BUSTED! Exposure of CSI England's hoax of "new info from Steve Thomas"

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by koldkase, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Karen

    Karen Member

    Oh you did KK, but you still seemed to be using your noggin' and more suspicious than I. Did you read this thread?? My gosh I even vouched for her so that a Mod would let her come and post here. I will NEVER do that again.
    BTW, That was the very first thing that raised my suspicions. Even before I jumped in with both stupid feet she had an account opened up for her over here yet she would never come here to post. She KNEW better. Very soon after I realized that, I read RR's Tricia and Watching You's posts. Now I see things in hindsight as 20/20 of course. I was duped. Thank the Lord for RR, Tricia, Watching You and everyone else here who consistanly watch Jonbenets back and those of us here on this forum. This is a really nice and safe place to be.:heart:
  2. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Another one bites the dust.... all the wingnuts are eventually found out.
  3. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Wow, what a complete turnaround - can anyone spell "VENGEANCE"? This lunatic got exposed, so she immediately turned against the person she claimed to speak with on the phone, e-mail with - in the inner circle, so to speak? Just look at the way she is now contradicting herself - who is this nutcase, anyway? And, best of all, she and Craphead Candy are BFF now. That says it all, folks.

    If anyone ever doubted whether CSI is playing with a full deck, before, there can be no doubt, now. She got caught, and of course it's everyone else's fault but hers. And, Candy is more than happy to join forces with her, and we all know why.

    The last thing ST wants to attract is attention from the loonies on the forums. He's moved on. Why on Earth would anyone think he'd be giving this CSI bimbo information to blab at Topix. Think about it.
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  4. whitewitch1

    whitewitch1 Senior Member

    To be honest, I am surprised that everyone believed her so eagerly from the start. Wasn't ANYONE the least bit skeptical?
    I'm as eager for new information as anyone but how can anyone really know if some anonymous person over the internet is telling the truth?
    So now where are we? Stuck at square one again about how JB wore her hair at the Whites party.
    If Tricia or RiverRat are in contact with ST, can't they ask him this question? Or does he not want to discuss it?
  5. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    One person was skeptical enough to find out if CSI was really in contact with ST. Once she had the denial from ST, she exposed CSI's lies.

    There are a very few posters who have spoken at one time or another via e-mail to ST. I am one of them. I never did and I never would ask him things related to the case. He was very kind and professional. There are a couple of posters at FFJ who know Steve personally; if they want to be identified, they will do it themselves.

    My personal opinion is that neither of them would take advantage of their friendship with ST to get information out of him to broadcast on the forums. If they have ever spoken of the evidence in the JBR case, neither has ever revealed it or the fact that they are friends.

    I don't post at the Toxic forum and don't normally go there to read. If I had, I not only would have been very suspicious, I would have challenged CSI on her claims that she was getting information from ST. I've never known him to operate that way. Unfortunately for CSIEngland, there were people here who really do know him. I have no idea why she would have thought she could get away with pretending to be getting info from him.
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    The minute that I saw it, I knew. However, I have had to be away tending to other matters for months and had no clue that this was going on at Topix as that - for reasons just like this - I Really hate to go to that place. But, I guess that everyone is so desperate for anything new about this case, this poster played the part they played for God only knows what reason - for now.

    Yes - back to where you started about her hair - and No - I don't see any reason why now, Steve would start revealing case information on the internet, so I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting as he has stated over and over himself - he has already said what he had to say. It's that simple.
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  7. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    To those who feel dumb please don't.

    You know what you are? HUMAN. You read some posts that seemed logical written by someone who has some level of intelligence.

    Because you would never be weird enough to make up a bunch of stuff and go broadcast it on the Internet it probably didn't occur to you that a normal sounding poster would do just that.

    Give Rat the credit. She is always spot on when spotting the frauds.

    I haven't read this person's posts at Topix but I am gathering from what you are saying their posts posts contain interesting information.
    It would be nice if you could believe at least some of what this person posted but that is impossible now.

    And yes, the final nail of truth in this poster's coffin was why she/he changed their tune about Steve and started going against him. If this person was legit she/he would keep their same stance and contact Steve to clear things up.

    Anyway . . . I'm glad you are all still here and still care about JonBenet. FFJ isn't going anywhere so I hope you all don't either.

  8. madeleine_ws

    madeleine_ws Member

    When something like this happens I will always believe people over here.....And you know why?Because I love and adore and totally respect and TRUST people like M.Klaas and I know for sure that such people wouldn't trust Tricia just for ...........fun.It means she proved something and I don't necessarily mean outing that Tracey clown now........but what kind of person she is and what her intentions are.I think she's great and I am not kissing her @ss now,ok? :)
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I'm trying to think of what the motive was behind this scam.

    CSI claimed at topix to be a "DNA expert" who testifies at trials (it's obvious to me now that was another lie); he/she claimed initially to have "inside info" based on his/her FIELD--forensics, so that sucked us in right off. (How many times have we fell for that ruse? Our whole raison d'etre is new info, to help us determine the truth of that night, after all.) It's a clever lie, guaranteed to get us to bite. Someone who has been around these forums all these years would know that. And it was a lie, because he/she went from having "inside info" because of the job, only getting interested in the case in the last two years, to being a blood relation to White who has had a vested interest from DAY ONE. LIES LIES LIES AND MORE LIES FROM CSI.

    But in CSI's posts and arguments, he/she came across as an intelligent person who spent months arguing that the Ramseys are guilty of this crime based on the evidence. So why make up the story about Thomas giving out this case info, knowing sooner or later it would come out that the whole thing was a scam? He/she had to know it would happen.

    I cannot think of any reason Thomas would lie about knowing this person. He would hardly be talking about evidence recently with someone he trusted and not remember it. Even if CSI had misled Thomas into discussing the evidence, without telling Thomas that CSI was going to publish it on a forum, why would Thomas decide to deny he even knew CSI? Thomas could simply have said, private discussions I've had were not meant to be published. Thomas is no dummy about legal issues, either. He knows this case is never going to trial, so if he got "caught" by someone playing him, it's not like lying about it would make any difference to the case.

    And no matter how many times CSI/candy scream SUE SUE SUE, CALL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (yes, gutter candy actually wrote that, AND I'M NOT MAKING THAT UP), public gossip from an anonymous person, on a public forum claiming Thomas said this or that in private, is not a liability for Thomas. Not unless we woke up today in NaziLand.

    So in light of Thomas denying he has given case info to CSI or even has any idea who this person is who is making these claims, CSI continues to change his/her story, claiming they're about as close as siamese twins, with THOMAS being the aggressive caller to CSI.

    Oh, and for good measure, CSI concludes this makes gutter candy's delusions about Thomas calling and hanging up on gutter candy true, as well. That's TWO ANONYMOUS PEOPLE making these claims, both proven liars IN BLACK AND WHITE, whose alliance centers around discrediting Thomas. Think about it: if what CSI says were true, why would Thomas not know that CSI could PROVE IT? And why CAN'T either CSI or gutter candy just PROVE IT? What's stopping them?

    CSI's story has changed many times, going from one lie to another. He/she has spread them out over months at topix, so some people who haven't followed those stories closely may not realize how many lies he/she told. When caught from time to time by posters, CSI ignored the poster pointing out the lie or came up with a slippery excuse.

    Now CSI changed the story AGAIN, saying that there were NO EMAILS--so they can't be produced as evidence, of course; just phone calls, and that THOMAS has called CSI more than the other way round! Now, according to CSI, Thomas was USING CSI for "info" from him/her because CSI is related to FLEET WHITE BY BLOOD!

    Lord knows, Thomas could NEVAH just call Fleet. And that info Thomas is "using" CSI for? Well, we don't know what that terribly important case info is, of course. And we won't be finding out, either, because CSI says EVERYONE who knows ANYTHING should just tell it--except CSI him/herself, who says he/she is NOT going to give up anything NOW, since we've all been so unreasonable in our skepticism and questions. OF COURSE! Forget that CSI has said repeatedly that he/she understands people being skeptical. I guess it's only when CSI has to prove this hasn't all been a scam, because Thomas has put the ball in CSI's court, that suddenly our skepticism is unreasonable. CSI then conveniently feigns shock, using this as a punishable offense, providing him/her with an excuse NOT to back up any claims, past or present.

    If that's not enough to prove that CSI is playing a game of duplicity, he/she also now RABIDLY backs up gutter candy's delusions that Thomas is calling gutter candy all the time, for the same reason--INFO THAT ONLY THESE TWO VIPs KNOW! CSI is also now "corroborating" that the Whites TALKED to gutter candy in the past. MEANING CSI KNEW GUTTER CANDY BEFORE CSI CAME TO TOPIX? Yet CSI NEVER mentioned this before this sudden alliance from two people who have "attacked" each other until now? They are playing fast and loose with the truth.

    Remember that CSI said in the beginning that he/she had only been interested in the case for about 2 years. Remember that as recently as last week, CSI said he/she is related to Fleet by blood and has been invested in this case FROM THE BEGINNING. Oh, the lies have piled up and up and up.

    Now CSI has jumped the fence in the heartbeat it took to realize he/she was busted. Thomas is a dirty bird who sold out and all that "love" CSI had for him--POOF! Attack after attack on his character, with original claims of 12 years of WEEKLY contact and camaraderie counting for nothing all of a sudden!

    Why didn't CSI just call Thomas and ask, what's up? Why won't CSI simply provide something to prove that he/she wasn't lying about SOMETHING? How EASY would that be?

    And we knew what was coming. I'd have bet that proverbial farm, which I haven't lost yet, that he/she would NEVAH prove one damn thing, back up one damn claim. And there is it: he/she is NOT going to "share" anything! He/she is taking the ball and going home!

    The best part, though? BAM! CSI is gutter candy's NEW BEST FRIEND now! Oh, two peas in a pod! It's now ALL ABOUT THOMAS! They're posting thread after thread, post after post, about how awful Thomas is! They're both going to send all their--whatever--to the authorities! To John Ramsey! To LIN WOOD! SUE HIM! SUE ME! SOMEONE, SUE SOMEONE!!

    It'd be laughable if at the heart of it all there was not a little girl who was molested, bludgeoned, and strangled to death in her own home on Christmas night.

    Makes me want to puke to think about how evil people can be.

    So what is CSI doing, bottom line? The discussion about the case and evidence has gone up in smoke. It's all about CSI and gutter candy for this 15 minutes. Their attacks on Thomas dominate their every thought and post. The RST and IDI have gone from calling CSI every name in the book, including LIAR, when CSI praised Thomas and was RDI, to accepting everything he/she says that's negative about Thomas as the gospel truth.

    Also note that CSI has jumped the fence to Team Ramsey pronto, as if all those evidentiary-based discussions for months didn't happen. The CSI/candy duo attacks on FFJ, Tricia, and Rat are equally prolific, even though FFJ had signed CSI up here in good faith. (CSI claimed she didn't get the email on that and so couldn't post here...and now we know why, don't we? What would that ISP have revealed?)

    So what was this all about, anyway? Who REALLY has lost in this nasty little game? JonBenet. Who has gained? Team Ramsey, and the killer, of course.

    Is the "new" alliance between CSI/candy a fluke? Gutter candy is as predictable as sunrise, so I doubt it. The question I have is, what part has gutter candy played in all this: was she in on it from the start, or is she just a happy maggot rolling in the pile of chit that CSI shat for her?

    I don't know that it matters. Either way, it's a sorry, heartless turn of malicious intent, IMO, because the murder of a child is not a game.
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Bravo, KK...this is very sad, so very sad. If this poster had been legit, I would not have had to handle it the way I did...I wouldn't have had to do anything at all for that matter. It's that simple...
  11. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Tricia and Rat have NO REASON to lie about this, on any level.

    Thomas has been in contact with some forum members for years, including ACR and Tricia. This is why gutter candy first went crazy bonkers on Tricia and ACR, because gutter candy LIVES in the video series JEALOUSY GONE WILD. She got so broken up years ago, when ACR and Tricia put up a webpage for Thomas with a letter from him on it, it's a wonder gutter candy didn't spontaneously combust. :burnedup:

    That's when we became "the gutter gossips" NO ONE in LE would ever talk to, according to gutter candy. She posted so rabidly about FFJ as the gutter, we decided to just adopt it as our nickname, with a twist to make it ours: The Guttah. We wear it proudly, because we have been attacked plenty, just like what is going on now, but we don't back down. We fight the good fight for THE TRUTH! :fight:

    It's not pretty. It's not easy. But who is going to do it if we don't? THE RAMSEYS? When HELL freezes over!

    So there is no question Thomas was contacted. There is also no question about what he said about CSI, either. Neither Tricia nor Rat would lie about that. What would be the point?

    If Thomas said CSI is telling the truth, then what CSI said about only ONE PONYTAIL in JB's hair at the Whites would be DEVASTATING EVIDENCE AGAINST THE RAMSEYS. It's OBVIOUS how important that is. If it was in two ponytails, that's what the medical examiner reported at autopsy, so nothing incriminating there. But if it was in one ponytail, then WHEN did the extra ponytail get added? The Ramseys said she was asleep and no hairstyling, only putting her to bed. Why would Rat or Tricia want to lie about Thomas confirming this when clearly it would be blockbuster evidence AGAINST the Ramseys, when most of us believe the Ramseys have lied to LE about that night? Would anyone really argue that an INTRUDER also styled JB's hair before murdering her?

    So if Thomas did NOT say no, he hasn't told anyone that info, doesn't know who CSI is, has never spoken to or emailed with him/her, why would Tricia and Rat make THAT up? Out of love for the Ramseys? To pizz off Thomas, whom most of us respect and appreciate for telling us as much as he did in his book about the dirty dealings that ruined this case in Boulder? How would they know Thomas wouldn't simply come online and reveal THEY were lying, instead of CSI? Why would Tricia and Rat ruin their reputations in order to discredit someone bringing what would be CRITICAL evidence to our attention? Maybe someone can make that argument without sounding like they've ejected from Planet Earth, but I doubt it.

    CSI said first that Rat and Tricia were lying. But no one believes that for the above reasons. Then CSI said Thomas is lying. But that's a highly unlikely argument for the reasons I listed in my last post.

    What we do know is that CSI has lied repeatedly at topix. And it's in black and white.

    So who is truly lying here? Follow the evidence.
  12. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    KoldKase I never get tired of reading your posts. Every post is like reading a book that I can't put down and they get better and better.

    I don't know what would motivate CSIEng. but you brought up some great points.

    Could it be that CSIEng, became so sure of her/himself that she decided to add the little bit about Thomas without thinking? Could her ego have literally blinded her common sense thinking?

    I don't know. I like what KoldKase said best though. KK, you laid it all out so we can digest it.

    Hmmm don't know what to think but I would love to know the real "Why" in this situation.
  13. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    WOW. You just made my life. THANK YOU.
  14. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    And I think that probably is what really happened, she made a slip up because she was so cocky thinking she wouldn't be challenged and the lines blurred after that.
  15. whitewitch1

    whitewitch1 Senior Member

    I honestly believe that CSIs ONLY motivation was to make herself seem important.
    She started with claiming to be an expert on DNA. Then she followed that up with claiming to know Michael Jackson and her husband being his personal chef. Some people ate that crap up. She obviously enjoyed her noteriety.
    When people challenged her with her opinions on the Ramseys case, she then announced that she knew ST and communicated with him and people ate that up too.
    THEN, when another poster kept arguing with her over the Christmas lights on the Ramseys staircase (the poster claims Patsy strangled JB with her own shirt collar and the abrasions on JBs face and body were caused by burns from the lights), she had to find a way to "trump" that poster and that is when she claimed she was a relative of someone who was in the Ramseys home during Christmas '96.
    She is now siding with Candy because Candy believes her. Just two nutcases supporting each other.
    CSI has a need to feel important. One would think that in light of all that's happened, she would just tuck her tail between her legs and go away but now she IS the focus of attention at Topix and like any person who thrives on attention, even negative attention is better than no attention.
    Well, that's my take on the situation, anyway.
  16. madeleine_ws

    madeleine_ws Member

    “Sarah Palin, Go Home!”

    Joined: Aug 20, 2009

    Comments: 2843

    Bexley, Ohio

    ISP: Columbus, OH

    I phrased that wrong. I never thought Steve Thomas should have written that book. It took me some time to see the light about this rogue cop who did a disservice to ALL of LE, but now I do.

    And I'm not saying this out of anger. I'm not really angry. I'm just through with being used by ST.


    LMAO,just who does she think she is??? :floor:
    Used by ST?Is she part of ST's life now?By whining that she was used by ST she proves once again that the only reason she did all this was to get some attention.Pathetic.What she needs is help.

    My God,another attention seeking NUT! get a life instead of lying about having a relationship with someone who doesn't even know your name,fgs.I even feel sorry for you.

    Yep I agree with you whitewitch,she only wanted to be important.
  17. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Used for what though? I can't get it to answer that question.

    I stand by my original post....Have a Great Day!
  18. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member


    Maybe that scam was all a lame attempt to get posters to change to RST. Really lame and didn't work if that was the case. Probably trying to get attention as others have surmised. By the way, I read a little article quoting Michael Jackson's chef and it was a woman.
  19. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    How very odd. I have to confess to being a trifle surprised that ST was apparently speaking through this "newbie". However, her claims about the pollyanna hairstyle seemed plausible and I spend so little time on the forums these days that I miss a lot anyway.

    I did read a few of CSI's posts at Topix after reading this thread but felt somewhat disappointed at the character which showed through in one of her posts so I drew a line under her at that point LOL.

    I feel sorry for Steve Thomas having his name dragged through this. I know some posters are genuinely in contact with some of the case insiders, but they tend not to talk about this on the open forums so maybe we should have smelt that particular rat (sorry RR - you are a hamster anyway) a mile off.

    I am seeing a similarity with CSI and Candy re women scorned.
  20. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    What I find very telling is the fact that she believed wholeheartedly in ST and his theories when she was pretending to know him. But as soon as it was exposed that he had no idea who she was...then she does an about-face and now slams him and his theories and calls him a rogue cop!
    Calling ST a "rogue cop" is a slap in the face to an honest man who truly was a champion for this murdered little girl. Many who have differing theories still respect him as someone who couldn't be manipulated by the RST.
    He never had an agenda. He simply followed the evidence, as any good detective should.
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