Pay Attention, Mary Lacy: Prosecutors are accountable for their actions

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. JC

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    I do. :)
  2. JC

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    Finnerty (sp) looks like a stupid dork to me. :did:
  3. LurkerXIV

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    Nifong is toast!

    (AP) RALEIGH, N.C. District Attorney Mike Nifong will be disbarred for his disastrous prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players falsely accused of rape, a disciplinary committee decided Saturday. Even the veteran prosecutor said the punishment was appropriate.

    "This matter has been a fiasco. There's no doubt about it," said committee chairman F. Lane Williamson.

    Nifong sat motionless, one hand resting over his mouth, as Williamson recounted how he engaged in dishonest and deceitful conduct. He said Nifong's early comments about the case — which included a confident proclamation that he wouldn't allow Durham to become known for "a bunch of lacrosse players from Duke raping a black girl" — were purposefully designed to boost his campaign for district attorney.

    "At the time he was facing a primary, and yes, he was politically naive," Williamson said. "But we can draw no other conclusion that those initial statements he made were to further his political ambitions."

    Nifong will not appeal the punishment, his lawyer said.
  4. BobC

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    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  5. heymom

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    He needs more punishment, but OK.

    I'm very glad he will no longer be able to "practice" law. The man should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.

  6. BobC

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    He's going to get more. Civil Court is up next--this reptile needs to pay.
  7. The Punisher

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    One down.

    ONE TO GO!
  8. heymom

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    I hope the families of the boys sue him out of existence. I sure would.
  9. BobC

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    Each of those boys are out $400k for legal fees--maybe the stripper can have her $800 per session fee go directly to them.
  10. Texan

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    He will have to declare bankruptcy - he won't be able to pay three people money enough to cover their legal fees let alone punitive damages. Plus, he won't be able to practice law anymore so his money making ability is kaput.
  11. Greenleaf

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  12. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Well those boys will sue Duke as well. The "Group of 88" instantly decided those boys were guilty based on zero evidence and drummed up a lynch-mobby attitude towards them on campus. Students were doing demonstrations, carrying signs which read "CASTRATE THEM" and other wonderful sentiments. The boys had death threats, they were shunned by friends--the whole thing was a complete nightmare. I can only hope they sue Jesse Jackson as well, although I'm sure that reptile chose his words just carefully enough to avoid a slander suit. Jesse was on a talk show the other day saying even though the stripper made the whole thing up, he still wanted to reward her with a scholarship. His hatred of white people is obvious--he should be shunned by the media and yet he is fawned over. Once again--the double standard.
  13. Little

    Little Member

    I agree BobC. There are a lot of people who seriously wanted to "be the one" in this that are now backing up (hear that beep beep beep?) and putting as much distance between themselves and Nifong as they can.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if even one of them stepped up and said "boy did I screw up and I'm sorry"?

    I had not heard that about Jesse. Good gawd he has no shame, just a devotion to any opportunity to get before a camera.

  14. Little

    Little Member

  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I haven't been able to follow this case in the hearings, as I have a tween in my house a lot of the time during the court hours. But I keep waiting to hear what excuse Nifong gave for his blatant errors. Did he actually believe the lying hooker? Or did he WANT to believe her? Or was he so stupid as to think that these young men, obviously from families with money or they wouldn't be at Duke, would not DEFEND themselves? I don't know what Nifong was thinking. Originally, I wondered if he had been to one too many meetings with rape crisis counselors; they always pound "believe the victim" into everyone's heads. But once the DNA came back, why would Nifong EVER think he'd get a guilty verdict? And HOW did he get the grand jury to go along with this? I know it's said he withheld the DNA results, but he must have had a stroke to have thought that DNA was never going to come out in a trial.

    I am greatly saddened by this, for many reasons. ACTUAL RAPE VICTIMS might as well forget ever expecting justice in court anymore. They had little chance as it was, but now, what prosecutor is going to BRING a rape case? It's very often her word against the rapist's. Even if the prosecutor had the stones to bring the case, the jury seldom comes back with "guilty" because it's too hard to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" when the defense trashes the woman and sex is a very touchy subject anyway.

    Also, prosecutors like Hunter and Lacy are patting themselves on the back today. "No way WE'RE going to EVAH get in trouble for not prosecuting PRIME SUSPECTS NOW! Yep, everyone will see how wise WE are!" Great. What a sham.

    I also agree that the woman who made these false claims should be prosecuted for making false claims. It all started with her lies.

    Having said that, wasn't there some testimony about the men saying they wanted a WHITE stripper when the black women showed up? I ask because I heard something in passing about that, and it made me wonder if the lying accuser decided she was going to PAY THEM BACK for saying that. If that was her motivation, then SHE NEEDS TO PAY. But I may be wrong about that, as I couldn't watch much of the proceedings.

    I guess I'll have to try to catch up on this testimony online, read about it. I just can't have a child listen to this stuff on TV. It's like the "Girls Gone Wild" ads: I don't want him to know at his age that women (and men--yes, I don't care for the "hire a stripper" and "live nude girls" mentality, as I think it is degrading to ALL women and breeds disrespect for them) act like this. (No, I'm not saying the Duke men deserved this. No one deserves to be viciously lied about and prosecuted for false allegations, much less to be publicly maligned and targeted for something they did not do.)

    Well, Nifong is now going to feel the sting of justice, isn't he? He's done great harm to our justice system, besides the personal toll of his actions on private citizens.

    But as for Jesse Jackson, a man I once respected, it's pretty much how Jackson and Al Sharpton acted during the Don Imus fiasco: Don Imus LEARNED the insulting dialogue he used ("nappy-headed ho's"), from BLACK RAPPERS. That's part of THEIR culture that they have made quite a bit of money selling. It's only when WHITES use the same terms they get all upset. It's a huge cultural split that divides our country along lines of color. I hate that, but I've been living too long not to know that when it comes to preachers and politicians, they USE whatever they can get to PROMOTE THEMSELVES. I think there has been some progress made in the black and white racial hatreds we all live with everyday--and they go both ways, as once the Imus debate hit full stride, lots of blacks came out stating the truth about this language gap. But how many heard part of the debate, the part where WHITES ARE EVIL RACISTS, and missed the BLACKS ARE RACIST, TOO, part?

    So Nifong just furthered that misrepresentation of the facts: a WOMAN WITH A HISTORY OF INSTABILITY, for whatever reason, FALSELY ACCUSED a group of young men of rape. Without regard for the evidence, the DA decided she was telling the truth or decided to prosecute innocent men for a crime they didn't commit, ruining many lives in the process. The race of the parties only mattered IN THE EYES OF JUSTICE because NIFONG made it matter. That's sad and he's getting what he deserves.

    The rest of us will just have to keep fighting the good fight in a country that has a very complex social system and a vulnerable justice system. This is a dark day for American justice.
  16. heymom

    heymom Member

    Not to go too far OT...but Imus was set up for a fall. He's been talking just like that for 20 years, and no one was getting all offended. It was a blatant set-up. Al not-so-Sharpton and Jesse Hijackson did their schtick and bam! He's gone! I think it was to send talk radio a little message - "see, we can get you whenever we want to."

    I have never liked Don Imus and I am not defending what he said - I think it was stupid. But he's done this pretty much his entire radio career - it was nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly someone had it in for him and used that comment to get him out.

    Nifong wanted a re-election and the way to do that was to pander to black voters, and this case was a perfect horse to ride in on.
  17. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I agree about Imus, heymom. I never have been able to stand the man. He's offended me every time I watched with the SEXIST PIG crap that went on in his show. I never could watch, once I figured out what he was about: trash talking, egotistical BS. He's the same as Howard Stern--the DJ--IMO. But it's a free country, and if people like them, they can buy it, and do.

    But I feel the SAME WAY about Rush Limbaugh. He does great harm to our country with his over-the-top tirades and extremist attacks on anyone and everyone he chooses.

    So Jackson and Sharpton can do the same. I just don't understand how people with such power who claim to be CHRISTIANS can justify in their own minds and souls the damage they do to the entire human race when they sell their hate for profit. Makes me sick.
  18. JC

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    I just finished reading the attorney general's report. The report said Evan's dna could not be excluded from the fingernail sample, not that it matched. My bad.

    Nifong apologized, resigned, accepted his fate; I respect that.

    KK, the report said white strippers were requested.
  19. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    I can't stand Imus. When he made that remark, I felt the same way that I felt when Rush Limbaugh joked about Chelsea Clinton being "the White House dog." What kind of man, old enough to be my father, is so immature and nasty as to make those kinds of remarks about children? That being said, I didn't see Imus' remarks as racist at all--I hate to tell the dinosaurs in the mainstream media but all kids under the age of twenty talk that way if my apartment complex is any indication. I was at the pool yesterday and there was a completely mixed bunch of brats pretending to be fighting, and they were calling each other "my ***** this" and "My ***** that" and the girls were all "hos." The black kids didn't care! Even here at work the younger guys talk that ghetto crap--despite my tiresome lectures! Anyway--seeing Jackson and Sharpton exploiting Imus as they did was sickening, and Imus' groveling was a complete disgrace. He should have told them both--well I'll be polite. Those basketball players showed more class and grace than any of the grown-ups, which is sad.

    Anyway--speaking of disgraces, Nifong, after all the humiliation, managed to slip in "I still think something happened that night" towards the end of the hearing. What a chicken chit thing to do. Saying "something happened" reminded me of the Krebs crazies who were always implying things, but didn't have the spine to say exactly what their allegation was. Any loser can make vague innuendo--I'm not impressed.

    The boys are suing Nifong:
  20. BobC

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    Yes white strippers were requested. The boys were clear when they "placed the order." But when the black strippers appeared, the boys went along with it. Then the girls started to demand more money--$800--an argument ensued. The second stripper admitted to investigators that she got mad and started a racial argument by calling the lacrosse players "a bunch of short-dicked white boys" to which one of the boys responded "we ordered white strippers, not N-words."

    I noticed that the media left out the former part of the exchange--not that I'm surprised.
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