John Ramsey's New Book - The Other Side of Suffering

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    Patsy and JR were out of town in NYC with the Stines, and Nedra was looking after JonBenet and Burke.
    JonBenet won as "Little Miss Christmas" in the Amerikids Pageant and won the bear as a prize, on December 14, 1996 about a week after the Lights of December parade which was on December 6, 1996
    Patsy was with JonBenet at when she won the Santa Bear, her excuse was that she remembered it as a white Angel Bear.
    Patsy Ramsey, August 28, 2000:
    8 MR. WOOD (Ramsey lawyer): The video shows a
    9 Santa Bear.
    10 MS. HARMER: Yes. The video is
    11 taken at the same pageant where LaDonna
    12 passed out these prizes, one of which was
    13 the bear.
    14 MR. WOOD: Again, I am just
    15 trying to make sure, do you have a video of
    16 JonBenet holding or receiving a Santa Bear or
    17 are you saying that Santa bears were given
    18 out to some of the people there?
    19 MS. HARMER: The video shows the
    20 Santa Bear on the table.
    21 MR. WOOD: Well, the table, who
    22 all is in the picture?
    23 MR. KANE: Maybe I can clarify
    24 it. LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear,
    25 purchased the Santa Bear. It was the prize
    1 to JonBenet, and she told us the prize that
    2 JonBenet was awarded for winning little Ms.
    3 Christmas. That was the prize and it was
    4 the only bears that she had, and she got it
    5 from someplace in Nebraska, a mail order
    6 company. I can't remember the name.
    7 THE WITNESS: Okay.

    8 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Did you look at
    9 the bear when it was found by -- what is
    10 her name?
    11 A. Gene.
    12 Q. Gene, or his?

    13 MR. LEVIN: Mr. Matthews.
    14 THE WITNESS: Uh-huh
    15 (affirmative).
    16 Q. (By Mr. Kane) You looked at it
    17 before it was shipped off to Colorado?
    18 A. Yes.
    19 Q. And that didn't ring any bell
    20 with you?
    21 A. Uh-uh (negative).
    22 Q. But you remember getting -- she
    23 won a bear at that pageant?
    24 A. I thought it was the little white
    25 angel bear, but maybe it was, maybe she got
    1 that some other time.

    "Patsy had her sitting atop a friend's convertible in the Christmas parade waving at the people lining the streets," Ramsey recalled. "Patsy's mother later told me that a strange man approached the car during the parade and it made her uncomfortable. I think about these things now and it makes me cringe.”

    This is pure fabrication, a Ramsey&Smit “production” that grew from a faceless pedophile watching in the crowd to an actual suspicious stranger that approached the car carrying JonBenet, a few other girls, and Pam Archuletta.

    The vague beginnings:
    John Ramsey suggested in his letter to Smit that other suspects might emerge. It could be anyone who read a newspaper article about his company passing the billion-dollar mark in sales, or someone who saw JonBenét riding in the Christmas parade, or maybe it was one of the customers of Access Graphics. That expanded the suspect list by another thirty thousand or so. For good measure, he threw in his loyal supporter Jim Marino as a possibility. Later in January, Marino received a voice mail message from his old pal, complimenting him for “doing such a good job [defending Ramsey] on TV.” Ramsey ended the call with, “Love ya, brother!”
    JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas, page 286

    Lou Smit totally disagreed with my version of the events that night, insisting that the Ramseys were innocent. In his intruder theory, the killer had seen JonBenét during one of her public appearances, perhaps the Christmas parade, and decided to go after her on Christmas night while the Ramsey family was out for the evening.
    JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas, page 286

    The final product:
    JonBenet was sitting up high on the back seat of a Christmas-red convertible with two other pageant contestants, waving to the crowd while the song Jingle Bell Rock was played from the car.
    A plastic sign on the side of the convertible identified her by name and revealed that she was a child beauty queen. Family friend Pam Archuleta held JonBenet's ankle to keep her from falling.
    As they went past one of the town's leading banks, a strange man walked from the crowd toward the BMW. Archuleta says he looked "creepy" and had "a face full of anger and hatred" that she will never forget. She had the impression that the man had seen JonBenet before and recognized her.
    Well-dressed in a tweed jacket and jeans, the man was in his 40's, tall and thin with graying hair. He stared at JonBenet and walked to within two feet of the car.
    For Archuleta, the staring man's behavior marred what until then had seemed an innocent Christmas event that could have taken place in any town in America.

    National Examiner, May 3, 2004

    Or as John Ramsey tells it:
    "Patsy had her sitting atop a friend's convertible in the Christmas parade waving at the people lining the streets," Ramsey recalled. "Patsy's mother later told me that a strange man approached the car during the parade and it made her uncomfortable. I think about these things now and it makes me cringe.”

    WHY NO MENTION of this “Parade Stranger” in any interview with LE, no mention in Death of Innocence, no mention anywhere prior to 2004 but now prominently featured in John’s shameless publicity tour?
    See the examination of the 2004 story at ACandyRose:
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    Thank you Cherokee. These five years seem more like months. When my son's two lovely children Alex 13 and Chantal 10, our youngest grandchildren come for a visit, I see him in their smile and mannerisms. It brings him back.

    I agree with all you're saying about John Ramsey. In writing this second book, he is still trying to convince the public he and Patsy were innocent.
    Let's hope they are both proved wrong.
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    Yes, Cynic, this is the one I tuned into halfway through the session,and just in time to hear his story of forgiving himself.

    Thank you for posting this.
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    patsy did it
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    WOW! I completely missed this thread!!

    Oh my God... :wtf:

    I see I missed the interviews on Wednesday, but see that he'll be on Anderson Cooper's show tomorrow (Friday), so I don't know... maybe I'll watch... but seeing those clips of the Lizard Lips - I just don't know!!??!! :rolleyes:

    I LOVE reading all the clips of the interviews though!! Thank you ALL!! for posting those!! :wave:

    I checked my library, but no listing for this book - but as someone above said - maybe it will be in the "bargain bin" soon! LOL!

    Wish there was a "Thank You" button here - I would've "Thanked" all the posts here! :laffbig:

    I especially love the comparisons Why_Nut has been posting! Will enjoy more! God, I can't believe it's been 15 years already... poor JonBenet - no justice yet... :cry:
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  7. Elle

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    Thank you for all this extra work you have done here ending with the Parade Stranger. Good grief There usually are hundreds of Parade Strangers in a Parade. They had to draw a special one out of the hat!
    They were grasping at straws, Cynic, if you ask me!?
  8. Elle

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    Hello there RR and Niner. Long time no see![​IMG]
  9. cynic

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    Thanks Elle.
    The classic MO of the Ramseys from day one has been to throw as much out there as possible and see what sticks.
  10. cynic

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    What’s this???? Some member of the media didn’t get the memo to bow down to John Ramsey. (She’s probably been fired.)

    JonBenet Ramsey book won't catch her killer
    By Sandra Fish

    It’s sad that Ramsey now refers to his daughter by a nickname never mentioned in the hoopla after her death. It’s sad that now he offers photos of an authentic-looking 6-year-old, hair tousled, photos never offered to counteract the beauty pageant images of JonBenet.

    It’s sad that now he questions the wisdom of dressing up young girls in suggestive outfits and makeup.

    Finally, it’s sad that JonBenet’s father considers her criminal case “pretty dead.â€

    Perhaps if the Boulder police had cleared the crime scene and conducted a thorough search of the Ramsey home on Dec. 26, 1996; perhaps if John and Patsy Ramsey had cooperated with police instead of hiring a defense attorney and talking to CNN less than a week later; perhaps if the family had done more to create a portrait of their daughter beyond beauty pageant queen; perhaps if the public and media focused less on the spectacle and more on the crime. Perhaps, then, a 6-year-old’s murder might be solved.

    Sandra Fish teaches journalism at the University of Colorado and has reported on politics in Iowa, Florida and Colorado. Follow her on Twitter at @fishnette.
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    Chapter 2:

    "The garrote around her head had strangled her, and so when given the blow to the head, she was already dead and didn't bleed."

    Yeah? No bleeding? Where did all that blood inside her head come from then?

    Autopsy report, say it with me now:

    "Upon reflection of the scalp there is found to be an extensive area of scalp hemorrhage along the right temporoparietal area extending from the orbital ridge, posteriorly all the way to the occipital area. This encompasses an area measuring approximately 7 x 4 inches. This grossly appears to be fresh hemorrhage with no evidence of organization."

    "On removal of the skull cap there is found to be a thin film of subdural hemorrhage measuring approximately 7-8 cc over the surface of the right cerebral hemisphere and extending to the base of the cerebral hemisphere."

    "There is a thin film of subarachnoid hemorrhage overlying the entire right cerebral hemisphere."
    "Our physician was called and he prescribed medication for us."

    Dr. Francesco Beuf was not John's and Patsy's physician, he was the physician to Burke and JonBenet and John only paid for his services, unless by that definition the lawyers John hired for Patsy and Burke were also his lawyers, which sort of defeated the point of having separate lawyers, yes?
    "Pam entered the single solid oak front door, passed through the foyer, the hallway, and past our now desolate Christmas tree. She climbed the front stairs to our bedroom on the third floor and stood staring at the darkened, empty room, the bed still unmade."

    This sort of thing characterizes something truly odd going on with John. Why paint this picture, when it is inaccurate? The front stairs were to the right close to the front door. Pam would not have "passed through" the foyer, the hallway, and the tree inside the living room. She would have gone in the door and gone up the stairs immediately, not passing "through" anything except the air between the door and the stairs. But I can see how it makes for a prettier, more poignant picture if John has the reader visualize a despondent Pam wandering around rather than have her prodded along by a no-nonsense police officer who had the goal of getting her in and getting her out as quickly as possible.
    "She brushed her hand across JonBenet's bedpost, her only niece's twin bed, the peach-colored sheets still rumpled from where she had been taken."

    What? *Only* niece? What about the two daughters her sister Paulette had? One of whom was the famous Jeny who Patsy bought underwear for, because God knows the best present a child can receive for Christmas is underwear from your aunt?

    Need I also note that Pam had her raid on the house on December 28th, by which time the sheets had already been taken into evidence and were not present for Pam to brush her hand across?
    "The closet door ajar, her clothes and toys lying in disarray inside, a tap shoe lying upside down as though just tossed from a little foot after a rehearsal. Pam bent to pick it up when a policeman barked at her not to touch. She started to leave the room but felt compelled to take a small medal about the size of a silver dollar from a shelf of JonBenet's trophies."

    The officer would not let her touch a tap shoe, but had no problem with Pam taking a medal? I question whether that tap shoe incident took place. It smells of Pam manufacturing drama where drama did not exist.
    "I wore this priceless medal around my neck twenty-four hours a day for a year until the eyelet on top wore through and the ribbon frayed to threads. I carry it in my wallet to this day."

    Interesting. The story was slightly different in the year 2000, when John appeared with Patsy on the Today Show. On that appearance, he was wearing the medal around his neck, and he says this:

    "COURIC: You wrote quite poignantly, John, about a little pageant medallion...
    Mr. RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.
    COURIC: ...that you got from the house after JonBenet died that you wear around your neck.
    Mr. RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.
    COURIC: Do you wear that every day?
    Mr. RAMSEY: Yes, I do. Wear it all the time, 24 hours a day.
    COURIC: Can you show it to me? Or...
    Mr. RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.
    COURIC: Is it possible to get under there and...
    Mr. RAMSEY: It's--this medal JonBenet won at her last little pageant. It was the Christmas pageant in early December, and JonBenet had won the Overall Talent award. And she took it off and came over and put it around my neck. And it was just her way of saying, 'Dad, I did really good in my talent.' And after she died, I--I thought--I wanted--I want that medal. That's the one thing of hers I want. And Pam went over to the house, Patsy's sister, in those early days to get some things so we could go back to Atlanta for the funeral. And she came up to me, she says, 'I don't know why, but I had this strange sensation I needed to give you this medal.' It was this medal. And that was, to me, a message that JonBenet delivered that said, 'I'm OK.' Because only she and I knew the significance of that medal. And only she knew that--that that's what I wanted.
    Ms. RAMSEY: And it belonged on her dad.
    Mr. RAMSEY: So it's never left my neck."

    So he wore it for a year, then put it in his wallet, then...wears his wallet on his neck for the next few years?
    "In those high-flying days I never dreamed that one day I would downsize to the point of selling most of the treasures we owned, and that I would be calling a boat my home."

    I have little sympathy for someone who at the time owned both a boat and a private airplane, and had recently sold his house for $358,000, which could provide quite a few years of payments toward simple rental of an apartment. How about getting your priorities straight and selling the boat, John? That, or refrain from making it look as if your preference for living on a boat is supposed to be a detriment rather than a priority?
    "John, let me finish. I received a call from inside the system, I can't tell you who it was, but the person told me to get this message to you as soon as possible. He said specifically, 'Tell John to get the best defense attorney he can get his hands on. The Boulder police think he killed his daughter.'"

    What on earth is the deal with the cloak-and-dagger picture John wants to paint? He spent years telling the world that Mike Bynum told him to hire lawyers. We are all supposed to have forgotten this? And now we are supposed to think that someone at Access Graphics spoke directly to an insider in the BPD, bypassing Bynum entirely?
    "(Years later we filed six lawsuits against the tabloids and reached settlements, but these victories went unpublicized.)"

    Oh, for God's sake again, the New York Times had not *quite* fallen on hard times yet, and they publicized the settlements. If a newspaper read around the world is not publicity, what is?
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    Hi Elle! :wave:

    Why_Nut! :clap: Excellent!
  13. koldkase

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    Who writes this BS? I don't believe John wouldn't deign to pick up a keyboard to write one syllable about this murder. I'd bet the farm he had YET ANOTHER ghost writer and this was ALL FOR MONEY.

    Clearly his "life's mission" of catching the killer is long gone. Clearly, having FORGIVEN himself (thanks, Elle!) he feels no reason to EVER tell the truth about what happened to his brutally murdered little girl. Clearly he's as FULL OF CHIT AS HE EVER WAS.

    And whatever lighting made the old corpse look well to that reporter, somebody buy me some stock in it NOW. Every photo I see he's wearing more makeup than they slather on children at those pageants he now dares criticize. Keeps changing his story on that, too, doesn't he? LIAR.

    Okay, time to PUKE AGAIN. Sorry for the YELLING! but not really :puke:
  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    Hi there Niner! :wave: Yes! Kudos to Why_Nut for all the excellent work posted. He has done an excellent job, and was always able to come up with information which wasn't easy to find. Maybe he's with Intelligence! (?). I know for sure you are also a member, Niner! [​IMG]

    KK I think you should write a book! It would be a good one!
  15. cynic

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  16. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    Old corpse is right KK. I can't take it any more.
  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    This Sunday's Websleuths Radio (March 18th) we will be discussing John's new book and his inconsistancies.

    I have invited DeeDee and KoldKase to be on the show. Waiting to hear back from them.

    KK check your text messages.

    Why_Nut you are ALWAYS WELCOME to be on the show.

    If anyone else wants to join in the number to call is 760-825-0093

    We will be talking to the mother of LACEY BUENFIL... (Imother of 3 , missing in Ocala National Forest.)

    Lacey's mother will go on first. Then we will discuss the Ramsey case. Also don't forget we will have our Websleuths Hot Cold Case as well. AND we will probably talk about one or two other cases.

    Here is the link to the show. If you call in please listen through your phone and not your computer. There is a delay and it will really mess up if you try and listen on the compute and talk through the phone.

    Feel free to email me first if you would like to call in and chat or just go ahead and do so.
  18. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    To the wonderful FFJ Members,

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this thread. I will be using this information on the Websleuths Radio show this Sunday.

    You all never cease to amaze me.

    Trust me when I tell you, despite what we are seeing now, the year 2012 is a great year for the truth in the JonBenet case. Promise.
  19. Elle

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    Thank you Cynic for posting these. I'm going to watch them now. I have always liked Anderson Cooper.

    Will you be on Tricia's radio show again speaking? You were very good on
    the last broadcast. It's not something I would want to tackle. I'll leave it to all you younger ones who appear to just go with the flow.[​IMG]
  20. Elle

    Elle Member

    Looking forward to hearing KK and DeeDee tomorrow on your radio show, Tricia, if I can get through. If I can't, Cynic posted a link for me the last
    time shortly after it and I managed to hear it. I'm sure he will do the same again if I can't. He is a very nice and helpful young man. I switched to Windows 7 last May, and I still prefer Windows XP.
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