Dr. Wecht interview on this case

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    Cherokee, when our government DEREGULATED media ownership, even allowing moguls who are not U.S. citizens to own huge chunks of our media outlets, "investigative reporting" as you and I remember it went down the tubes, along with unbiased reportage. Now we get what they want us to see, and that's propaganda at its worst. That's why every single national news chanel you watch has the exact same topics, programming, and standard pretty/handsome young faces feeding us the designated swill we get instead of news.

    This murder case has been part of the insider propaganda machine since the beginning, IMO. The only reason I can think of this happening is Lockheed Martin. I wonder if people who study this case have any idea how much power a company like LM actually has?

    Too much was completely out of protocol that went on with a LM executive whose child was first "kidnapped", then found murdered by a "foreign faction" who mentioned JR's "bussiness, but not the country it serves" for me to believe LM had no part in this.

    You know, now that you got me to thinking about this, with Whitewitch's thoughts about "help" in the staging we are discussing, I'm thinking about those never subpoenaed phone records and the ransom note. Maybe that's the key. Maybe the Ramseys were told to make this a "foreign faction" and that would clear the way for LM to get their Washington contacts into it, to get the phone records expunged. For all we know, that ransom note could have been a collaboration between more people than Patsy and JR.

    I just cannot and never will understand those phone records not being subpoeaned FOR ANY OTHER REASON than to give whoever was helping the Ramseys time to erase the paper trail. That's why I believe Hunter was in on this from DAY ONE. And that's why I believe everytime you see Hunter talk about it he's lying, too.
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    Kold Kase,

    Good golly Miss Molly! I've never even considered your suggestion of why the phone records were "disappeared". That someone was helping them word the RN is an astounding thought. Yes, very possible. UMMM hum! Like that thought. In fact that idea makes it all possible as to why the records will never be found. Those high up who may have helped them that morning had to be protected. The R's were just dumb lucky that so many bungled the case from the start. Oh my!!!!:gavel: :foshizzle:
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    It wasn't luck. Not at all.

    Zoomama, how can we believe the Ramseys, with their WORLD-CLASS lifestyle, John working for one of the most powerful defense contractors IN THE WORLD, would only have called 911 when their child was "kidnapped" by A FRICKING FOREIGN FACTION? They want us to believe they would not have thought to even call THE ATTORNEY FOR AG? They wouldn't have called for help from JR's OWN PARENT COMPANY LOCKHEED MARTIN, which has more experience in kidnapping worldwide than the FBI?

    That is BS!! And Hunter knows it, knew it that day, IMO, and so does Mary Lacy, unless she is as dumb as she acts. Which in her case is entirely possible.... :tsktsk:

    Lockheed Martin sells defense weapons to governments all over the planet; I'm not talking handguns, I'm talking FIGHTER JETS. BIG BUSINESS. In many countries kidnapping executives for ransom by "kidnapping enterprises" is so common, many international companies actually carry kidnapping insurance. I'm NOT making this up! This is how many rebel groups fund their weapons and armies. It's nothing new. It was common in 1996. In fact, in the early '90s I had a friend, a man whose wife's father was in international business deals and traveled to South America often. My friend went with him once, and he told me they rode in company planes and bullet-proof limo's and had body guards, were seriously discreet and kept to very select, secured locations because of the threat of kidnappers and assassins.

    Not that long after the murder, the magazine Vanity Fair ran one of their investigative articles about this very topic of kidnapping by "foreign factions." They documented a kidnapping in South America of an American. Much was written about how this is practically an industry in some third world countries, about the insurance, and how the kidnappers would always return the victim if they were paid because once they didn't, who would pay them? So it was good business to stand by their word that if paid, they would hold up their end of the deal.

    Now Team Ramsey--I include Hunter and Lacy in this group--want us to believe that JR would trust the recovery of his child from just such a "foreign faction" to the small town precinct of the BPD instead of LOCKHEED MARTIN AND ALL ITS CONNECTIONS? Are we supposed to believe that on that morning, JR only thought of letting the BPD find his baby, being "watched over" by "two gentlemen" so stealthy, they got into and out of the Ramsey home with JB while the family snoozed?

    JR traveled for LM to Amsterdam. The Ramseys traveled well and often. They had money. Lockheed Martin also had in place a protocol for its executives in the event of just such a kidnapping or attack. Norm Early, the Denver attorney who often spoke on the TV crime news programs about this case, WORKED FOR LOCKHEED MARTIN as a SECURITY DIVISION EXECUTIVE AT THE TIME OF THE KIDNAPPING. Early said more than once he was surprised he was not contacted by LM that morning, and that was against protocol. What if other executives' families were being attacked? Would be attacked? By definition, a "foreign faction" of kidnappers declaring some kind of political agenda naming JR's company would be a threat to the employees of AG and LM.

    Maybe Bynum was called and he handled it for JR, making discreet calls to necessary connections, sidestepping the company protocol because he knew there was no kidnapping. Or maybe the Ramseys hoodwinked him and he actually thought JB was kidnapped at first. Or maybe he was brought in to protect a company executive from the huge scandal of "an accident" involving prior molestation, which could have been blamed on minor Burke in some aspect, with a plea for help on his behalf. No way to know, is there?

    I firmly believe it was absolutely expected that the body would be found immediately by LE. I can imagine that all involved thought it would be over before it began, as far as "kidnapping" issues. Instead, two things changed that forever: Officer French found the door latched at the top and swollen when he tried to open it, so he let it go, as he was looking for someone he didn't imagine was locked INTO a room from the outside. Then Fleet White did open the door, but it was black dark inside. He couldn't find the lightswitch, which was a johnny-rig in an unusually low spot on the side of a wall, and his body blocked the light from the doorway. He didn't stand there and let his eyes adjust because his other senses told him there was nothing alive in there moving or breathing. And he was right.

    So voila: they body was completely missed. How the Ramsey must have sweated. An unforeseen problem. What could they do? Say check the cellar again? What were they thinking? The search of the house is over. It could be days before she's found. That's what JR was doing in that basement at 10 a.m., IMO. He was trying to lead someone else down there, hoping to be followed. His little trip with Fleet was the break he needed, thanks to Arndt, who was clearly out of her league.

    And where was the FBI in all this? It's a CHILD KIDNAPPING by a FOREIGN FACTION? I read many times that there is NO REASON that the FBI didn't have jurisdiction, but they immediately stood-down. Why? Who had the authority to stand the FBI off that morning? Eller? HA! I don't think so.

    Oh well. I know what I believe, but it's like Jack the Ripper: this is one conspiracy that will be debated ad nausaum for all time, but will never be solved, because the players have that much power, IMO. It may have started as an accident or crazy Patsy or child molestation or a deliberate attack, but the network took care of it, and that is that. But for the media on a slow Christmas holiday, god bless 'em, we'd never have heard of JonBenet Ramsey. Today, even the media would be controlled from the outset.
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    That simple subpoena could have solved this case in the first week. It could have brought a child killer to justice. It could have saved the people of Boulder $2 million. Among other important things, like peace of mind....

    Explain to me WHY this man has not been investigated for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? HOW CAN HE GET AWAY WITH THIS? :banghead:


    Someone with a lot of power was protecting the Ramseys, and subsequently everyone who helped them, as well. (Remember the Co. Attorney General's husband called to give his "condolences" to John Ramsey more than once. Or maybe he called for other reasons. We'll never know. But have you noticed the recent appointment of former Co. Attorney General under former Gov. Owens, Ken Salazar, by President Obama as Sec. of the Interior? Guess where he went to law school? University of Michigan.)

    Hal Haddon had connections through his clients all the way to the White House. Lockheed Martin did so, as well.

    There is just no way all these people can get away with this murder and cover up by simple flukes of incompetence. Corruption is at the heart of this, and it's not minor. That's my opinion, and maybe I'm right.
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  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Let me add, since I'm obsessing about this ungodly case, that I'm not saying Salazar was in some way in on any cover up. I'm not that much of a conspiracy theorist, in general. But in this case, I cannot BELIEVE that of all the PROFESSIONAL lawyers, politicians, and many, many LE who investigated, looked into, and were responsible for getting this case solved in one way or another, NONE OF THEM NOTICED HUNTER'S EGREGIOUS OBSTRUCTION OF THIS INVESTIGATION!

    Look at this article:

    Here is some info on Salazar, BTW:

  6. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

  7. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

  8. Little

    Little Member

    Fantastic find KK.

  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    ReDD Herring has always been high on my list of people related to the JonBenét case. I have researched there a lot and posted his link. I admire him tremendously.
  10. sboyd

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    I hope you don't mind if I post this thread on Topix. It is a great interview with Wecht for those who are interested in truth. Solace
  11. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Sboyd, this case is on life support, so anything you do to keep it going is all good! Thanks for caring enough to share. :heart:
  12. Elle

    Elle Member

    This is a great thread KK,and the more people who read it and find out what Dr. Wecht has to say, the better. It is good sboyd wants to share it. Thank you SB! It was also very good of you to take the time and patience to read and weed Dr. Wecht's statements, KK. :)

    I was more than impressed by Redd Herring's website.
  13. sboyd

    sboyd Member

    Hi KK

    Great interview and he slams Lin Wood in it. Interesting how Wood does not show up to refute anything even though Wecht says it is Woods "forte" to threaten. That part seems to be ignored by the IDIs on Topix, but that was expected.
  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Well, you're brave to even bother with the IDIs at topix. I've always found it telling that those who most vocally defend the Ramseys are almost invariably abusive, ignorant, and have serious personality issues. They seldom are able to participate in a decent discussion with anyone who doesn't fall for the rhetoric, disinformation, and full out lies promoted by Team Ramsey. And how often do they use religion to justify their decidedly un-Christian behavior? Of course, it takes intelligence to recognize irony, and they don't have it. Ever.

    So bless your heart for trying, but good luck with that! :banghead:
  15. koldkase

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    OH, thank you, Elle. Your constancy is always appreciated, especially now!
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    I have always thought that LM had something to do with this.....always....
  17. sboyd

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    I do believe they use religion ad nauseum. You are 1000% right about serious personality issues.

    Have a great weekend KK. I love reading your posts.
  18. koldkase

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    My personal favorite is when Shill had a visit from God. :floor: It didn't improve Shill one bit, unfortunately. I have to wonder what kind of "rush" he was having when "God" visited...? :balloon:

    You have a good one, too, sboyd.
  19. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Yes, JoeJame, it's a conspiracy theory, and I usually shy away from those, but there are so many obvious and indisputably unethical actions committed by the BDAs, who inarguably have obstructed the investigation of this murder from DAY ONE of this case, that I must consider the question: who had this much power? I can't ignore Lockheed. There are few companies with more power on this planet. Period.
  20. DeeDee

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    I have visits from God, too. And He's an RDI.
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