Kolar's PowerPoint comparison photos: GRAPHIC AUTOPSY PICS!!

Discussion in 'Evidence Files: Ramsey murder case' started by koldkase, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Someone put up a video of Kolar's lecture this year on his LE and writing careers. Some of his PowerPoint slide show was shown, which I captured since it was in color, and those same pics in his book, Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?, are in black and white.

    I'm putting the ones I managed to copy here for reference, in the approximate order he presented them at the library where he was speaking; this is not a complete record of his PowerPoint by any means.

    This will take several posts, as well.


    Beginning with Lou Smit's "stun gun" theory: this is a stun gun like the one Smit claimed was used on JonBenet, which he said resulted in the coupled marks on several locations on her body at autopsy. Kolar used autopsy photos of the marks on her back for the comparisons created to scale of the stun gun prongs and the marks in question. Kolar describes his experiment in detail in his book.
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    In his book, Kolar details how he came by the theory that the marks on the child's body in fact were from toy train tracks seen in crime scene photos of the basement and in Burke's room, on the floor, as well. The overlays for these photos were composed to scale, also.

    [Edited to add the following information.]

    To clarify the process Kolar used to create these comparative photos, the caption under the [3rd] photo here, which in his book on page 386 is titled "Photo 29", reads:

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    Finally, Kolar demonstrated how the marks show up when gouged into the hand of a volunteer. These are hard to see, so I may later try to enhance the dark spots on the palm, at the end of the points of the tracks. Some of you may want to work on this who have more talent and better programs to do so.


    The first photo was from a video, so it's a bit blurry.


    I want to add the black and white photo from Kolar's book to these, as I think the "marks" are clearer in black and white. The color photos from the PowerPoint were screen captures from a video of the presentation itself, which reduces the quality, of course, so I think the black and white is clearer.
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    Thanks to cynic for this video link to the Kolar lecture from which I took those PowerPoint photos.

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