Charges for Karr next week

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    'Insurance policy for the prosecution'

    Perhaps the most unexpected was the possible felony murder claim, which means prosecutors are either accusing Karr of killing JonBenet during the course of a sexual assault or kidnapping, or alleging he was present while someone else killed the girl. (emphasis mine)

    Felony murder carries the same penalties as first-degree murder: either life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

    “It’s a perfect insurance policy for the prosecution in Colorado,†said former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman. “Even if a jury were to somehow buy that this was an accident, any death during the commission of a kidnapping or sexual assault is first-degree murder regardless.â€

    Felony murder is often described as allowing “vicarious liability†and could relate to Karr’s statement to reporters in Thailand on Sunday that he was present when JonBenet died and that her death was an accident. He did not specifically say he killed her.
  2. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    JonBenet suspect may be moved to Boulder today

    By Christine Reid and Vanessa Miller, Camera Staff Writers
    August 24, 2006

    Formal charges against the teacher accused of murdering JonBenet Ramsey won't be filed until at least early next week, John Mark Karr's attorney said Wednesday night.

    But he could be in Boulder as early as today after waiving his right earlier this week to fight extradition from California.

    "We were officially obtained by Mr. Karr this morning," Harmon told a throng of reporters during the dinnertime news conference. "I can't tell you why. That's confidential information."

    They will have to work with an attorney licensed to practice in Colorado.


    Karr met with Harmon and Van Zandt for several hours Monday, but was represented by the California public defender's office Tuesday when he waived his right to fight extradition to Colorado. The 41-year-old is waiting in a Los Angeles jail cell for Boulder authorities to pick him up.

    Karr told reporters after his arrest last week in Thailand that he was with JonBenet when she died and that it was an accident. Harmon earlier this week downplayed Karr's statements and told reporters he was not "mentally unstable."

    Denver defense attorney David Lane said disclosing anything about a client's mental state violates every lawyer's most basic protocol of attorney-client privilege.

    "I don't think attorneys allegedly looking after their client's best interest do anyone a favor by commenting on his mental stability," Lane said.

    Lane said Harmon and Van Zandt are aligning themselves with the case "for their 15 minutes" of fame.


    Harmon said she was unaware of any DNA being collected from Karr, and that she was being kept in the dark by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office except for an e-mail Wednesday by prosecutor Pete Maguire that said no charges had been filed against Karr.

    Harmon said she also has not been told when Karr would be brought to Boulder.

    "It's been very difficult to communicate with Boulder in any way," Harmon said. "It's baffling that they won't communicate with us."

    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle — whose office is charged with bringing Karr to Colorado — said Wednesday that he's not dragging his feet. It takes time to schedule people and travel arrangements, said Pelle, who declined to reveal the plans because of safety concerns.

    "We're not stalling; we're just doing our thing," Pelle said.

    The extra time is welcomed by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, which conceded in a court motion Wednesday that its investigation is in "very early stages." The motion was filed in response to media outlets' request to unseal Karr's arrest warrant.
  3. Jayelles

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    According to the LASD site, he has another court appearance scheduled for 09/06/2006 at 8.30 am.

    Court case number BA30787601

    WHat does that mean?
  4. "J_R"

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    Case #BA30787601 should be public record if anyone lives in that area. Then too, maybe that's the Boulder case number?
  5. Kmhowe72

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    One things for certain he needs to get rid of those suposed new lawyers of his. There idiots. I am sory to say. But they are soaken this up. also one have them had been cited three times for giving bad advice. Karrs family has hired a puplist to handle the books deal. what has this country come to. Court has and trails have been turned to a getting rich scheme.
  6. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    No matter how much it disturbs us to see them get rich, THEY did not initiate the get rich quick scheme.

    We have Professor Tracey, Lou Smit, Mary Lacy and the rest of those goons for doing that. GOOD FOR THEM, THE DIRTY SOBS

    UNLIKE the RST, the money and wealth they are about to receive was handed to them on a silver platter thanks to the likes of Gray and the rest.

    Who can blame them for taking it? Not me

    I have no ill will toward Karr's family. They will also use the money to pay for Karr's legal expenses and even with the money Karr receives, it could possibly be put to good use by his ex wife (who should get some of his rewards, if not all) to help those three children Karr has to live this down. Maybe the money will help to better their lives and mold their future properly.

    The RST have been screaming for 10 years that the Ramsey mud slinging is terrible for Burke, but they never thought twice about Fleet's children and certainly not Karr's children.

    I hope at some point, Karr or his family can sue the s**t out of these bastards and really let them know what it's like on the receiving end

    I suppose the RST will have to go back to the drawing board to figure new ways to suck blood money from JonBenet.
  7. Deja Nu

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    Jay, when LA County issued its extradition order on Karr, it gave CO until 9/6/06 to pick him up. So what this means is that a dispositional hearing is already set on the court's calendar in the event CO doesn't come fetch Karr by then. If that's the case, Sonoma County will most likely get him so they can pursue their case to conclusion. No doubt, Harmon and vanZandt will represent him in that case.
  8. Shadow

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    IMHO, there is no way this guy will ever be tried in a court of law. I think what those of us who want truth and justice for JonBenet better be worried about is this nut case becoming his own lawyer, plea bargaining with Lacy, and the case ending with no trial.
  9. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Aha - thank you.
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