BUSTED! Exposure of CSI England's hoax of "new info from Steve Thomas"

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by koldkase, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I think CSIE SUMAcks of stinky fish. The way she shrugs off her lies as though it's the people she is lying TO who have the problem reminds me of the case of the hat at Purgatory who denied, sneered and attacked those who suspected she was Mame until she gave herself away.

    The similarities are pretty compelling IMO.
  2. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    Could be imo. It would be interesting to dig up more posts by Logan to get more material on the writing style and preferred words used, and then compare it in detail to CSI's posts.

    From which topix thread is that Logan quote?
  3. whitewitch1

    whitewitch1 Senior Member

    It's from the "New Jonbenet Evidence: Santa Was Her Killer" thread and "Logan" just posted today or yesterday, after not having posted in quite a while. I see many similarities between CSI and Logan.
    Plus, didn't CSI claim to have been an IDI all along? I wouldn't be surprised if she switched "hats" and positions. Logan was quite a nasty IDI and was bashed on a regular basis at Topix. She has posted on the JB thread on and off for at least a year or more, yet the last time she posted on it, she claimed she'd never posted there before. I called her out on that one and she got quite :(:(:(:(ed. See if you can dig up some of her old posts and I'll do the same.
    Could be interesting.
    I just find it odd for Logan to suddenly show up again and wondering if CSI isn't trying to see if anyone is smart enough to notice that they are both from Columbus, OH. Plus check out Logans "avitar." Looks like something CSI would use.
  4. whitewitch1

    whitewitch1 Senior Member

  5. whitewitch1

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    How many people's posts show were their ISP is from?
  6. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    I too, suspected it was Logan and made a post about it at Topix after noticing that Logan too, had a dark haired "beauty" as her avatar. She ignored me and never came back....until yesterday

    Yes, for sure, CSI could also be Logan and playing games

    The writing is also very similar and for awhile, CSI and Logan actually disagreed, but this is very much CSI's style too.
  7. Karen

    Karen Member

    I read Logans posts late last night and coincidently the first thing I thought was "This sounds like CSILiar!" I think you may be on to something. It amazes me that grown adults have nothing better to do every day then to get on the internet and play games. What kind of loser does that?! Geez, they should get a job or volunteer if they have so much time on their hands. Do something GOOD, you know? Instead it's GROWN ADULTS that play games like this on the internet. It shows me the kind of person they really are that this is what they choose to do with their time instead of being productive. Disgusting. Ok, rant over.:curtsey:
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