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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, May 29, 2004.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Guys the article is being faxed to me in a bit.

    The headline is about the "Caller" on the LKL show that questioned the Ramseys about the Foundation.

    Guess when Patsy made the donation to the camp. THURSDAY MAY 27th. After the reporter from the Times called her.

    In all fairness the camp leader said Patsy had told him weeks earlier that she was going to make a donation.

    John Ramsey said the Foundation is now private and just a family "thing."

    More to come. As soon as I get the article.
  2. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member

    Thanks Tristan

    I'm gonna sit here and wait for it.

    Sounds interesting about the caller and all....
  3. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    Can hardly wait to hear more, Tricia. Your work on behalf of JonBenet is taking root. Don't let the jealous tantrums of the do-nothing over at that hi-jacked forum get to you. You are doing noble work. Let the little self-serving wench continue her mad tirade. Nobody is paying any attention to her stomping.

    Justice for JonBenet, and all other helpless victims.
  4. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Yeah. What Driver and Sparky said.
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    I bet this won't be able to read this post.

    I'll type it up.

    It's really good.

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  6. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    The JonBenet Ramsey Foundation is no longer public. It's private.

    It would be nobody's business except for in their paperback book Death of Innocence they said all money from the book would go to the foundation.

    The Foundation use to be a legal, non-profit, foundation. Now that it's private we have no way of knowing how much money was made from DOI and what the money was used for.

    I find it interesting that even though Patsy did make the committment before the KLK show to donate the money, she didn't get around to doing it until after the reproter called her.

    I am still thinking on the "private foundation." What is up with that?

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  7. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    OOOOOOoooooooooh-eeeeeeeeeee. That is one powerful article. I admire them for having the courage to print the article, and for telling it like it is.

    Again, good work, Tricia. Somebody did notice.

    And thanks for prompting Patsy to open her checkbook for real, rather than just grandstanding. Wonder what would've happened if the reporter hadn't called her on Thursday to follow up on your question? I bet I could guess.
  8. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    I am glad we now know the JBR Foundation does exist but not as a non-profit.

    In other words the books are closed.

    The Ramseys have every right to have a private "foundation." It's no one's business now unless they make public statements about it.

    Keep in mind any one of you could have a private foundation. All it takes is a checking account.

    I do think we have a right to know where the money from DOI went, since the Ramseys said it was going to the foundation, how much, and how the money was spent. But since it's private the Ramseys don't have to tell us.

    The reporter quoted me exactly.
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    I predict someone will reach critical mass and explode when she reads this.

    By the way, Sparky sent a contribution to the Foundation. They cashed her check. Isn't that accepting contributions from the public?

    The Ramseys made conflicting statements regarding proceeds from their book. First it was going to the JBR Foundation. On LKL, Ramsey told ST the money was going to "charity." Later, they had to pay their lawyers and whatever was left was going to the Foundation. I have read they never finished paying their Colorado lawyers, but I don't know if that is a fact.

    They can't keep their stories right.
  10. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member

    It didn't seem that way at the beginning

    That foundation didn't start out as private, did it?

    Great article Tristan and I like what they quoted you on. Perhaps others will start to wonder about the proceeds from the book.

    Patsy said "not thousands and thousands"...well how about just thousands?

    Symantics there too?

  11. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member


    good job! I'm amazed that the reporter actually followed up on the question at all. But if she quoted you exactly that is even better.

    What puzzles me is John's statement near the top of the third column about having set up "one for Beth and one for JonBenet" "and every penny of it is my own money" !!!!! What does that mean exactly? He put money in of his own and so it is his or every cent that goes into it is his because he set it up? Subtle difference but I'm not sure. And what a strange statement to make. He certainly is defensive about everything isn't he?

    Anyway great going! I had taped that show and watched it days later. You are so right that he squirmed a bit with the question...and then dismissed like a gnat the second part of it, by saying I didn't hear the second part. Looser.
  12. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    As you may recall, Trish, the Foundation was being touted as the repository for the $100,000 reward for information leading to the intruder killer (which I've always suspected was Jameson's ONLY motivation for all her crazy stunts over the years) as well as proceeds from lawsuits and royalties from DOI prior to 2000, although, according to IRS documents, the Foundation's assets never came close to covering the reward offer and never reflected any donations larger than $4,999.99. In the same month as the Ramseys were finally interviewed by Michael Kane and Barry Levin in the homicide investigation case, and specifically questioned about the activities of the Foundation, i.e., August, 2000, the Ramseys terminated the Foundation. I have no doubt the Ramseys and Lin Wood would argue "coincidence" in the timing of those dates.

    Taking the "Foundation" to a private status is easily done and no doubt was done for the purpose you stated above. No one can verify the Foundation's activities, unless of course, the Ramseys become public figures. Any Foundation activities, including deposits and charitable donations, as a private holding would need to be reported on the Ramseys' 1040 tax return each year. As a candidate for public office, that information is now fair game and available for public scrutiny.

    The Ramsey-declared purposes of the Foundation have never been fulfilled. THAT is the crux of this matter, and especially as it relates to "finding the killer." How donating a thousand dollars so that underprivileged children can go to day camp serves any of the stated purposes of the Foundation is beyond me. I'd have greater respect for the Ramseys' "donation" if that money had been spent on food or medical care or clothing or educational support for those underprivileged children who probably have no idea what the hell "day camp" is all about! How very Patsy.
  13. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    I guess they used one of the Foundation's checks for the donation to the camp rather than their own personal check? After all, Patsy did tell the caller that the foundation had just given the money to the day camp.

    And so that would mean that there would be no tax relief on their personal tax return this year.

    I will admit that my mind has started to spin with several different ideas on this whole Foundation thing.
  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    I just hope none of those kids are black, considering the comments the Ramseys made about black kids being on their street in Boulder.
  15. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    It could be as simple as it was once non-profit now it's their own private thing.

    That's totally their business.

    What I question is John's ability for follow through after the promises made in DOI.

    It's very disingenuous of him to claim he will do all these wonderful things then shut down the shop without a word.

    If he had never written what he did in DOI then none of this would be our business.

    However if there really is a foundation,be it totally private, and the Ramseys use it to donate money then I think that's great. Good for them.

    Now what about the promises in DOI and the SHOES Foundation?

    These are relevant questions to ask a person running for office. That person's sincerity and follow through are a looking glass into the person's ability to serve in office.
  16. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member

    not a clue

    John Ramsey whined in the 2000 interview that he didn't understand why they were criticized for their JBR foundation.

    If I could tell him face to face I would mention that it was under-funded for a foundation begun by a millionaire. I only work part time and I know I could come up with more money than they did. They probably spent more money on some party than they put into the foundation. It's stated purpose is not specific enough, not nearly enough donations were made from it. If it was intended to honour JonBenet, I think more time and effort could have been spent actually doing some good for children like the tremendous amount of good done by the parents of children victims that do things like lobby for laws, help in searches for missing kids or just console and offer advice to others ( which doesn't take that much money).

    In the 2000 interviews he seems angry about the criticism regarding the foundation and says he will just close it and make it private. Yea that will really make people respect you! How about actually doing some real good with the foundation. How about using his alleged entreprenurial (sp) skills to increase the funds available. How about getting involved in some activity to help others rather than whining about how unfair everyone is to them? How about consulting someone on how to best serve children through the foundation. They hired lawers and P.I.'s to serve themselves - surely they had/have a few bucks to get some advice.

    I saw part of the show on A&E the other night and JR was admitting that they had made some mistakes. Closing a foundation they set up to honor their daughter was a huge mistake. My humble advice would be - it doesn't matter at all what people say about your foundation - if you REALLY want to honor your daughter you will reopen it and commit yourselves to making it a worthy cause for a sweet little girl. Some mistakes can be undone. (Although I think they don't have a clue that this was a mistake).

    Sorry this post is so long but I needed to vent. :steamed:
    This is the portion of the 2000 interview where JR indicates he is unhappy with the criticism of the foundation and says he might take it to private status:

    17 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Mr. Ramsey, at the
    18 present time, how much money is in the
    19 JonBenet Ramsey Foundation?
    20 A. I believe that is public record,
    21 but I think there is about $7,000 in there.
    22 Q. What is the highest balance that
    23 you know of that it has been?
    24 A. I don't know.
    25 Q. Have you done any fundraisers to
    1 fund it?
    2 A. No. It wasn't our intention to
    3 raise public money. I set up a foundation
    4 for my other daughter, which still exists, by
    5 the way. We were desperate to honor our
    6 daughter in some way, and that was our
    7 attempt to do it, and why we have been
    8 criticized for that, I don't know.
    9 Q. You put out a press release that
    10 gave an address for contributions to be made
    11 to the foundation.
    12 A. I don't remember ever asking for
    13 contributions.
    14 MR. WOOD: Do you have a copy of
    15 the press release?
    16 MR. KANE: Yes. As a matter of
    17 fact, I do.
    18 MR. WOOD: Why don't you let him
    19 see it.
    20 THE WITNESS: I would like to see
    21 it.
    22 MR. KANE: I have what the Denver
    23 Post has published as coming from your press
    24 release.
    25 MR. LEVIN: While he gets booted
    1 up on that just so that we don't waste time,
    2 how about if I ask him questions on another
    3 matter? Does that work for you procedurally?
    4 MR. WOOD: Sure.
    5 THE WITNESS: Can I respond to
    6 that though?
    7 MR. WOOD: Go ahead, John.
    8 THE WITNESS: I am offended, and
    9 I have been offended. I have been offended
    10 that you investigated that foundation during
    11 the grand jury. I have a mind to disband
    12 it and treat it just as a private -- we
    13 want to honor our daughter, and we have
    14 received nothing but grief from you folks,
    15 from the media over that attempt, and I am
    16 baffled by that.
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  17. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Mr. Ramsey's promises..NOT

    Mr. Ramsey must have forgot that the organization called SHOES that he was going to advocate legislation for was suppose to be an outreach program of the JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation.

    That was TWO YEARS ago.

    What has Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Ramsey been doing for the last two years?

    It looks like Mr. Ramsey's PLATFORM is a Platform of HOPE, that is HOPING the Michigan voters don't find out what he never accomplished.

    Ramsey book, Death of Innocence, Page 390

    "We hope to start an organization called SHOES as an outreach of the
    JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation, which will advocate legislation,
    offer resources and rewards, and establish computer databases-all
    focused as effective tools to both prevent violent crimes against
    children and to assist in the capture of child murderers.

    We will use computerized tools to track pedophiles and sex offenders
    and also use experienced, retired detectives and top experts as resources
    to aid, and in some cases challenge, local police departments. We will
    put funds in place to offer significant rewards for information, when
    appropriate, to apprehend child killers.

    SHOES will advocate legislation to elevate the murder of a child under
    the age of thirteen to a federal offense. After all, a bank robbery is
    a federal offense, and by law our nation treats this as a most serious
    crime. Do we as a country care more about our money than our children?"

    Maybe we need a new thread with questions the Michigan voters need to ask Mr. Ramsey if they can ever get him out from behind the media cameras.

  18. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript


    Reading that DOI makes me want to gag. Has anyone here ever HEARD of a parent of a murdered child talk about "fighting" a local police department? That is so sick.
  19. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Great Article in the Times!

    Congrats to reporter Laurie Lounsbury for probing into the JonBenet Foundation and its benefactors. The Michigan voters have a right to know how many promises John Ramsey has broken--promises to his own murdered child!

    Thanks again, Tricia, for enlightening the voters of MI, along with the general public, as to how fraudulent the Ramseys are in all their dealings. Tricky, underhanded, deceitful people.

    Do the voters of Upper Michigan want a man like John Ramsey representing them in Lansing?
  20. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member


    I've just sent a letter to the editor of the Gaylordhearldtimes thanking him for printing that article and that he should congratulate Laurie Lounsbury for her excellent reporting in that she quoted you perfectly. I also asked that the letter not be printed but rather sent to Laurie for her own files. I also told him that I actually know the caller that asked that question and who you are, owner of FFJ etc. So I'll see what kind of a response I get if any.
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