Fine TV Viewing 8/30 - Lin Wood and Michael Tracey on LKL

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by wombat, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. wombat

    wombat Member

    Larry announced tonight - Michael Tracey and Lin Wood shall be appearing tomorrow on the program.


    PS Is there a FFJ corporate retreat/love in going on somewhere tonight? Hope its all about love! :grouphug:
  2. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Steve Thomas came on and they every fainted at once?
  3. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    HEADS UP LimpWood and Molerat on LKL

    Supposedly tomorrow night, not a repeat. Should be interesting to hear THEIR lame excuses and more support for Lacy.
  4. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    And the usual lies, unidentified palm print, DNA, hi tech boot print.

    I'm back to work today...dont know if I will be able to stay up and watch it tonight.

    Don't know if I want to hear this crap from Mr. ONE SIDE ONLY Larry Kink.
  5. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    Well Thank God I'll be at dance lessons tonight.
  6. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Hope LK is taking call-ins and that our most eloquent posters can get through and rip both :loser: Tracy and the :doughboy: a new one.

    Sorry, wasn't logged on today even though I am now officially on vacation because I have a horrible cold/bronchitis. Been in bed trying to rest up to feel well enough to head to my family reunion this weekend. :puffy:

    Dang - I missed Steve Thomas on NG and CC. Oh well...I know Freebird "cheered" him on enough for the two of us. :blush:
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2006
  7. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Steve was great! much as I hate to admit it, Nancy did an okay job too. She actually made me laugh at one point when she was talking about how Lacey blew it on one point and she said right into the camera:


    That was the highlight of the show for me.
  8. MAC65

    MAC65 Member

    Having predicted the Karr thing would unravel, I went on to predict what Lin Wood will say when he appears on Larry. So I refer you again to my two recently published articles on all this. (The second one is on Lin Wood and contains the predictions.)

    My hatred of wood (and yes we have had personal dealings) is so intense that I shall not be able to watch the show. I'll check back here to see if my predictions are confirmed.
  9. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    EXCELLENT! :knight:


    Well written and you have a new fan :)
  10. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    MAC65!!!!!!! If I get down on my knees, will you post your articles at FFJ? They are outstanding. I didn't know you were an editor.

    I've had no personal dealings with limpwood, but I didn't think anyone could despise that pompous as$hole anymore than I do. He's a bully, he's ruthless, and he's a liar. The arrest of Karr vindicates the Ramseys - yeah, sure it does, Limp.

    I loved your articles, and I agree with your predictions.
  11. wombat

    wombat Member

    Great articles - and nice to meet you.
  12. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    08/29/06 LKL transcript


    LACY: I want to make it absolutely clear up front the decisions were mine. The responsibility is mine and I should be held accountable for all decisions in this case.


    KING: Joining us now in Denver, Colorado is Charlie Brennan, reporter of the Rocky Mountain News and LARRY KING LIVE contributor. He's been covering this from the get-go.

    In Boulder is Bob Grant, former Adams County district attorney, was advised by former Boulder County D.A. Alex Hunter.

    And, Dr. Keith Ablow joins us in New York, the forensic psychiatrist, best-selling novelist, non-fiction author and host of "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show," which debuts on September 11th.

    All right, Charlie what in essence happened at that news conference today?

    CHARLIE BRENNAN, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS: Well, apart from the fire alarm that went off unexpectedly a few minutes in, what I saw was I thought a very impressive showing by Mary Lacy, I should say, in that she -- she spoke to us I thought in a very forthright manner for 90 minutes.

    She gave us a lot more of her time and a lot more thorough an accounting of herself than I've seen a lot of public officials who might be in a similarly difficult situation. I give her a lot of credit for that.

    KING: What happens to Mr. Karr? Does he go to Los Angeles soon?

    BRENNAN: My understanding is he will be picked up by Sonoma County officials here in Boulder within -- I believe September 13th is the date by which they have to come and get him and he will be extradited to California where he will face the five misdemeanor child pornography charges that were leveled against him back in 2001.

    KING: Because he jumped bail does that mean he won't get bail?

    BRENNAN: I think that he would be starting out in a no bail situation but I would expect that his attorney would make a prompt argument for a setting of bail probably in a range that he might or might not be able to afford.

    He's going to be in a completely different situation now and he's not going to be incarcerated for a long time. Either he's -- he'll be a free man before real long but he will be under close supervision I am sure out in California and authorities will have an eye on Mr. Karr for sometime I would imagine.

    KING: Bob Grant in Boulder what went wrong?

    BOB GRANT, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Well, Larry, the only thing that went wrong was the DNA wasn't his. Mary Lacy had a very tough decision to make and in my view she made a courageous decision.

    Most prosecutors wouldn't bring somebody back on a probable cause warrant like that but she had pressures on her because of her concern for the safety of children, because of his mobility, and because of the statements that he made linking him to that crime. She needed that DNA.

    KING: On the other hand, Bob, don't a lot of people, not a lot, many people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

    GRANT: You're right there are a number, particularly in high profile cases. They -- you know the high profile case leads to obsession and clearly Mark Karr is a disturbed individual who has an obsession with this case. That's what I think led him to those statements that are bizarre at best and indicate a really, really deranged person at worst.

    KING: Dr. Keith Ablow, you were skeptical through all of this. What bore you out do you think?

    DR. KEITH ABLOW, FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIST: Well, I think that what you have here is somebody who looked like someone you'd want to ask some very basic mental status questions to from the beginning.

    Remember how sedated he looked at the news conference. And I think I mentioned early on in the case, you know, they ought to ask him "When's the last time you spoke to JonBenet?" And if you look at the audio cassettes and the transcripts now you see that he may still believe that he's in touch with her.

    So, I think that part of what happened here is that portions perhaps of the audio cassettes and the e-mails looked so concerning but they are surrounded by other material that's clearly delusional or contrived and false.

    I mean this is somebody who says that he has a playful spirit around his bedroom as well, Polly Klaas, who plays tricks on him. And there's so much material that's clearly false that it makes everything in the transcripts suspect, even whether he is, in fact, attracted to children. That's within the same material.

    KING: And frankly then did the D.A. overstep?

    ABLOW: Well, frankly, the D.A., you know, I can't say whether her action was inappropriate. I'm not a D.A. What I can say is that if a forensic psychiatrist looked at that material, if I had, I would have said, "Boy, you can't rely on any of this because it's all contaminated by the material around it."

    And especially I'd like to direct attention to John Karr's statement in that material that he believed, this is his lead theory as far as I can tell by looking at so much of the material that he believes, not me, that Patsy Ramsey was responsible for this murder.

    And I think there's tremendous symmetry in his wish to forgive his mother, who reportedly tried to take his life and who reportedly sexually abused him. He seems to transfer that to Patsy Ramsey and say that she should know that her daughter has forgiven her as I have my mother and mothers are nearly perfect. In fact, Patsy was perfect.

    KING: Bob Grant, is this a dead deal?

    GRANT: As far as John Mark Karr is, it's a dead deal until and unless somebody else is put...

    KING: No, as far as solving it?

    GRANT: Oh, no, no, no. I'm sure that they'll continue to look. You still have the 600-pound gorilla sitting in the corner. That's the DNA. If that DNA is matched to somebody in an other than innocent way that somebody is involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey and they're not going to stop looking for that somebody.

    KING: Charlie Brennan, Bill Maher pointed out something last night he thought was not asked. How did he know about JonBenet Ramsey? How did he know to go to Colorado to kill her? She wasn't famous.

    BRENNAN: She wasn't famous at the time that she was killed, Larry, but she's famous now and...

    KING: Yes, but how did he know to go kill her? He may have said he killed her but before that how did he know to go there?

    BRENNAN: How did John Mark Karr know to go there? KING: Yes.

    BRENNAN: Well, there's no evidence that he ever went there. One thing that was revealed in today's press conference is they have accounted for him up to December 23rd of '96 and after January 2nd of '97. But they don't know that he ever went to Boulder, Colorado. In fact, they have found absolutely no evidence that he was ever in Boulder.

    KING: Dr. Ablow, what I'm trying to say is how would he have known about JonBenet Ramsey until she became famous? How would he have known about her December 24th, ten years ago?

    ABLOW: Prior to that?

    KING: Yes.

    ABLOW: I think that's an excellent question whether he had, you know, come upon information about her in a beauty pageant or this or that. I don't think we have the answer to that question. I think that's a very good question.

    KING: Yes, so he's boasting about something apparently that happened that he transfixed himself into being there, right?

    ABLOW: Well, I think that what you have is you have a man who I think Nate's assessment of him may be right that without his family, with the charges of child pornography looming against him, it's the final straw. And, by the way, he's somebody for whom his own life story, this is a classic psychotherapeutic tale.

    When people aren't willing to accept the pain in their own lives, if he's not willing to look at the fact that his mother wasn't a near perfect mother, according to him she tried to kill him, until he's willing to say "I was victimized, "She attacked me sexually" as he said, "She was no angel," he's going to find that he's drawn to other dramas because he can't go to his own. It's too painful.

    That's what happens to people. That's why people become psychotic and hear voices because they don't want to address the core pain in their lives and they project it. They hear voices from beyond. Or, they insinuate themselves in dramas that are not theirs.

    KING: Charlie, because of this do you think any other leads that show up in any other matters, everyone is going to be hesitant?

    BRENNAN: Well that's an obvious -- that's obvious fallout from this situation. For years there's been debates between family member intruder, family member intruder. Here we have the first intruder suspect actually arrested and brought back to Boulder and he washes out as a suspect.

    The next intruder suspect who is brought to the forefront, if there is one, is going to be met with a tremendous wave of public skepticism and I see that as a real problem in terms of public perception of any further prosecutions in this case. KING: Bob Grant, this is going to be long and tedious to find that match isn't it?

    GRANT: Certainly it is. We have an ever expanding DNA database. All felons in this state and in most states have to contribute to that DNA database. There is a very real potential that that database may contain an intruder killer if, in fact, the killer was an intruder. So, they're going to keep looking.

    KING: Thank you all very much, Charlie Brennan, Bob Grant, and Dr. Keith Ablow.

    We'll put our own wrap on this tomorrow night when Michael Tracey returns to LARRY KING LIVE, the man who started all of this, the journalism professor, who exchanged the e-mails; and Lin Wood, the attorney for the Ramseys. That's tomorrow night.
  13. wombat

    wombat Member

    I thought this was amazing:

    He either never heard of Lin Wood or doesn't give a crap. They should have this Dr. Ablow on with Linny and Michael TraceyLacy.
  14. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Here we go again...

    Legal experts have said DNA evidence will likely be key: DNA was found beneath JonBenet's fingernails and inside her underwear. But others who worked on the case warned that DNA evidence alone will not be enough to convict Karr.

    "It can only exclude or include him as the possible killer. It can never be 100 percent," forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee said Saturday, noting that investigators only have a partial profile to work with. (emphasis mine)
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  15. Cherokee

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    So that explains why Karr was desperate to meet with Patsy before she died. He wanted to give her absolution.

    Karr couldn't face the reality of what his mother had done to him, and what Patsy did to JonBenet. His mother "sexualized" him; Patsy "sexualized" JonBenet. His mother tried to kill him; Karr believed Patsy had killed JonBenet. Karr had made his mother "perfect" in order to block out the pain she had caused; Karr decided Patsy was the "perfect" mother and also needed forgiveness for her deeds. In FACT, Karr was willing to take Patsy's place as JonBenet's killer as a necessary sacrifice on the altar of worship he'd created for his mother.

    Karr wanted to be with JonBenet, and he wanted to BE JonBenet ... the "perfect" child of a "perfect" mother.
  16. wombat

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    Apparently the granola folks at the BDA do not have a shrink on staff, or on call. At least not a good one. Although Mary TraceyLacy did talk about his "Psychopathy" (rhymes with cacophony). This newly-famous Dr. Ablow has nailed Karr's psyche IMO.

    I must add that if Miss EngineerGeek can understand this analysis, then I would think Nurse TraceyLacy can as well.

    Also, I would pay money to hear Dr. Ablow do a sum-up of the late Mrs. Ramsey's psyche.
  17. Moab

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  18. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Here you go, Moab - no charge...
  19. wombat

    wombat Member

    Leroy Lincoln Wood is ready for his close up

    Bumping to remind everyone - CNN website still says Linnie is on, but no mention of Michael TraceyLacy.

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  20. RiverRat

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    Ewwwww. What could be worse than that?!


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