Lacy lied in documents to Supreme Court & we can now request Ramsey Grand Jury files!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by cynic, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. RiverRat

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    I knew it!!! Bowing before you!
  2. wombat

    wombat Member

    I hate to be a party pooper, but no indictment was issued, since the spineless Hunter quashed it. I think Lacy has an out here. The lawyer from Atlanta was lying (since he was talking) by saying the grand jury did not vote to indict, but he can lie about anything to advocate for his client.

    I'd bet a couple bucks that the National Enquirer or Daily Mail, maybe the Colorado media as well, already have attorneys looking into this. In some cases the media file FOIA suits as co-plaintiffs. Maybe we could find out somehow and join one of those.
  3. BobC

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    Good work, Cynic. Man I would love to see Lacy in bracelets.
  4. wombat

    wombat Member

    Yes, let me add that the sight of Ms. Tracy-Lacy in handcuffs would warm my heart, but I don't think it'll happen. If all this starts to shake out, as we believe it will, she may have some trouble with the ethics panel of the Colorado bar.
  5. Elle

    Elle Member


    You know I was very concerned for you before, and I sincerely hope no harm will come to you because of posting this incredible information. Having said this, I feel they will need a large Paddy Wagon to pick up all the rest of us who support you all the way!

    Take care!
  6. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Anything can happen at this point, Wombat. This GJ information has put everything in a new light and you can bet John Ramsey is sweating bullets. Whether he is ever arrested or not, what's come out about the Grand Jury has driven a stake through the heart of that slimy bastid's poor pitiful innocent me routine. I think more people will be coming forward, emboldened by what's already come out. People in and around this case lost their jobs, suffered character assassination in the press, some got divorces--so I hope they get some payback.

    You know Carole M is driving me crazy. I know she is supposed to be unbiased but I think she is bending over backwards to dismiss evidence against the Ramseys. If that witch Mary Lacy can spend a fortune to fly that freak Karr in from Thailand based on absolutely NOTHING but a bunch of idiotic e-mails, I think it's fair to turn up the heat on the three people who were in a locked home with a dead six YO. It's one mamby pamby excuse after another. Just once I'd like to see the same aggressive attitude applied to Ramsey that was applied to John Mark Karr and all the other people the Ramseys fingered.

    The double standard is making me ill. We need aggressive action.
  7. wombat

    wombat Member

    I do hope that the people who suffered because of the Ramseys' vicious games get some satisfaction. Also, the people who produced the TV shows (CBS, Aphrodite Jones, yadda yadda) had better like the taste of crow. Remember Michael Tracy, special consultant to 48 Hours?

    I wonder what Burke's thinking today. Tricia was awesome on her show the other day, demanding that he "man up" and come forward and tell the truth. But then maybe he'd have to give his lawsuit money back, huh?
  8. OpenMind4U

    OpenMind4U Member

    IMO and based on what I read so far, non-signed GJ indictment has the same power as signed GJ indictment. Maybe, AH doesn't want his name associated with indictment or maybe he wants to run from DA office so fast that he forgot to sign?:)...IDK.

    'GJ leak' makes:

    - a lot of prior statements (on the recort, on TV, on paper, in court, during LEGAL procedures) FALSE!!!! And I'm sure that lying to the court is 'no-no good'...:sothere:
    - it opens the door for other GJ witnesses to talk and share. So, FW, LHP and others, please don't affraid to tell the 'truth and nothing but the truth!' for the WHOLE WORLD to hear;
    - we don't know yet which GJ documents we, public, can see because of 'ongoing' cold case investigation. But some documents used by the witness like LS we can DEMAND to see.

    So, I'm in excellent mood today...looking forward for:
    - MONDAY (Tricia show);
    - every other day (searching for JBR justice update because IT'S COMMING!).

  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    HA HA HA HA!! You're making a joke, right?

    The Colorado Bar has spent 16 years looking the other way in this case. Come on. WE have known since 2000 that Alex Hunter obstructed this investigation. Thomas wrote the governor about it in 1998--a letter released to the media/public, as well!

    The Colorado Bar has less integrity than Hunter and Lacy, who are small fry. [See my next post for all the inbreeding in Colorado legal circles.] Should I bring up the Colorado rape case against Koby Bryant, when Haddon's law firm not only fully set up and attacked the alleged victim IN A CLOSED HEARING--allowing pre-trial questioning in court with the judge present and under circumstances which provided no legal protection for the alleged VICTIM, who was COMPELLED to ANSWER personal MEDICAL and sexual history QUESTIONS FROM THE DEFENSE LAWYERS? Should I mention that NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE THE VERY SAME JUDGE'S OFFICE SENT THOSE SEALED TRANSCRIPTS OF THAT HEARING AND THE ALLEGED VICTIM'S MEDICAL RECORDS TO THE MEDIA?!

    Oh, it was so horrific, to this day I can't believe it actually happened! That's the day I said to myself I'd NEVER advise a rape victim to trust LE. EVER.

    Because NOTHING happened to that judge, his "secretary" he claimed "accidentally" sent those records--TWICE, or to Bryant's lawyers when the victim's name was REPEATEDLY said out loud during open court hearings, even as the judge weakly admonished the defense attorney for it--five times!

    The judge went so far as to APOLOGIZE to the alleged victim in court. Ha. That made it all better, I'm sure...among all the tabloid articles which sprang up with her photo and gossip about her. The woman was RUINED.

    So it's not like the Ramsey case is an anomaly in our justice system, and especially in Colorado. You try to get information out of a judge about any disciplinary action taken against a lawyer. Good luck with that.

    I will believe to the day I die that you can't find a more corrupt justice system than that in Colorado--and if I'm wrong, America is an illusion and we're doomed. But Ken Lay (Enron CEO convicted and then conviction erased when he "died" before sentencing) didn't go have his "heart attack" in Colorado for nothing....

    I don't mean to be discouraging here, but it is what it is. This may be news to us, but I would be surprised if it's news to any lawyer in Colorado, or in America, for that matter.

    Lawyers don't go after lawyers. Judges don't go after lawyers, because judges are lawyers. And politicians are lawyers who make the laws.

    Then there is the statute of limitations. Let's say Lacy did what we suspect and it can be proven: what's the statute of limitations on this? It was three years from the time of the crime on a possible child abuse leading to death charge, wasn't it? Didn't I read the statute had run out on other possible criminal obstruction behaviors by the DAs? Or am I confused on this?

    I've read so much, it's hard to unscramble it all at this point.

    I think the best thing we can do is support anyone who goes after opening records of any kind in this investigation. No one is going to be arrested or tried on anything, or even have to answer for the corruption rampant in this case, IMO, and there's nothing we can do about that.

    We can still try to get to the truth the same way we always have: by exposing the evidence. It speaks to the actions of every person in this case, from the perpetrators to the justice system to the media. Finally it will all come down to the historical record of The Tragic Life and Death of JonBenet Ramsey.

    Well, those are my thoughts, anyway. Please ignore my NegativeNellie attitude. I've been at this too hard, for way too long, I'm afraid, and yes, I'm bitter that the America I was schooled to believe in may not have ever existed. I feel like a third rate rube.
  10. Elle

    Elle Member

    Oh good grief, Koldkase, do you have a parachute to jump off the plane when you fly over Timbuktoo? Oh geez! These lawyers will be after you for posting this information! :)
  11. Elle

    Elle Member

    What a "wakeup call" we are all having, Wombat! Nice to see you back again!
  12. OpenMind4U

    OpenMind4U Member

    Dear KoldKase,

    I'm not familiar with the case from your above post. But I do trust your knowledge and fairness. However, show me the country which doesn't have problem in juristiction system? You wouldn't be able to, unfortunately. As the rule, people with/in power are corrupted. Was, is and always will.
    And you don't want to hear the horror stories of unjustice (where I came from):).

    So. Let's look on positive side. You have army of people here and WS who would be honored to follow your advice, wisdom and passion. Please cheer-up!!! Life is beautiful and goodness of the people like you is very powerfull!

    I hope to hear your southern accent voice on Monday!:).....
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    The issue here, as I see it, is we're speaking truth to power. Like Anita Hill, who wrote a book on her experience after she was squashed like a bug for doing just that at the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, our 16 years of disappointment at the epic failure of the legal system can only work for us if we accept that it's up to us to carry the flag, regardless of the outcome.

    Not to discourage anyone, but we do need to understand how connected this web of injustice is. To the point: for anyone who isn't aware of the inbreeding among the legal circles of Colorado, if you visit a brilliant website published by Redd Herring you can find an astonishing chart of how that all went/goes. Here is a short taste of it:

    [The numbers refer to the number given each person on the chart at the top of the page. Also, since this list was written over a decade ago, the listed professional and personal positions have changed by now, of course, in many cases--just FYI.]

    Are we really surprised that John and Patsy, powerfully connected and protected, easily slipped through the Grand Canyon of legal cracks in the Colorado injustice system?
  14. wombat

    wombat Member

    Hi Elle! :wave:
  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Ssshhhh.... Don't give away my fugitive plans! On the upside, I didn't "discover" this information. It's all public knowledge, documented by TV, media, and public records...all of it.

    Attached Files:

  16. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    That's very kind of you. And you're right. Thanks for reminding me.

    I've begun to look at our justice system this way:

    Once I had to pay for a parking sticker for the school year, but the problem was finding a parking space available. Cars had to troll around and around until one was spotted. I asked the person taking my money if she was selling something she didn't actually have--an actual parking space I was paying to use but couldn't always find. Her answer may apply to our legal system: she said I was paying for the OPPORTUNITY to park.

    It seems that's what we have in our justice system: an OPPORTUNITY for justice.

    It could be worse, that's true, I understand that.

    But that's no excuse for those in power who are so criminally corrupted to get away with it unchecked. If corruption is the standard, then either it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH or I've wasted 16 years of my life here when I should have been lying and cheating for personal gain.

    Reading Mary Lacy tell a reporter she's not capable of corruption made me sick.
  17. BobC

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    I am very angry. Could you imagine working on this case and having to just sit there and listen to the media talking about the GJ "refusing to indict?" I think Hunter and Lacy wanted people to think that--it is so obvious now. The Ramseys could have saved a ton of money by not hiring any PR people--the DA's did a better job than they ever could!

    Heads need to roll on this, guys!
  18. OpenMind4U

    OpenMind4U Member

    Isn't Garnett said that he'll pursue this case not based on emotions or books?...So, NOW it's time to pursue it based on the LEGAL issues. And if outcome from 'GJ leak' causes some kind of pollution/danger for currently ongoing investigation (for example: witnesses could start talking reveiling sensative GJ info, some GJ documents could be legaly retrieved) then the proper action is to assemble the new GJ, without corruption, prejustice and false pretent, ASAP.

    I honestly believe this is the only way to proceed. I'm very much interested what Kolar think about? What kind of justifications must be in place for DA to call new GJ?
  19. heymom

    heymom Member

    Boulder has got to be one of the more corrupt locations in this nation, perhaps second only to Washington DC.
  20. Karen

    Karen Member

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