Rachel Cooke's father is News 8 Austin's Person of the Year.

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    2003: Robert Cooke, Person of the Year
    12/31/2003 5:00 AM
    By: Paul Brown

    Robert Cooke’s 19-year-old daughter Rachel went missing almost two years ago, and Robert hasn’t stopped in his relentless search for her.

    "We heard about it on the TV, and we helped because our daughter is about the same age. It was our community and we just wanted to be a part of that," Greene said.

    "I try to keep Rachel in the news and do some things because I know that somebody knows something and that's my goal, is to try and get that person to talk," Robert said.

    Robert’s mission to find Rachel is admirable. He organized charity/awareness runs and an alert system similar to the Amber Alert, but for a person of any age.

    In April 2002, three months after Rachel's disappearance, Robert helped organize a Run-Walk for Rachel that brought awareness to her case and the impact a missing person has on other families.

    In July 2002, Williamson County adopted the Rachel Alert, which allows information to go out at a moment's notice to police and the media about a missing person.

    Then, and now, he believes it is just as needed as the Amber Alert for younger people.

    "To me there's no reason why a high school senior should start out the year and be eligible to have an Amber Alert issued and by the time they graduate, they're not eligible for that," Robert said.

    Rachel Cooke's father is News 8 Austin's Person of the Year.

    Robert is also a lobbyist for missing and exploited children. He has met with state lawmakers and taken two trips to Washington, D.C.

    Lately, he has also organized free self-defense classes for women, called MUST (Mentally Useful Safety Techniques).

    "A lot of times I see mothers -- they're so protective about their children -- so they don't take the time to protect themselves. They need to ask themselves, what would happen to their children if THEY disappeared," Robert said.

    As each day goes by, a numbing uncertainty continues to hang over Robert. He stays strong for Rachel.

    Rachel's 21th birthday has come and gone. Her 22nd birthday is in May. Robert will no doubt pause again to celebrate his daughter’s life, which shines as his inspiration to help others also searching for answers.


    Note: There is a video for those who would like to see the interview.
  2. Twitch

    Twitch Active Member

    Thanks JR

    RC is a hell of a guy and our person of the century.

    God bless you, RC, and your whole famly.
  3. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member

    Here is to .....

    A great guy and wonderful father.....We are honored that you have brought your cause to our forum RC.....

    Our prayers are with you that 2004 is the year that you are able to bring Rachel home....

    Congrats on the honor bestowed on you by your local affiliate....you are certainly one of the most proactive people we have ever seen and a fine example to all of those who have suffered through the kidnapping of a loved one and the desparate and lonely search to find them.....You have helped so many families during this difficult time for your own......

    May all blessings be given to you and your family during this new year,
  4. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    RC, you honor your daughter Rachel every single day of your life. What an exemplary example of a father you are. I admire you, and pray with all that is in me that you have answers coming your way soon.
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    RC we are all very proud of you. What you have done since that terrible January day in 2002 is beyond remarkable.

    Let's hope and pray that 2004 is the year that you bring Rachel home.

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