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  1. VP

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    In January of 1997 Jameson245 appeared on a JonBenet Ramsey discussion board called The Boulder News Forum. She had information on the case that had not yet been revealed to the public and other posters wondered where and how she came by this information. For years no one has been able to make the connection. It didn't help the investigation by amateur sleuths early on that jameson represented herself as a man. When she was outted as a "bread baking housewife named Susan Bennett from Hickory, North Carolina," jameson made no apologies for the misrepresentation. She stated simply that her identity was no one's business and further stated that she was "forced" to lie to protect her true identity. From whom was she protecting her identity, one has to wonder. jameson, in fact, REQUIRED all posters to phone or snail mail her their true identity and $50.00 in order to post on her forum. Typical Susan Bennett double standard.

    Once her identity was revealed, she made it clear that her last name was in no way connected to John Bennett Ramsey - and no connection was ever made. One of the few times jameson actually told the truth.

    For more on early jameson, do a google search on "Phone Losers" (PLA) + jameson They still have a lot of the first posts.

    In the beginning jameson had a lot of personal information about the Ramsey family as well as case-related information. For instance, in a few of her early posts on BNF she alluded to marital problems between Patsy and John. Only someone close to the family would know this, not someone in Hickory, North Carolina with no ties to the Ramsey family. Perhaps a friend of the family in Boulder? Or someone she used to know well that was feeding her information from a friend of the family in Boulder? As it turns out, this is the most likely scenario.
    The first thread concerning finding more information on Susan Bennett, aka jameson, was just that, a fact finding thread. Below I will give the information that we now know for a fact. We will leave it to FFJ members to draw conclusions.

    Fact: Susan I. Bennett and James P. Bennett once lived in a same house owned by Charles E. Ham and Jeanine Forman-Ham in Dalton, Massachusetts - the phone number for both the Bennett's and Forman-Ham was the same.

    Fact: Charles E. Ham and W. Shufelt were associated with the same address in Watervliet, NY. Susan Bennett's maiden name is Shufelt.

    Jeanine Forman-Ham at some point (we think between '94 & '96), moved to Boulder and became a volunteer for a local Boulder newsletter.
    "Jeanine Forman-Ham is a delightful ray of
    sunshine that warms our office periodically by answering phone calls, mailing newsletters and performing general office work." _____________________________________________

    Fact: Jeanine Forman-Ham's address in Boulder lived or lives at 315 Arapahoe Ave.

    Fact: Barbara Kostanick's address in Boulder - 355 Arapahoe Ln.

    These addresses are approximately .02 miles apart.

    Fact: Barbara Kostanick is the woman who tried to tell BPD that JonBenet told her on Christmas Eve Santa was going to pay her a secret visit. When the BPD didn't seem interested in this information, Barbara asked Susan Stine to talk to BPD for her. Susan Stine called the BPD on Barbara's behalf. One would have to assume only a friend would do this for a freind.

    Fact: Barbara Kostanick is no stranger to the Internet. She has been posting on newsgroups and about charter school issues since 1997. She posts a lot on newgroups dealing with olympic skating. She was named for an ice skater.

    It is my OPINION: that the following posts belong to Barbara Kostanick, but I have no proof that they do, I'm just going by her writing style and the way she always puts her name on the end of her posts. She posts under a few different email addresses:

    "Nothing much. I dont often speculate on who killed whom but in this case I have
    a gut feeling that Santa ( Bill McReyonds) was somehow involved).
    He had a perfect cover to come into JonBenet's room as she was expecting Santa
    to come that night , his wife had written a play that I believe eerily mimics
    in retrospect what happened that night and his alibi has no credibility if you
    think he did it.

    Perhaps it is just a reaction to the media blitz demonizing and lying about the

    "Crab, crab, crab! Crab when they *dont* talk to the police. Crab when they do.

    It sounds to me as though Kane was disappointed because he was prevented from
    going beyond the parameters he had already agreed to.

    Picky picky picky:)"


    Posts I know belong to BK:

    Didn't one judge have her marked down rather tremendously -- something like 4.6?

    Barb Kostanick
    Needless to say, I wasn't surprised that they broke up -- just that it was Ina
    who gave him
    the push and not the other way around.

    Barb Kostanick
    (Below, my personal favorite - reminds me of "Back to case!")
    > so
    > much current SKATING news and discussion that I hate to see 100+
    > messages
    > a day dedicated to these topics.

    > Just for the Olympics? Please?

    > Thanks for the consideration,

    > Barb Kostanick

    What's the problem Barb?Do you not have a mouse?
    Are you unable to scroll on by the subjects that don't interest you?
    Do you pay your service provider on a per message basis?


    I wonder if Barbara started writing as Jameson in the beginning and the the real jameson took over later.

    You are now free to research more, draw your own conclusions, or go to the swamp in about 5...4...3....2....1.... and find out how, or even IF jameson explains all of this.
  2. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    It makes sense that there is a connection. Do you know when the move to Hickory took place?

    What is Barbara Kostanick's connection to the Ramseys?
  3. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Barbara Kostanic is the "Secret Santa" woman.

    She claimed JonBenet told her daughter that Santa was going to come to JBR's house the day after Christmans.

    When I get home I will put up the quotes from PMPT from Kostanic.

    Connect the dots.

    Susan Bennnett has a relationship, a long standing one with Mrts. Ham. So did her father.

    Mrs. Ham moved to Boulder and was neighbors with Mrs. Kostantic.
  4. VP

    VP Member

    No, I have no idea when the Bennets moved to Hickory - I'm thinking around '88...maybe earlier.

    JonBenet and Megan played together and the Ramseys and Kostanicks were friends. Here is an excerpt from PMPT on JonBenet's comment to Barbara Kostanick:

    "The day before Christmas, JonBenet was at our house playing with Megan. The kids were talking about Santa, getting all excited. I asked JonBenet if she had visited Santa Claus yet. She said, “Oh, Santa was at our Christmas party the other night.†Megan had seen Santa at the Pearl Street Mall, so we talked about that.

    Then JonBenet said, “Santa Claus promised that he would make a secret visit after Christmas.â€

    I thought she was confused. “Christmas is tonight,†I told her. “And Santa will be coming tonight.â€

    “No, no†JonBenet insisted. “He said this would be after Christmas. And it’s a secret.â€

    - Barbara Kostanick
    Page 38-39 PMPT
  5. RiverRat

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    JonBenet can be placed in the same neighborhood on the next to LAST DAY OF HER LIFE with a person that has close ties to Sue Bennett. Now - where can we go from here? Make a mental note and move on?

    What Would jameson do if she found out info like this on Tricia? Or you? Or me? That Bus would already be slamming it into high gear. Or I could bee wrong.

  6. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    Were there any little Hams that would have been at school with the other kids? I'm wondering how the Kostanicks and Hams knew each other. The only people in our neighbourhood we really know are our immediate neighbours and folk with kids the same age as our kids. I think that the Hams and Kostanicks weren't immediate neighbours.

    I believe the US house numbering is different from the UK. Here, #315 and #355 would likely be 20 houses apart on the same side of the road.
  7. VP

    VP Member


    I am thinking that when something as huge as the murder of a six year old child occurs, and the details saturate every form of media all over the world for months, people in the town where the crime took place (especially neighbors of the house where the child was known to frequent), are going to talk.

    Go to and input the two addresses under maps and then driving distance. That should help you with the geographical distance.
  8. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Even if you toss out the Kostanick possibility - the fact remains that jameson did indeed have a close connection to someone in Boulder.

  9. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    I'm sure there was a post earlier from Uncle SAM asking if she reported her income from membership dues and if she reported that $40,000 income under the Toth4me thread.

    It's been deleted.
  10. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    For what it's worth (little or nothing) There is a difference of 30 between my house number and my next door neighbor's.

    In some areas, the blocks dictate the at one corner they may begin with 300 and go up to 398 at the end of that block. (even numbers on one side of the street, odds on the other). If there are only 2 houses, one could be 300 and the other 350, or any other even number.. If there are 20 houses on the block then they might go by fours.
  11. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    For those interested - Yahoo Maps will show you the layout. The Kostanick connection may or may not pan out to be anything other than a coincidence. Maybe now though - since Barb is an internet buff and a believer of Ramsey innocence, she will be happy to find out - after 8 long years - that she can pop around the block and find someone who knows someone!

  12. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    There was a poster on both BNF and JW named "tinky" who was very involved with Olympic skating and knew an awful lot about it.

    Do you think Kostanik posted under this nickname?

    I think some of "tinky's" posts can be found at ACR's site where she has collected old JW threads. Maybe you can find a comparison.


    Never mind. I found the answer:

    We didn't want the kooks here -- that's why we were so secretive,'' said Tinky, who is actually Terri McCord from Kansas. She dabbles in writing mystery novels and said the JonBenet story would not make a good book because all the evidence points to the parents.

    --from a good article about Who Was Who on the JBR forums.
  13. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Perhaps it's time for Tricia to post "an open letter to Barb K. and to Mrs. F-H and give them "protected" free memberships and a password here at FFJ...oh, darn, it's free already.

    Well, a protected I.D. that she will keep confidential until they tick her off. She MUST demand that they do this though, to get the truth out. Otherwise they are lower than dirt.

    Having lived through and close to in some way of not 1 but 3 high profilers, I can attest there is ALOT that people living close by can find out before it hits the national media.
  14. Tricia

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    The thing we need to remember is this.

    Jameson has a connection, it looks like her family has a connection, with a very wealthy, seemingly kind, woman who was involved in Boulder society.

    Like RiverRat said, the Kostanic connection is what we came up with. Even if you take it out Susan Bennett is stilling very connected to someone involved in Boulder society.

    There is no way Susan Bennett came on the Internet out of her own curiosity. I just wish she would come clean.

    If we are 100 percent correct notice how the Ramsey hands are clean. They can say they had no idea.
  15. VP

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    Patsy and Susan, in my opinion, are written all over this. In fact....Mrs. Kostanick seems like a very intelligent and lovely person - she was likely used at first, as probably was Ms. F-Ham, and then the other two, PR and SS, took over after the acquaintance with the swamp thing was made.
  16. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    I wonder if the Ramseys/Lou Smit/Lin Wood know about the connection?
  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Who knows Jayelles? If they did know they would not admit it.

    Remember Lou Smit was caught leaking to Susan Bennett and nothing was done. So Lou Smit is not above doing anything underhanded in my opinion.

    The Ramseys can always claim they know nothing but we will never know since they lie more than they tell the truth. IMO.
  18. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Every time more of the truth is uncovered about the case, the closer we come to some sort of ending. I won't use the word closure because I don't think with all the lives ruined by the Ramseys there will be closure.

    Keep digging. There is so much more. It's out there. We just have to find it.

    I don't know if these two things are related but at about the same time VP put up the first thread about Susan Bennett ( the one with thousands of hits) someone started copying every single thread on this forum. Sometimes up all night doing it. I hope all that ink was worth it :uthere:
  19. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    That was probably Candy :) Didn't she admit she was collecting "libel" to forward to someone?

    Don't you think it's funny that when Candy disappears, Imon/Rachel/JB's Advocate disappear too?
  20. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

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