Judge has ruled Ramsey Grand Jury indictment must be released

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  1. madeleine_ws

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    DOI/page 357

    "The battered justice system had creaked and shuddered,but it had worked!We had not been indicted!

    People would have to finally see the jury's decision as our vindication.

    Whatever time had been lost with the grand jury hearing must be made up quickly"

    DOI/page 359

    "After looking at all the evidence-or lack of it-a jury of our peers had not indicted Patsy and me.It seemed that the system had functioned as our Constitution had intended.We were truly grateful"
  2. madeleine_ws

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    I am planning to read that darn thing from A-Z again...didn't have the time so I looked up only the GJ chapter...
  3. heymom

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    This is amazing. Have heard quite a bit about Madeleine McCann over the last couple of weeks, but nothing about JonBenet. I will pray and wait.
  4. zoomama

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    Thank God for a journalist who believes in justice! As for the rest of the flock that report all the regurgitated stuff over and over without doing any background checks I wonder if Old Woody has them still scared. His suing claws reach very far and scare the pie out of most lesser folks. Right now he is quiet because he is probably thinking who to sue next.
  5. madeleine_ws

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    I wonder how Kane feels about the latest events (he's my hero when it comes to this case)...


    Kane spent many hours questioning John and Patsy Ramsey about their daughter's murder. He said he believes they have yet to give him the straight story.

    "When I met with them, I never felt that they were genuine," Kane said. "I always felt like I was talking to a press secretary who was giving responses with a spin.

    "I always felt like their answers were very careful and, in some cases, scripted. And that caused me a lot of concern."

    Reflecting now on his interviews with the Ramseys, Kane said, "I never felt like I was getting a spontaneous response.

    "John Ramsey always left me with the impression that he was a very smart man, and he is very careful at answering questions," Kane said. "Whereas, Patsy struck me as somebody that just had an answer in advance of the question, and just kind of resorted to an 'I don't know' if she didn't have an answer in advance."

    I always totally agreed with this,I felt the same way whenever the R's opened their mouths.
  6. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    An aside: It is so good to see so many of our old pals hanging around the Guttah again. :wave:

    Thanks for posting the quotes and links for us, Madeline.

    Yep, Zoomama, I bet Woody has lost some sleep over this already.

    BOESP, top of my list of people I can't abide are BULLIES! They're usually LIARS, too. That describes the Ramseys in a nutshell, IMO.

    Wombat! You've been holding out on us! We may have to get you drunk to loosen up your tongue real soon.... :cheers:

    Chero, it's shocking to see how much basic info about this case reporters now get completely wrong; and don't even get me started on the effects of the LACY DISINFORMATION TRAIN on the media.

    Hey Heymom! :hiya: The truth does seem to be making a comeback in this case, starting with Kolar's book release last year.

    Speaking of heroes...there are a few who refuse to IGNORE and BURY the truth in spite of the constant threats of Team Ramsey to anyone who tells it.

    And I'm going to put Tricia in that category. It's cost her so much, financially and otherwise, to keep this case alive on her forums and her radio podcast. In spite of that, she has never wavered. I will always be grateful to her for giving us all a place to speak truth to power.

    Maybe we should start a thread: Heroes versus Cowards.
  7. Tez

    Tez Member

  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Forgive me, Mad, but I have to steal your copy of quotes from DOI so I can post them on the Boulder Daily Camera website were an article has appeared reporting John Ramsey's lawyers playing games to stop the indictment from being released.

    Arrogant sons of beotches lied to the public about it for 13 years and now want to stop the public from seeing the truth...AGAIN!


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  9. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks, Tez, for posting this! Bwwahaahaa! :floor: Of COURSE, John Ramsey opposes the release of the indictment! THAT tells you something right there!

    John and Patsy Ramsey have LIED about it all these years. They even had the gall to STATE that lie IN PRINT several times in their book, Death of Innocence:

    Death of Innocence - page 357

    "The battered justice system had creaked and shuddered, but it had worked! We had not been indicted!"

    "People would have to finally see the jury's decision as our vindication."

    "Whatever time had been lost with the grand jury hearing must be made up quickly."

    Death of Innocence - page 359

    "After looking at all the evidence-or lack of it-a jury of our peers had not indicted Patsy and me. It seemed that the system had functioned as our Constitution had intended. We were truly grateful."

    The Ramsey groupies and spin team have parroted those lies SINCE 1999!


    Tez, I bet you're right. Lin Wood is having his lackeys work overtime so he can file an injunction against Judge Lowenbach to prevent him from releasing the Grand Jury's indictment.

    Even if we never see the indictment, and I think we will, I love thinking that John Ramsey has finally had to wipe that "we fooled you and beat the justice system" shite-eating grin off his face.

    The Boulder Grand Jury DID indict John and Patsy Ramsey. By fighting the release of the indictment, John shows just how worried he is about THE TRUTH coming out.
  10. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oops. Sorry, Tez. I was so hot under the collar when I read this at topix, I didn't see your post before I popped off. Thanks for alerting us to yet another JR attempt to control how we get our news--censored by HIM.
  11. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Ha! Leave it to Cheery Chero to find the silver lining.

    The Sword of Damocles still poised.... :scale:
  12. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone have any idea how I can contact John Ramsey. I want to invite him on my show. I'll give him the three hours if he wants them.
  13. cynic

    cynic Member

    The letter from Haddon and Morgan includes the following:
    John and Patricia Ramsey were formally exonerated by the District Attorney’s Office of the Twentieth Judicial District by letter dated July 9, 2008. A copy of that letter is attached for your reference.
    http://extras.mnginteractive.com/li.../20131021_060814_Ramsey letter to Garnett.pdf

    Legend has it that Stan Garnett, while hiding in the shadows and speaking in hushed tones, said that Lacy’s “exoneration” was legally worthless.
    “Dan Caplis: Stan, when you say that the exoneration speaks for itself, are you saying that it’s Mary Lacy taking action, and that action doesn’t have any particular legally binding effect, it may cause complications if there is ever a prosecution of a Ramsey down the road, but it doesn’t have a legally binding effect on you, is that accurate?
    That is accurate, I think that is what most of the press related about the exoneration at the time that it was issued.”

    @2:55 – 3:30

    It’s too bad that Stan only has cojones about the same size that a common field mouse has, because now’s the time to come out and repeat what he said, this time in a press conference.
  14. koldkase

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    Sput sputttt pffttt thwttt spttftt....

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    Wait for the tabloids - when they see critical mass they will stake out everyone. God only knows the backroom crap that's going on right now, until the tabs get a whiff.

    Also, I bet John Ramsey is staying with Melinda and her doctor hubbie (hubbie doctor?). He's getting older and she is the eldest child.

    And hey Tricia, fearless warrior, I would cancel everything for your three-hour Lizard Lips interview. Almost better than reading an indictment. Almost, bit let's have both.
  16. madeleine_ws

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    pfff....when the story broke he treated it like it was nothing...bwah,just more drama (his own words)...why the sudden change (I know why,but what's HIS explanation?)..I think he thought it will all go away but it didn't.
  17. madeleine_ws

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    please do!
    I always wanted to sit down and take ALL the books,ALL the interviews and ALL their tv appearances and write down ALL the lies they came up with (would make a great book!) but I just don't have the time :(
  18. BobC

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  20. Tez

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    Now, that is a show that I wouldn't miss. Just so we don't have to look at his lizard tongue and lips, it will be great!
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