the upcoming documentaries coming up over the next couple of months. I’ll update it as new ones are announced, or when the times are announced of others we know are planned. If I’ve missed any, or if any mistakes are found, let me know. No one else will be able to change the items or add new ones, but each of you can change how you view the calendar (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.).

    When you open the online calendar linked below, it should show the monthly view for the current day. Click on the arrow to the right of “Today†to go to the next month. Hovering your mouse over (or clicking on a single entry) will show more information.

    I saved it showing Central Time Zone times. If you want to show your own (or a different) time zone, click on the settings box (blue box with three lines in upper right corner) and select the time zone you want. Your own local time for viewing the documentaries may be different. What can I say? I guess you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself. You can also use the settings to have it send you an email notifying you if I make any changes to it.

    I set this up on my desktop PC, but it can also be viewed on a smart phone. Just send yourself the link to it. There is also an app for it; but I haven’t tried that, so I don’t know how well (or even if) it works. If anyone does try the app, let others here know how it works.

    If you have problems with it or want to learn more about how to use it, click on the developer’s homepage in the upper left corner.

  14. Moab

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    Thanks my friend, this is great!!! :hiya:
  15. JC

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    Oh, I am so looking forward to this interview! It will be the first time ever I've watched a Dr. Phil show.
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    Just heard, from a comment on Amazon

    about the BR interview by Dr. Phil.

    I used to like his show b/c he doesn't BS people, is known for speaking very bluntly and directly to people who need some truth. But maybe over time he has softened or is taking more money for a softer approach? Everyone has bills to pay. I will be interested to see Burke again. I have a sort of sociopath radar, so if that's who he is, I believe I will spot the signs. I mean, he was a child and children can be lied to, so who knows what he really remembers or believes at this point?

    Maybe Dr. Phil will confront him on his lack of emotion at the funeral?
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    Ohhh but it will be the LAST time I watch him, My Friend. Phil put way too much money in the pockets of Casey Anthony's circus/family and I highly doubt that Burke is really speaking out while saying nothing just to ask the killer to report to the Boulder Police Department without a price tag attached.
  18. JC

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    I don't care for Dr. Phil ~ at all. But I do want to see this. The last memory I have of Burke is coming out of the church at JBR's funeral with GUILTY written all over his face, at least that is what I thought then. It will be interesting to see him all these years later.
  19. questfortrue

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  20. heymom

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    Your link didn't work. I got a tickler on my newsfeed, picture of Burke with a weird expression in his eyes, caption said something like "Burke Ramsey smiling through grisly details of sister's murder."

    Looking at his face....yeah.
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