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    Carpet footprints

    One of the crime scene investigators filmed this shot of JonBenét’s bedroom. In addition to the unidentified brown spot at the top of the photo, there was also this indentation resembling the footprints of a child in the carpet. The photo of this imprint appears to contain all ten toes. For reference the bare feet are at the foot of her bed and are pointing toward the other bed.

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    Clothing of JonBenet and BR

    In one of his podcasts Kolar mentioned a report of pajamas thought to be too large for JonBenét and perhaps belonging to BR. Depicted below may be a photo of the pajamas referenced, which were found in JB’s room, likely a police video shot after her body had been found. (Source radaronline.com) It is too difficult to gauge size in this photo since there’s no reference other than the dollhouse BR claimed was given to JB at Christmas.


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    Clothing cont.

    One item discovered in the bathroom was a red top, which looked almost to be turned inside out if the white square in the photo is a label. (Prosecutor Kane did once ask LHP if it was common for clothing to be inside out.)

    23 TRIP DeMUTH: How about the red
    24 item in the upper right-hand corner?
    25 PATSY RAMSEY: I think it's a
    1 little turtleneck, a little cotton turtleneck,
    2 and I had wanted her to wear it to the Whites
    3 and she didn't want to wear it.
    4 TRIP DeMUTH: How did it end up
    5 there?
    6 PATSY RAMSEY: Don't remember. A
    7 crown. Oh, God.

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    Clothing cont.

    The last performance of JB was at the Southwest Mall in Denver on Dec. 22, 1996. She looks to be wearing a red top similar to the one in the photo in the post above. While I cannot determine facial features in the background, the person in the khaki pants and dark jacket may be JR. If it is, I believe the pink item at his feet was confirmed during an interview of Patsy to be JB’s ‘bag’, and it was photographed in her bedroom hanging from a doorknob.



    JB's pink bag on doorknob
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    Clothing cont.

    Patsy said she fussed with a little red jumpsuit belonging to JB, as it had some spots, and she was considering taking it to the drycleaners when they returned. She stated the red jumpsuit was last worn at the Mall performance. It's not known if it was also worn at the Amerikids Holiday Inn Christmas pageant on December 17th. The photo below looks to be the red jumpsuit referenced, featuring a velvet turtleneck. (Although the person who listed the evidence removed by police did not call it a jumpsuit, an item written up in the evidence report is specified as a velvet turtleneck - Velvet turtleneck (47BAB).)

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    Many will remember Holly Smith, a child-abuse investigator with the County of Boulder. Investigative reporter Julie Hayden once interviewed her regarding her experience within the R house after the crime. She mentions a box of candy, as does Kolar in FF. Kolar’s reference includes a comment from a BPD crime scene investigator who believed that this box of candy had been smeared with feces. Although the photo below is not sharp, it does show what looks to be a heart-shaped box of candy on JonBenét’s dresser.

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    Another photo of the open Bible found on John Ramsey's desk in his study/den on the third floor. Photo is a capture from the Crime Scene video shot on the night of 12/26/1996.

    Biblearrow.jpg Bible.jpg
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