Lawyering JonBenet

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    You're thinking of someone else. Truthseeker got banned for getting nasty, but originally they came in (guns blazing on their first post that got deleted) insisting John Mark Karr was the perp, not Mike Bynum.

    Here's the thread.

    Edited to add: I just found it. The Mike Bynum accuser was a hat called "achris."
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    Ahhh, that's right. How could I forget that hat. aChris.

    Guess it just wasn't all that memorable.
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    Fleet White on Bill Clinton's lawyer


    The undersigned hereby swears and affirms as follows:

    1. My name is Fleet Russell White, Jr.

    2. I reside at (address redacted)

    3. On September 19, 2000, I met with Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney Dennis Hall. At that meeting, Mr. Hall stated that David Kendall, a lawyer with the Washington, D.C. office of the Williams & Connolly law firm had visited Mr. Hall and Jefferson District Attorney David Thomas earlier that year and had attempted to persuade Mr. Hall and Mr. Thomas to dismiss the indictment of Mr. Craig A. Lewis, an employee of the Globe, a supermarket tabloid. Also at the meeting, Mr. Hall indicated that the ultimate objective of the Lewis prosecution was to bring criminal charges against Globe executives who shared responsibility for the illegal actions of Mr. Lewis.

    4. On September 29, 2000, I met with Mr. Bob Brown, an investigator for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Also present at the meeting was my wife, Priscilla Brown White. At that meeting, Mr. Brown stated that Mr. Kendall had visited the Jefferson County District Attorney in June 2000 for the purpose of persuading the District Attorney to dismiss the indictment of Mr. Lewis.

    5. On September 17, 2001 I attended a meeting at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office. The people present at the meeting were my wife, Priscilla Brown White, Denver lawyer Craig R. Truman, Jefferson County District Attorney David Thomas; and Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney Charles Tingle. The meeting was held in a conference room at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office. At that meeting, the 1999 indictments of Thomas C. Miller and Craig A. Lewis by the Jefferson County grand jury were discussed by those present. During the course of that discussion, I recall asking Mr. Thomas why, in November 2000, his office chose to dismiss charges against Mr. Lewis in consideration of a $100,000 payment by Globe International to the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I recall Mr. Thomas stating that the decision to dismiss the charges against Mr. Lewis was made in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive prosecution. I also recall him describing a meeting with lawyers representing Mr. Lewis and including “Bill Clinton’s attorney†who I assumed to be Mr. Kendall.

    I clearly recall Mr. Thomas stating that one of the lawyers present at that meeting attempted to persuade him to dismiss the indictment of Mr. Lewis by threatening Mr. Thomas with reprisals having to do with Mr. Thomas’ career and work that Mr. Thomas might seek in the future.
    Date: October 22, 2002

    Fleet Russell White, Jr.

    David Kendall and the Williams and Connelly law firm represented President Bill Clinton in the Senate impeachment hearings.

    Craig Truman represents the mom in the dead Midyette baby case. The one where the parents haven't talked to the police in six months and Mary Keenan/Lacy doesn't have the ovaries to do anything about it.
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    Kudos to Candy

    "Mary Lacy quit trying cases as DA when she lost a first degree murder conviction against Joseph Dowler. The evidence never supported a first degree murder conviction either. The whole CU witchhunt ended the lawsuit Lacy told Lisa Simpson to file against CU in civil court being booted out of Federal Court, with a stiff reprimand from the Judge.

    She didn't know evidence that crackpot Karr was claiming was widely available on the internet, straight out of the autopsy report. That's basic competency. His e-mails and who he was e-mailing with tipped off everyone that knew this case that this was another example of Team Ramsey exploiting a nut for their own purposes."

    Candy posted this at the swamp. Good for her!!!!! She is right on!
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    OMG!!! Unbelievable! Could the lawyers in Boulder and across the country be anymore connected? :nervous:
  6. Spade

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    Lawyering JonBenet 2

    Lawyering JonBenet


    One of the unusual features of this case and IMO the key to understanding what happened that night, is to analyze how the case has been lawyered. Starting the night of December 26, 1996 at 5PM, with Mike Bynum summoning Fleet to his office and ending last week with Mary Lacy’s pathetic news conference; the behavior of lawyers has been consistently bizarre. As you read this list, please keep in mind that once a prosecutor starts to lie, there is no turning back.

    1. Mike Bynum told Fleet White that Haddon and Morgan were handling things and that he should stay out of it. (As Fleet told me, that is when “the intimidation beganâ€.)

    2. Hofstrom and DeMuth spent the early days of the case taking phone calls in Bynum’s office (per ST’s book).

    3. Haddon had his PI’s on the street early AM 12/27/96, often beating the BPD to witnesses.

    4. Haddon used his personal political chits to delay Gov. Romer’s decision on the GJ/remove Hunter.

    5. Jenkins (Burke’s lawyer) went to court to demand a copy of the 911 call. This was a condition of Burke’s GJ appearance. Jenkins received his copy.

    6. Hunter found Krebs credible and goes public with his support.

    7. Hunter writes Wood a carefully parsed excuse for Burke for Wood’s use in a shakedown of American Media.

    8. Hunter asks Tracey to “look into Fleet White’s California connectionsâ€.

    9. Hunter shares half-truths with Jeff Shapiro.

    10. Bellipanni abruptly resigns as presiding GJ judge and is replaced by Roxanne Bailin. This despite Foxy Roxy's long-term personal friendship and book co-authorship with Patrick Burke, Patsy’s attorney.

    11. Mary Keenan/Lacytries to throw: Santa Claus, Churchmouse, Helgoth, Gigax, and Karr under the bus.

    I would like to discuss #4 in more detail.

    4. Haddon used his personal political chits to delay Gov. Romer’s decision on the GJ/remove Hunter.

    In many ways, it has been the actions of adults that point to a non-prosecutable juvenile perp. This is a prime example. In early 1998, when the public and the BPD was demanding a special prosecuter and a grand jury, Hal Haddon visited his old friend Roy Romer, governor of the State of Colorado. Haddon asked Romer to leave Alex Hunter in charge of the case and not to force a Grand Jury on him. Roemer complied with Haddon's wishes.

    John Ramsey was Haddon's client. Now let's assume for a minute that John was the perpetrator of the prior sexual abuse and killed his daughter. Let's also assume that ultimately John was found guilty. Where would Hal Haddon stand with the Guv? Wouldn't Romer tell Haddon something like this:

    "You ***! You ****ing talked me into helping a baby raping murderer. Don't you ever talk to me again!"

    Hal Haddon is very smart. If he had ANY indication that either of the parents molested/killed JonBenet he would not defend them by calling in personal favors.
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    Silverman on #4

    From Rivera Live August 1998

    Meanwhile, former close friends of John Ramsey have written an extraordinary 15-page letter asking that the people of Colorado should demand that the state's attorney general take over the case. NBC's Leanne Gregg reports on this plea for the removal of the Bouldy--Boulder County district attorney.
    LEANNE GREGG reporting:
    Fleet White, a former friend of John Ramsey's and one of the pallbearers at JonBenet's funeral, in a scathing letter, accuses Boulder's district attorney, Alex Hunter, of having no intention of ever seeking an indictment. White was with John Ramsey when he found JonBenet's body in the basement of their home 20 months ago. White addressed the letter, acquired by The Denver Post, to the people of Colorado, asking them to demand that the state's governor immediately order the attorney general to take over the investigation.

    Governor ROY ROMER (Democrat, Colorado): Let--let me make one last comment before you turn...

    GREGG: Earlier this month, Governor Roy Romer, on the advice of four Denver area district attorneys, decided against replacing Hunter with a special prosecutor.

    Gov. ROMER: I have concluded that it is not proper to appoint a special prosecutor because it would impair this investigation.
    GREGG: Instead, Romer said the case is on track for a grand jury. In his letter, White accused Hunter of using the grand jury and its secrecy in an attempt to protect his career.

    Unidentified Woman: (From video) Number 16, JonBenet.

    GREGG: Frustrations over the lack of resolution of the case prompted White last December to ask the governor to appoint a special prosecutor. The governor declined. This latest plea is not likely to change his mind.
    Within the next few weeks, Hunter is expected to appoint additional experts to help with the case. He won't say when or where the grand jury will begin its part of the investigation. Leanne Gregg, NBC News, Denver.

    CLARK: Civil and criminal attorney--trial lawyer Craig Silverman now joins us in Denver. Craig served formerly as a chief deputy district attorney there.
    Craig, I--I'm--I'm dying to know what you think is--of--of the current request that's on the table now, for the second time, that Alex Hunter be removed in favor of the attorney general. What do y--do you think it's likely to succeed? Do you think it should?

    Mr. CRAIG SILVERMAN (Civil and Criminal Attorney, Former Prosecutor): N--no, it's not going to succeed. In fact, Governor Romer has already turned down Fleet White. But let's remember who Fleet White is. He's a star witness in this case, as is his wife, who also authored that letter. They have turned against this prosecutor. This follows Steve Thomas, lead investigator, putting down Alex Hunter. They're both requesting a special prosecutor and it--it casts a shadow over the case.

    CLARK: Well, yeah, I mean, I understand that it does, except that--don't you think that there may be some merit to it? There's been no movement, and even since--it's been a while even since there was an announcement that there would be a grand jury investigation. That hasn't even begun.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right. It's an interesting situation. And he points at--toward Governor Romer; he says, 'There's sort of a vast left-wing conspiracy here.' I think he overcharges, but he makes good, valid points: Alex Hunter, the Democrat DA in Boulder, being helped by an--a bunch of other established Democrats, and we've seen how people band together on partisan lines. Hopefully, that would not occur in a murder case, but it may be a matter of philosophy as much as politics.
    CLARK: You know, but, Craig, I understand that Alex Hunter also hasn't had a whole lot of experience with high-profile cases, let alone with homicides. I understand--I--I've heard that he hasn't even had--tried one in his career. Maybe it is a good thing to get someone else in to run--guide the ship.
    Mr. SILVERMAN: Well, what they're talking about now is bringing in a special deputy, somebody who will actually take charge of the case. Hopefully, it'll be somebody who's insulated from these political accusations...

    CLARK: Mm-hmm.

    Mr. SILVERMAN: ...'cause when you look at Fleet White, you have to ask yourself: What is this man's motivation? And you can't come up with anything other than justice for JonBenet.

    CLARK: Yeah, that's really true. That's--his netter--letter was very impressive to me, as was the detective's letter, the one who just retired. And I think that after Fleet White's letter--even though that's been turned down again by Governor Romer, there's probably going to be another and yet another.

    Mr. SILVERMAN: Right.

    CLARK: So hopefully, that will be resolved. We're gonna go to break here, Craig.
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    NOTE TO THE RAMSEYS: The following is how truly INNOCENT parents act ... they either take, or ask to take, polygraphs as soon as possible!

    Missing 'Baby Abby' found alive

    POSTED: 8:14 p.m. EDT, September 19, 2006

    UNION, Missouri (CNN) -- An 11-day-old baby missing since a knife attack on her mother Friday was found alive Tuesday, said Gina Petzold, a spokeswoman for the girl's family.

    Investigators had been searching for Abigale "Abby" Lynn Woods since her mother, 21-year-old Stephanie Ochsenbine, turned up at a neighbor's home with a cut throat and several stab wounds, claiming someone had stolen the baby.

    Earlier Tuesday, Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke told reporters the child's father, James Woods, had taken a polygraph examination and passed.

    Ochsenbine, he said, had also offered to take a polygraph once her wounds healed enough for the polygraph equipment to be used. When she was taken to the hospital after the incident, a doctor told authorities her wounds were consistent with her account of what happened, Toelke said.

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    Thanks Cherokee,

    You are quite right! Innocent parents put the interest of the child ahead of themselves. I never had a problem with retaining an attorney, becase sometimes, things CAN go terribly wrong for innocent people who make innocent mistakes in their accounts or statements, but once you have an attorney, THEN COOPERATE WITH EVERYTHING ASKED! If you are innocent, you hire an attorney to GUIDE you, NOT prevent your cooperation........that's if you are innocent.

    Contrary to the swamp's endless criticism of my posts over the years regarding my opinion (and others), taken out of context of course, I repeat:

    I agree that innocent people can and in some cases, should, get an attorney, but for different reasons than the Ramseys hired them. If I am innocent, I want a lawyer to assure I am not "tricked", not to hinder my cooperation in getting the job done. :tsktsk:
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    Bump: it's a good debate and Spade and DejaNu both are on this thread sharing their rather interesting ideas and sources, more or less.
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