James Kolar's new book! It's what we have been waiting for! Daily Beast article!

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  1. heymom

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    Yes, Kolar states that when Burke was interviewed by the psychologist with Family Services (standard procedure that the Ramseys did not succeed in preventing - when a child is murdered inside the home), when a question about inappropriate touching was asked, he put a game board on his head and covered his face with it. Very inappropriate, immature, and showed tension about the subject.
  2. Learnin

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    I agree, koldkase. No way in hades does a man, with John's background, not wake up his son, first thing, and quiz him. No way does he allow his son to leave without police questioning as to what he knows. He would want the police to get as much information as they could. No way, in hades, does this son lay in bed with all the raucous going on in that house without orders from headquarters. No way does a man, with John's background, allow his wife to throw a party in such a situation.

    I'll never believe anything else until which time the complete truth proves me wrong and I'm not holding my breath.

    Now. Since Patsy was dressed in the same clothes, and John wasn't, I think we can safely assume that John was at least in bed when the shoet hit the fan, no?
  3. heymom

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    Or, that he needed to shower and change his clothing before the cops arrived. I'm not going to assume anything about anything except that Patsy wrote the ransom novel.
  4. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    I had forgotten this, but now that you mention it ... Burke's reaction to the question was not only his way of NOT answering the question but also a subconscious effort to hide himself because the question made him uncomfortable.

    For a ten-year-old boy to try to cover his face with an object when asked a question about inappropriate touching - that is a huge red flag! It's no wonder the Ramseys have refused to release Burke's psycholoical and medical records to investigators.
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    One of my early reactions to the Ramseys sending Burke out of the house that morning, without either of them, was NO WAY.

    It's hard for us to remember our initial reactions to what we saw on the news that last week of December. But I do remember the fear I felt FOR the Ramseys, thinking how terrified I'd be if I had one child missing, in the hands of dangerous strangers who came into my house while I slept and spirited my child away...only to kill her and leave her in my basement!

    I thought I'd hold onto my other child with every fiber of my being. I wouldn't be able to let him out of my sight.

    But not the Ramseys. They didn't even talk to the child, much less have the instincts to protect HIM.

    That was an early red flag for me.

    But about JR's shower and change of clothing: Fr Brown's idea about JR's shirt having blood on it has triggered the idea for me that maybe THAT'S why JR changed his clothing.

    If his shirt was used to wipe the child's genital area, then it would have had blood on it, no doubt. So he'd need to change it, wouldn't he?

    And it would have been dry cleaned before it was turned over to the BPD, if it ever was.

    How do we know? They left the house and the movers and/or PIs packed up the Ramseys belongings some weeks later, boxes stored in Atlanta.

    So where did JR's dirty shirt go? He was asked specifically about this in his '98 DA interview with Smit and Kane, and he was VERY VAGUE about that, wasn't he?


    Fast forward to Atlanta 2000, when he is told by Boulder LE his shirt fibers matched those found in the genital area of the body. JR says, very quickly, BS!

    Makes me wonder about how he would know that. Did they have a laundry chute? Whatever their system was, JR was very non-committal about it, as usual. Makes me wonder if he in fact didn't hand over the actual shirt, but a new shirt from the same brand/company, like Patsy's "red sweater" she wore to the White's when turned over to the BPD sometime that year was folded and crisp like it came off the store shelf; so JR couldn't believe it actually was a match?

    Just some thoughts and questions...as ever.
  6. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    Actually, there WAS a laundry chute to the basement and LHOP said that only JR used it. The rest of the Rs simply dropped dirty clothing, even underwear) on the floor where they took them off. What a disgusting habit. Remember, there is no official record of blood on JR's shirt. It was Fr Brown's musing only. LE claimed that much of the clothing they were sent appeared new, or freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Hey Boulder Police? THIS is why people who were in the house when another resident is found murdered are usually required to turn over their clothing RIGHT AWAY. Idiots...
  7. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    This photo was taken in late Spring of 1996, and shows Burke and JonBenet standing up (as opposed to the "sitting" Christmas card photograph of that year), and a person can get a better idea of how much taller Burke was than JonBenet. Of course, they both would have grown some in the six plus months from the time of this photo until December 25, 1996, but their height ratio should still have been about the same.

    In the photo, Burke is a full head taller than JonBenet. When JonBenet died, she was 47 inches tall. Also, please note the length of Burke's arms.

    For the sake of argument, imagine Burke's arm's upraised and holding a golf club over his head. At what point would he be able to inflict a head wound on JonBenet where it was located on the top rear of her skull? Could she have been standing or running away, crouched down or trying to duck a blow? How far away from Burke would JonBenet have had to be for the blow to land where it did?

    (Photo taken by Judith Phillips)

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  8. JC

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    I am a bit puzzled with the picture on page 126, the one of John and Patsy where she is holding up a who murdered JonBenet picture. Patsy looks distraught to me. I've been trying to figure out exactly how John appears. I don't think he looks upset at all.

    I have begun to wonder if Patsy was in a classical state of denial after the events of that night, perhaps even unto the day she died.

    I finished Kolar's book this morning. It is a facinating read. And award worthy, imho.
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Who can say what state Patsy was in, or John, for that matter? I think they had Dr. Feelgood to help them cope with reality and escape into their fantasies.

    I agree. We may not have all the answers to all our questions, but Kolar has gone a long way in bringing us up to date on the developments in the case behind the scenes, minus Team Ramsey spin.

    He also has officially debunked Smit's and Lacy's intruder red herrings, as well.
  10. icedtea4me

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    If you had bothered to read the autopsy report, you would've seen that she had a 1.75" x 8" purple contusion on the lateral aspect (side view) of her parietal region. This means she was hit on the right side of her head above her ear.

  11. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    1. I dare you to produce a link to a forensic lab report which states that Burke's fecal matter was found on JonBenet's candy.
    2. The 1.75" x 8" purple contusion, which was on the lateral aspect of the parietal region, shows she was hit on the right side of her head.

  12. icedtea4me

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    Geez Louise! It was a toy that involved cars and it looked like a robot! And it was always on the 1st/ground floor.
  13. icedtea4me

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    The 1.75" x 8" contusion was on the right side of her brain, not on the top.
  14. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

  15. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    I dare you to produce a link to a forensic lab report which states that Burke's fecal matter was found on any pants in JonBenet's bedroom.
  16. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    Yet, these detectives weren't smart enough to physically compare the pants in the bathroom with the ones Burke wore Xmas morning.
  17. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    John covered for Patsy for having inflicted the head bash (anger/jealous rage/provocation) due to him having committed incest. Patsy covered for John for having committed incest due to her having inflicted the head bash (anger/jealous rage/provocation).
  18. icedtea4me

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    Patsy would wipe off JonBenet's privates with John's shirt because he wasn't wearing anything on his arms when he was caught molesting her.
  19. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    It wouldn't if it had been held by the light end.

    There was a 1.75" x 8" contusion on the side of her brain, not on the back.

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