CBS docudrama "The Case for JonBenet Ramsey

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  1. questfortrue

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    Jim Clemente and Laura Richards review their work on the case in this podcast, including some dialog with the Whites, a review of the autopsy and the 'inconsistent' statements on the part of the parents.
  2. The Punisher

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    I'm sorry, everybody, but I still don't buy Burke yet. I'm still hung up on PDI. Where am I going wrong?
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  3. questfortrue

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    Many people (posters, Boyles, LHP) see extreme volatility in Patsy’s behavior and can’t shake that she may have ‘lost it’ that night.

    I respect any of our opinions, except for the idea of the cortically challenged intruder/kidnapper who forgot to remove the body. As Robert Ressler commented, You’ve a body and a ransom note. It’s totally stupid.

    For me, even though I read Kolar’s book, it was actually BR himself on Dr. P - his altered answers, his lack of empathy for what his sister went through and his behavior at the early interviews which really turned my focus to him.

    Whatever any of us believe happened, though, when I read that the leader of the family, in an act of gutless cowardice, planned to hoof it out of Boulder as fast as his plane could fly him, I realized this family would never take responsibility. The truth has departed the station, and left the two standing Rs on the platform, both still under that umbrella of suspicion for their roles. I trust the both of them will remain under that umbrella for the rest of their remorseless lives.

    As for Patsy, she allowed the truth to be buried with her.
  4. fr brown

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    Though Kolar doesn't address it in his book (that I saw, anyway), he agrees with Steve Thomas that John slept through the night. In his AMA, Kolar said that John's criminal culpability started when he found the body around 11am and didn't report it, (though he had undoubtedly become suspicious earlier).

    So if Kolar is correct, that means Patsy decided to cover for her son, with all that entails, without consulting her husband and without clueing him in in the morning.

    We don't know what the evidence is that supports John's alibi that he slept through the night, but it must include the state of his bathroom, wet shower, wet comb, etc., in contrast to the state of Patsy's bathroom which was probably dry as a bone.​
  5. rashomon

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    @fr Brown

    Another crucial issue which Kolar doesn't mention in his book are the black wool fibers from John's shirt which were found in the crotch area of JB's underwear (the oversized Bloomies).
    The fibers were consistent with the shirt John had worn at the Whites' Christmas Party on Dec. 25th, 1996.

    It is explainable that Steve Thomas had no knowledge of this fiber evidence (which obviously was discovered after he resigned from the police force in 1998) - but James Kolar should have had knowledge of the August 29, 2000 interwiew with John Ramsey where he was asked about those fibers.

    I'm one hundred per cent certain that John did not sleep through the night, but instead helped Patsy to cover up what had happened to JonBenét.​
  6. fr brown

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    Do we know that Thomas didn't know? He still had friends in the department. If he didn't know, do we know for sure that knowing would change his opinion? There are a variety of ways to get fibers from one place to another. As I recall, the police were interested in what John did with his shirt after he took it off. The implications of this throws major shade on Patsy, I realize, but it would explain some things--like why the long, practiced ransom note is full of Ramsey inside baseball.

    We don't know why both Kolar and Thomas are convinced that John slept through the night. Neither has told us. But since it throws a bit of a monkey wrench into Kolar's theory, I suspect it's compelling.

    Addendum: The black wool shirt and Patsy's red jacket were given to the police at the end of January '98. (Thomas resigned in August of '98.) Thomas includes information in JonBenet about fibers on the duct tape being "chemically and microscopically consistent" with Patsy's jacket. He doesn't mention the black wool fibers from John's shirt, but it's reasonable to assume that Thomas knew about them.​
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    Are you claiming that every single person in the world who saw the b/w photo of the pineapple cubes in cream in a bowl would instantly know that they were looking at pineapple cubes in cream in a bowl, yes or no?

    Would it have been absolutely, positively 100% impossible for Burke to have touched the bowl prior to the pineapple cubes and cream being placed in it, yes or no?
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    I'm positive it's because neither one wants to think that clean-cut, mild-mannered, successful businessman John Bennett Ramsey had to murder his daughter due to his getting caught committing incest with her. If John would be capable of such a thing then, given the right circumstances, so would they.
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    I agree with you on Patsy being the one to inflict the head bash. In her 1996 Xmas letter she wrote: One final note ... thank you to all my 'friends' and my dear husband for surprising me with the biggest, most outrageous 40th birthday bash I've ever had!


    rage- birthday (Xmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus) - bash (blow to the head)

    Plus there is her account in DoI of seeing the My Twinn doll lying in its box as JonBenet lying in her coffin. (Patsy is angry enough to want to see JonBenet dead.)
  10. icedtea4me

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    If the dna from the foreign sample contains fewer markers as compared to JonBenet's dna from her own blood, then it wasn't freshly deposited that night.
  11. icedtea4me

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