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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by JC, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Elle

    Elle Member

    This is the first time I've seen it fr. I don't think it has ever been posted here before. It's good you already know a few of the posters here. This will make you feel more at home. :)
  2. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    I've never posted it anywhere before. I did it years ago, though, after I read that Spitz saw a boat shape in the cheek mark. I happened to be taking a Photoshop class at the time so I thought I'd see what it could tell me about the mark.

    I only used Photoshop functions like sharpening, lighting adjustments and filters. No drawing or painting elements.

    I sent it along to BPD at that time.
  3. Elle

    Elle Member

    When you explained what it was, fr I do remember seeing this mark on her cheek on some of the photos which were posted here. At first glance it appeared almost like a water colour abstract. I can see the boat shape mentioned. Being an amateur artist I had to find out exactly what it was. Good for you sending it to the BPD.
  4. Karen

    Karen Member

    Welcome fr brown! :)I'm not here that much anymore but I don't recall seeing your name before so I assume you are new to this forum. Thank you for posting that picture. Anybody have any guesses on what it might be or what may have caused it? I think it looks like a belly button with problems but we all know it's not so, just sayin'. It certainly isn't a burn, I will offer that much IMO.
  5. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    Hi! I've looked at an awful lot of earrings, cuff links, snaps, buttons and rings on the net. No joy.
  6. Elle

    Elle Member

    I feel the staging was so overdone which points to an inside job, Karen.
    The garrote which according to Delmar England's analysis was a fake. JonBenét's body being hidden in a windowless room in the basement and locked by a piece of wood which crosses over the top of the door - no stranger would know where this room was(?). Plus as we have all read over and over; who would take the time to sit down and write the War and Peace ransom note? However with the Ramsey team of lawyers on board, the Ramseys were set free. AMAZING! Yes, I think the Ramseys were up all night. jmo
  7. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Fr. Brown,

    Your little avitar looks like a ruptured ear drum to me. Having checked many 100's of sore ears over the years this is what a ruptured drum looks like that has been left untreated. Hope that isn't too graphic!
  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Hey, I'm just the messenger! Compliments of the brilliant work of Jayelles, who revealed what Team Ramsey don't want us to know: The Bloomies were put on the child that night, and she didn't put them on herself.

    As for your photoshop image: I can see Patsy Ramsey! To the left! Clear as can be! She's trying to hide! :eek:
  9. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    Actually, I think John Mark Karr had cuff links that looked like that ;)

    I agree that JonBenet would not have worn those underpants to the Whites. They would've bunched up and not in a good way, down one leg while leaving her privates to be chafed by the crotch seam of her pants. I think CSIEngland said that the oversized Bloomies might've been put on over Pull-ups. A package of Pull-ups was hanging out of the closet....

    I've never been able to fit the Bloomies and the hanging-out Pull-ups into a scenario that made sense. Do you have an idea?
  10. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    Ruptured from Patsy screaming? I bet both Burke and John had their pillows over their heads that night.
  11. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    Speaking of earrings, did JonBenet have pierced ears? I don't see a piercing in her ear, but it looks like she's wearing pierced earrings in some photos. If so, she probably wore earrings to the Whites' and they were removed at some point.
  12. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    No one would put panties over pull-ups, I don't think. They are like underpants anyway. If she was wearing a dress or skirt, maybe- to hide the pull-up. But under slacks, I doubt it. Plus, pull-ups are thin. Her usual correct size would fit over them. Modern disposable diapers and pull-ups are much thinner than they were years ago, when my daughter was little. They have these new gel-type fillers that absorb wetness without bulk. My little grandson wears them now, and you can't tell under clothes. They are almost as thin as cotton undies.
  13. fr brown

    fr brown Member

    The Pull-ups I remember got huge when they were wet and that was around 2001. We stopped using them because they kept so much body heat in; my daughter was always getting rashes. Plus they weren't good for the environment so we just used disposable cotton which probably wasn't very good either.

    But you're right. You probably wouldn't put underpants over them, in bed especially.
  14. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Like something that has chronically errosion?

    Welcome, Fr brown!!! My eyes would love to see your avatar blown up a little bigger, but so far - BAM! Way to make an Entrance! PLEASE resend this to Boulder now that there is allegedly a new investigtion under way - although I haven't heard a word about it since the announcement was made...:scream:
  15. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thanks. I'll be doing a lot of reading for sure.
  16. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Welcome indeed! And I agree. The Fr. Brown mysteries, written by Chesterton, were enjoyable reading. Have you seen any of the PBS videos?
  17. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    That's a very nice enhancement of the mark, fr. brown. It looks to me that there are raised areas in the skin. Is this your take or is it due to the enhancement? Thanks for posting this pic.
  18. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    I agree. It's definitely not a stun gun mark.
  19. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Funny. I was driving through Boulder on my way home a couple of days ago and my wife and I were discussing the case and I mentioned the oversized bloomies. She wondered if they were put on over a pull up. I posted this thought over at Topix and CSI informed me that she had posted this thought before. I wonder if that might not be correct.
  20. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thanks for the thoughts. How bulky would pullups have been back in 1996? I was in between my children and grandchildren at that point.
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