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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Mame,

    As I was reading the Krebs interview transcripts that you gave Mrs. Brady to put up on the internet last year I can across something interesting.

    From Nancy's own mouth:

    "D I am saying that some of the money that was made on some of the film that they did and prostituting of me and probably countless other people were funneled through business or things that John Ramsey would set up for them"

    A Ok, so again to make sure I’m straight…so your parents are the ones that were doing this sort of stuff, and they were funneling money through John Ramsey. Does that make sense

    D No, I’m saying John Ramsey had as much of a part in it as anybody else in my family. But he was the person who was ditching the money.

    From another page of the interview.

    A. Ok, lets talk about the types of things John Ramsey was involved in, cause obviously that’s the part that interest me the most ok. Tell me what John Ramsey was involved in as far as you

    D. As far as me

    A. As far as you

    D. He was involved in umm abusing me

    A. Ok, abusing you in what ways

    D. Having umm sexual intercourse with me

    A. Ok

    D. Having umm doing umm you know sodomy, oral copulation putting me in positions where I was in bondage

    A. Ok

    D. Where I would be umm sometimes chained sometimes umm tied sometimes umm like tortured with little tiny sticks that they would put on fire…and insert…insert inside of me

    A. Ok

    D. Just little tiny sticks umm they used different Instruments including John Ramsey

    A. Ok, and again and..and

    D. Broom sticks, little broom stick handles off little whisk broom

    A. Ok, and again lets focus on just John Ramsey for right now ok
    Mame my question to you is this:



    Mame since it was you that gave Mrs. Brady the transcript to post can you tell us why it was taken down? If I am mistaken in my information please let me know.

    Thank you.

  2. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    OK... Here's the million dollar question - why hasn't Lin Wood sued Ms. Krebs? I mean Ms. Krebs accused John Ramsey of raping her, sodomizing her, and torturing her with little tiny sticks that he would put on fire, and inserted inside of her broom sticks, little broom stick handles off little whisk brooms.

    Why aren't Mame and the other Nancy protecters going after John Ramsey? Maybe they believe all of her alegations about FW but not John Ramsey? Selective outrage??
  3. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Nancy Krebs thread at the Swamp

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    11093 posts Jun-04-03, 08:30 PM (EST)

    10. "."
    In response to message #7

    Tricia is not welcome to post here. She would like nothing more than to disrupt this forum - or make it a venom-filled area like her own.

    She can keep her thoughts there.

    Why Jameson? Because in order for there to be any credibility to the Nancy Krebs allegations towards Fleet White one has to believe that John Ramsey was also involved? Shouldn't your anger really be directed towards those that put Ms. Krebs up to this if it isn't true and what does all of this say about your friend John Ramsey if it is true?

    Kind of loaded questions aren't they - perhaps even the same question. JMH&CPO.

    You can't have it both ways Jameson. You either buy into Ms. Krebs story 100% or you have to believe it's all spin but then you really have to question why and who put her up to it and then the questions just keep coming don't they?

    For the record, I am not saying I don't think Ms. Krebs was not abused at some point in her life but I don't buy her connection to the Ramsey case - it has clearly been disproved by the BPD and the FBI. But one really has to question why only one part of her transcript has been leaked all these years, who is behind that leak and what they had to gain. Again JMH&CPO.

    Tricia is only trying to get to the truth behind these allegations. It's your loss is you don't want her posting the truth on your forum and would rather let other posters continue to perpetuate this misinformation because those transcripts are now out in the open and you can't spin them away.
  4. AK

    AK Member


    No one actually thinks Jams is genuinely tsk-tsking the White attacks. She's using "plausible deniability," something Shadow knows the CIA uses when it wants to disseminate disinfo and keep a healthy distance. Jams is making certain this topic is always front and center, despite her tepid protestations. We've seen her get mad and madly delete posts over far less. No way is she offended by the anti-Fleet crowd. The only question is how closely she's working with them.

    These people who call themselves "reporters," whether it's Jamsey Ramsey or Lame-brain Mame, show their ineptitude with this NK hoax. Any true sleuth would have dug in and found the facts, then confronted NK with them and not given up until they knew the entire story. Many posters have done just that.

    There was a huge investigation into NK's story by the cops, the feds and others. And by the media. A HUGE investigation. And she was found to be a storyteller, to be kind.

    While this type of scam may be news to the Morganites, it's tired and predictable to people who know better. Right, Mary666? Maybe you should have explained that to Kevin Costner's groupie before she got too excited about seeing this story on TV. Not everyone is as gullible and inexperienced as she is. That's another story she never bothered to investigate to a suitable degree. Too busy being a socialite, I suppose.
  5. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Why FedoraX

    I love it when you post truth. I love it most of all because it infuriates the grass roots reporter and her thugs when you so much as take a breath, hahahahahaha.

    jameson lied. The reason she deleted Tricia's post was because it implicated John Ramsey, not because of the reason given. Tricia has posted there before without being deleted. jameson and maim are a$shole buddies (with emphasis on the a$shole) now, doncha know.

    Maim pulls some article from the year 2000 out of her cute little a$s and plants it on jameson's forum and expects no one to comment? Hello? Is that the best she can do? She has no defense to the lies she has perpetrated over the past five years on the forums. She has to rely on stale crap. I personally don't give a crap what Light and Co or whatever their names are have to say. I know what maim et al left out of their crusade against FW. I know that they targeted FW and protected JR.

    I want to know why.
  6. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    WHY indeed WY:)

    In my mind only three scenarios exist.

    1- The MW gaggle of google girls really do not have any sort of cognitive reasoning skills and for some reason John Ramsey's information did not compute.

    2- Mame is so desperate for attention she is blinded to the fact she is looking like an idiot for supporting this side show. I don't know what Morgan and Mary 99's reasons are.

    3. Someone who goes around inserting themselves into high profile cases slithered into Boulder and started this whole mess. Deliberately. Mame, desperate to "break the case," jumps on board and now can't jump off.

    Opinion only. Other than the John Ramsey information does not compute with the Google girls. That is a fact.
  7. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    PS Why is everyone picking on me?

    Lin Wood.

    Nancy Krebs.



    Jeesh. I don't do anything but spread love around the world.

    Just so you know I have been up all night doing paper work and I am ready for ANYTHING. However I am starting to hallucinate. I am reading up on being an Amway salesperson. It's looking like a FANTASTIC career opportunity.

    Need some rest. Back later.
  8. AK

    AK Member

    Yo, WY

    I posted about those two so-called victim's advocates in the past. Let's just say they are not held in high esteem. They weren't at the time they came into the Krebs' matter, then their status plummeted after they tried to press NK's business among professionals. They were actually laughed at during their presentation at a national convention. The two of them refused to let organizers tape their lecture, possibly being the only ones at a several days-long event to do so. Why? Maybe they didn't want FW to have a copy. Of course, it's entirely possible that someone in the audience had a microcassette recorder... In the end they are such insignificant goofballs, they're not worth worrying about.

    Let's look back at the glory days of the Google Girlz, when they held the BBQ at Holly's. Holly even got a local low-level FBI guy to attend, hoping he'd know everything about the Ramsey case and spill the beans in exchange for a grilled frank. That didn't happen! Most likely, tho, he filed a report on the oddities he observed there. And it's a fact that the feds who do handle such matters know all about this scam. Shortly thereafter Holly, probably in fear for her job, morphed into another hat or two.

    That party was Mary666's "showtime" to indoctrinate the posters, and she gave it a good go. Some people came away thinking, Jeez, this is a horrendous situation...if true. Then the party attendees did more research and found they'd been part of an attempted brainwashing. Most roundly rejected it. A few really dumb people gave it credence because they watch too many movies and want to believe elaborate stuff. Others took it in and said, This is wack, you people are nuts. What the hell are you thinking??? And what are you doing to the Whites???

    If FW ever decides to go after posters, it will be easy to ID these people. He won't even have to worry about suing their ISPs for their identities. Otoh, NK may have to lay out some lonnngggg cash to even begin her march toward a courtroom. LOL
  9. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    Right-O, FedX... you may recall that I was one of the first to ask exactly who MW was accusing of what. There was all kinds of vague, code-worded, in-crowd "stuff" conversations among those who attended the Maryland meeting and Mame that the rest of us were suposed to be impressed with. As I recall, both MW and Mary666 appeared around the time of the Maryland meeting.

    Take my word for it, my FBI sources knew a hell of a lot more about the JBR case than their "guest" Agent. And, yep, he probably made notes in his "diary" about the meeting. I was never nasty, argumentative or attacked MW in my constant requests for just a little proof to back-up MW's alegations. What is it? Three, four years later and still no proof.

    And, BTW, when Mame was telling everyone that the "FBI investigation" of MW's alegations might take a year, I sent her an E-mail warning her that my FBI sources said there was no "on-going" FBI investigation. When she ignored my warning and continued to post the "could take the FBI a year" BS, I felt that it was only right that I should post what my sources had told me. From then on, I was attacked by the MW Crowd regardless of what I posted. I joined BobC in leaving the JW Forum after deciding that the forum had become a place where logical, rational, reasonable discussion was no longer possible.
  10. AK

    AK Member

    I hear ya, Shadow!

    You persisitently asked what NK actually said and never got an answer from Mame or her coven. You tried being direct, being polite, being peeved, yet none of your tactics worked to get their response. I got the feeling they were blowing you off! :)

    Imagine that. Stirring up the chit, then avoiding an honest response when asked for one.

    Makes ya wonder...

    Your FBI sources were always aces too. You're gonna have to cultivate some new ones. Try a backyard BBQ. Those guys like hot dogs, I hear.
  11. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Great posts, Feddy!

    Throwing truth at the Google Girlz is like throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

    They're meeeeeeellllllllllttttting......
  12. AK

    AK Member

    Oh yeah, and...

    That's another thing I'd like to complain about Lurkie-Loo. That beayatch has RUINED the Wizard of Oz for me for all time.

    I do enjoy seeing her twisting in the wind.

    I'm sorry she's brought out this perverse glee in me. It's a feeling I don't particularly relish or experience often.

    But I think of all the malicious mischief she's pulled on the Whites and countless other innocent targets and it just gets me mad.

    Twist away, Mame.
  13. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    I mean "MAME!"

    Sing-A-Long Time!

    She could have wiled away the hours confering with the Flowers,
    Consulting with The Bee's.....She would not Be just a Nothing - Her head all full of Stine Stuffing,

    If She only had a Brain.

    Oh We Don't Wonder why, MW has a sore, We can think of things Mame never thought we knew Beefore - She should Stop - or We'll think some more!

    Now her head should stop thinking, adding fuel to Leroy Lincoln,

    If She Only Had A Brain..........

  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    You guys are funny

    I've tried to come up with an explanation for the way maim and her coven have operated. My first thought is that they are very very stupid - among the stupidest I've ever seen. But, then, they have been very efficient in running down the forums with their constant barrage of propaganda and convoluted theories. Shadow is right - I think that's what left us all so confused - what the he11 were the charges made by Nancy Krebs against FW? I mean, how hard was that? Instead they would throw out innuendo after unfounded accusation after veiled condemnation. Because Shadow asked that question, he because one of the Nancy bashers, the abused women hater.

    They wanted a debate, but in order to have a debate, both sides have to have the same information. We were supposed to accept their conclusions that FW was a child molester, the most awful charge anyone can make against a man without absolute proof that it is so. They didn't care how they damaged this man's reputation, they didn't care if they destroyed his character - all they cared about was getting attention for their abused mystery woman. When the BPD closed their investigation into Nancy's claims with a polite - thanks but no thanks, this has nothing to do with the JBR case, and when it became known the FBI was not investigating and never had been, they still didn't get it. They continued their assaults on the forums and the posters who didn't want to hear it anymore.

    When the announcements that NK's claims had nothing to do with the JBR case, one has to ask mame and her clones didn't take their cause to a forum that was aimed specifically toward sexual abuse victims. They wanted a platform to advocate for Nancy Krebs, but the JBR forums were not the right place for that. Several posters tried to tell them that we were not against sexual abuse victims to no avail. Because we didn't want to keep hammering on the NK issue, we were Nancy bashers.

    It is obvious that there was more to it than what they wanted us to believe. They were on a mission with what seemed to be a personal vendetta against the White men. Why on earth would that be? None of it adds up. It was like, okay, if you feel that strongly about the White men, and you want to advocate for Nancy Krebs, then do so in the right venue, through legal channels. The JBR forums were not the appropriate place to do it. But, they wouldn't do that because they knew they didn't have a leg to stand on in the legal arena.

    I've spoken often about my father and how much I admired him for his integrity. My father was a good man, and he and my mom taught us right from wrong and how to stand up for our beliefs. He taught us to pick our battles and then fight it out fairly. One of the most important thing my dad taught me was that you never, ever tells lies about anyone, and you treat everyone with respect unless they have proven they don't deserve it. Most of all you do not deliberately or otherwise set out to damage or destroy the reputation of anyone without unimpeachable proof, and even then only if they have committed a deed that has harmed another. My mom and dad were of the same mind that way so I suppose one could say we have the genetic mindset that way, too, because it is something that has always come naturally to me - don't trash someone's reputation because it's the most important thing they own.

    There are exceptions. When someone like maim and the thugs pull the kind of stuff they have against FW, they have opened themselves up for scrutiny and criticism. They have damaged their own credibility and reputations and that can't be blamed on anyone else.

    I wonder how they would feel if someone accused them or theirs of the most henious crime against a child there is - the crime of sexual assault and pedophilia. They removed the posts where they called FW that, but they couldn't remove it from our heads because of it stunned us to the bone and it will remain in our heads forever. We know what they did to FW. I have never had any regrets about my role in defending not FW so much but FW's right to not be called those names and labeled with the worse name anyone can put on an adult man. That was my beef. I hope they get what's coming to them, nobody deserves it more than they.
  15. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Re: You guys are funny

    Actually, Justice Watch had a private area set up where forum members shared their own stories of abuse including sexual abuse as a child. There were not just one or two posters who posted there - there were several of them. In view of what was taking place with the NK fiasco, I found it amazing that they trusted us enough to share their stories. More striking is the number of other posters who spent time reading about their stories and posting messages of outrage and heart felt sympathy at what had happened to these individuals. That tells me that people did and do care about the subject of abuse, including sexual abuse. Mame and her minions never considered that. The fact that we were unwilling to buy into Nancy Krebb's allegations against Fleet White without knowing the facts or having valid sources, caused us to be called "baby raper henchmen."

    If people who had actually been through sexual abuse were questioning Nancy's story it should have occurred to Mame that something smelled. Instead, she and her minions chose to go after anyone who did not buy into this circus with absolute viciousness the likes of which I have never seen in my life.

    Mame and gang have no credibility and they only have themselves to blame. Once this story plays out, it will be interesting to see if Mame manages to be hired as an <i>investigative reporter</i> in the future.

    You are on a merry-go-round Mame - only it is not so merry; it is spinning faster and faster out of control. You should have gotten off while you still could. JMH&CPO
  16. AK

    AK Member

    Beautiful posts, WY and JR

    It must be said too that Chris allowed this to happen, for reasons I still can't fathom. Her intentions were initially good, but in the mistaken belief that free speech should encompass anything, no matter how baseless and hurtful, she failed to moderate. It was like watching a slow speed chase followed by a giant fiery crash.

    When Mame began her decline I remember telling her to think again, retire her hat and come back as someone new, with more common sense. But she chose to find valor in her despicable actions, and honor from a liar who misled her and others. To this day it seems clear that the Coven has never gotten straight answers from NK. Or vice versa. They are each seeing each other through prisms to support their own ideas, not in a way that will clarify their understanding.

    Also, at some point the need to attack the Whites superseded the need to support a so-called serial abuse victim. Did the Devil make them do it? Or someone more human?

    In the Nixon days, the line was "What did he know and when did he know it?" That applies here too. What changed at that BBQ to make them go so off into orbit? And what proof do we have that JudgeMental and her ugly-azz sister weren't part of the RST from the beginning?
  17. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Exactly right, Fed. It became less about NK and more about a seemingly insatiable need in them to viciously rip Fleet White to shreds, using NK as an excuse to do so. Therein lies the mystery. Why? I think there is much more going on there than meets the eye.
  18. Bobby1st

    Bobby1st Member

    Thanks for the great analysis Jr, WY, Fedora & Tricia. It always seemed strange that family pictures were so readily put up by mame. The MD crowd never let their fam photos be up. Just the house where the BBQ was.
    Shadow, at the time I remember thinking I wonder if he'll go and bring FBI friends? Then I lost interest as things began spinning with apparently no substance. This was all acobweb duster for me. IMO if Gov. Owens wants credibility on a national level in the future, JBR case will have to be resolved or will haunt him forever. The petition may be signicant to him CO residents or not.
  19. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    Excellent posts WY, FedX, Tricia and JR .

    Whenever this NK stuff arises, I always picture the part in the Oz movie where Henry Morgan is behind the curtain doing his "Oz thing" - but I see the MW ladies instead of Henry. LOL

    And, BTW, everyone has seen behind the curtain by now...

    Bobby, if you are talking about me, I had two FBI in-laws at the time who would not have been caught dead at the Bar-B-Q.
  20. Bobby1st

    Bobby1st Member

    Please keep on sleuthing

    Yeah shadow, it was so long ago but I remember that one of the reasons I doubted that group was that everything seemed fluff even though they had some FBI guy at the BBQ. Over the years I have flitted in & out reading pposts and am grateful for those people like yourself( I just deleted a bunch of names because there are so many)- who have remained steady in ther fight for justice.
    I will be off line soon for a couple months until I set up in another new home but I did send everyone I could the petition with a request to sign and forward.
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