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Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by RC, May 16, 2002.

  1. JR

    JR FFJ Senior Member

    Article Continued

    From the Williamson County Sun, Sunday July 21, 2002.
  2. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    KEYE Coverage

    KEYE News filmed the first part of our search yesterday. Their report centered on the searching and the new lead investigator in charge. After our story, they followed it with an Amber Alert story.

    During the Amber Alert story John Walsh made a good comment. Nesweek reported that only 147 children had been abducted by strangers this year. Walsh said that if 147 Newsweek reporters had been murdered, it would be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine. I thought it was a very good statement.
  3. JR

    JR FFJ Senior Member

    New Lead Investigator In Rachel Cooke's Case

    The family of a missing Williamson County woman has new hope. A new Investigator is now on the case of Rachel Cooke. Williamson County Sheriff's Sergeant Nora Maxey is revisiting the day Cooke disappeared, January 10th, 2002. Maxey is a 20 year veteran investigator who Williamson County Sheriff's officials say will look over the case with a fresh mind to see what might have been missed. Search volunteers also continue to retrace their footsteps near the Cooke family's home where Rachel was last seen. Anyone with information about the case should call Police.

    A KEYE camerman followed the searchers yesterday while the reporter interviewed RC and a couple of the searchers.

    The Search for Rachel Cooke > Rachel Cooke - The Search For Rachel Phase VI.
  4. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member


    Don't forget that Rachel will receive a short (1-2 minutes) spot on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Monday, August 12 on Lifetime Network,
  5. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

  6. Kelly

    Kelly Member

    7pm CST tonight.

    Am praying that the right people will see.
  7. KB

    KB FFJ Senior Member

    Unsolved Mysteries

    I saw the spot last night on Unsolved Mysteries. It was good to see some national exposure. I hope and pray it makes a difference. Are there still ongoing efforts to get a spot on America's Most Wanted?
  8. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member


    America's Most Wanted has refused to run anything on Rachel even thought we've talked to them over and over again. Tricia was the last one to try. They just refuse to put Rachel on, even for just 20 seconds.

    I think it's time to refocus on other shows.
  9. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Larry King

    is pushing for a 24/7 cable station that would feature all the missing. Not a bad idea.

    Walsh has done much good, but is so full of himself.

    The short segment on Rachel last night was very effective. Many pictures of her were shown in those couple of minutes. I hope it jogged somebody's memory.

    Are the authorities exploring any connections with the Baton Rouge killings of young women? I looked on mapquest, and it's pretty far from there to Georgetown....848 miles....10 or 12 hours. But if the guy is a seasonal worker (what we used to call migrants) it's possible he goes back and forth. He drives a white pickup truck, but (according to authorities) may have had it painted black. I remember you posting about a black pickup in an attempted kidnapping near G-town. Something to look into. Maybe you can mention it to the cold case detective.
  10. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Tips are coming in

    The Sheriff's Office has been receiving tips from the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES story. I meet with them on Friday. I will discuss both the Houston and Baton Rouge serial aductors.
  11. Ayeka

    Ayeka Member

    Good to hear, RC

    That the Unsolved Mysteries segment is generating tips. Let's hope this bring Rachel home.

  12. KB

    KB FFJ Senior Member


    RC, that is good news. I hope those tips help. See ya for the search on Saturday.
  13. Kelly

    Kelly Member

    It's great to hear that some tips have been phoned in. I'm so glad and have been wondering about it since the program aired. Let's pray that something strikes the right chord.
  14. Shyshi5

    Shyshi5 Member

    Unsolved Mysteries

    It's good news that tips are being phoned in. Along with the Houston and Baton Rouge cases....see if the man in Florida, that killed himself has any ties with Rachel. He apparently had some trinckets of each of his victims.
  15. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Good news

    I sent the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES producer a thank you e-mail and she said that Lifetime Network will repeat the show several times. I'm hoping that INSIDE EDITION replays their version, too.
  16. AK

    AK Member

    Darn, RC!!!

    I missed the UM segemnt. Can you please PM me when it re-airs?
    I hope their phones are ringing off the hook with leads.

    John Walsh is beginning a daytime hour-long talk show next month that will air daily on NBC. I think it's emanating from NY, but it might be L.A. You can call your local NBC station for more details. Ask for the show's production office number, then call a producer. AMC has standards that will be different from Walsh's show -- AMC needs clues and perps to look for, your case unfortunately doesn't offer much for them. But Walsh's show should be receptive to your quest for Rachel Alerts. They'll no doubt find other kin of older missing folks and make a nice program of it. A win/win situation for all.
  17. Ayeka

    Ayeka Member


    Is this the same one who has been shown to have been involved with the murer of the Lisk sisters (Evonitz?), or is this someone different?

    Great to hear that Unsolved Mysteries is going to re-run. Darn, I wish I got that channel.

  18. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    That would be Evonitz. He kept a footlocker full of souvenirs. The FBI is still analyzing all the evidence. They have definitely connected him to Lisk/Silva, and the 15 yr old whose daring escape led to Evonitz' pursuit and death will be receiving the $150,000 reward in those cases.
  19. KB

    KB FFJ Senior Member


    I read other in another section of the forum that you are asking for airtime with some of the daytime shows.

    Would a petition be beneficial?

    How have the TV shows responded to them in the past?
  20. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    I don't think we need a petition drive yet. We are just beginning to contact the daytime shows like Opra, Rosie and Montel.

    We usually get a response from television shows, but it has been a "no" response from the prime time programs.
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