S.B.T,C. Would love to ask John K. what this stands for ...

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by VP, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. VP

    VP Member

    ... and coincidentally, Subic Bay Naval Base was (now defunct), located in the Phillipines.
  2. Karole28

    Karole28 Banned

    Ya know, KoldKase said something a while back about all of the really weird parallels in this case and I just keep going back to that. I'm not surprised at much anymore, like this is an alternate universe where everything really is connected.

    When I first read his resume (listing some computer job in '96) I wondered if this guy worked for Ramsey. But, since then not a word about it, so I'm guessing it was nothing.

    But this whole case is just strangest thing I've ever seen.
  3. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    No, the case isn't strange...the players are! Where have you ever seen a DA's office side up with the prime suspects and ignore the police evidence?

    Not only do they ignore the police evidence, but make major statements to the media that the police botched the case and made up the evidence!

    WHY hasn't anyone in Colorado government or the media picked up on evidentiary clues given by people like Wecht, Lee or van Zandt. For example, the fiber evidence! Is no one listening?

    How many times did Wecht have to say last night that the so-called smoking gun evidence of panty dna IS A CONTAMINANT!

    WHY isn't anyone asking questions as to the evidence of an intruder?

    And why doesn't anyone ask questions about the police evidence?

    Isn't there anyone out there who can see the RST collusion in this farce of an arrest?

    I guess not.
  4. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven.
  5. Karole28

    Karole28 Banned

    I completely agree.

    Right now, my biggest fear is that they're going to "let" this guy commit suicide and it'll be done.
  6. Gsquared

    Gsquared FFJ Senior Member


    Just to lighten the mood:

    Some bogus Thai crap
  7. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Don't let him out of sight for a minute! Don't let him be questioned with no lawyers! Don't let him take a plea unless they confirm a handwriting and DNA match!
  8. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Here's a legal question:

    Can he plea with no evidence????????????

    Even if he confessed, and gave them everything they wanted, can they accept a plea from an innocent man?

    I don't think they can, at least hoping

    but I would love to know for sure
  9. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Here's another question: could Tracey have asked him leading questions?
  10. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Not only ask, but as sure as I sit here, probably provided all the answers as well

  11. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Yeah, legally, as an investigator, you can't say, did you rob a bank on Dec 12th, 1999? Because then you've already given him the details!
  12. VP

    VP Member

    What is FOX news talking about ...

    The talking head just posed the question about SBTC - "does SBTC stand for 'shall be the conqueror' or is this just coincidence?"

    Apparently, Karr wrote this in note or in a yearbook in high school. Is anyone else hearing this?
  13. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    "Not only ask, but as sure as I sit here, probably provided all the answers as well"

    Could be.

    No, I hadn't heard.
  14. VP

    VP Member


    Now they are talking about the palm print as a clue and no footprints in the snow. GOOD GOD can't they do just a LITTLE research???? Just a titch???? :yow:
  15. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    Barbara: “Here's a legal question: Can he plea with no evidence???????????? Even if he confessed, and gave them everything they wanted, can they accept a plea from an innocent man? I don't think they can, at least hoping but I would love to know for sure.â€

    Yes, he can if he is officially charged with a crime or crimes. Karr is not under arrest at this point. He is merely in custody awaiting extradition back to the US (Boulder). At that time, he will be held under the outstanding CA warrant and probably be questioned extensively by Boulder authorities. Based upon what info and evidence the BDA obtains or contrives, Keenone has two choices: Ordinarily, she would request a grand jury be convened to consider evidence for the purpose of formally indicting Karr. Or Keenone can simply swear out a complaint and let it go to a probable cause hearing before a judge, who would consider the evidence collected and whether it is sufficient to remand Karr over for trial. If the judge, in his sole discretion, decides there isn’t sufficient evidence, Karr can no longer be held in the Ramsey case but will definitely be extradited back to Petaluma to stand trial on the kiddie porn possession charges there. If the judge decides there IS sufficient evidence to go to trial in the Ramsey case, Karr will then, through several court appearances, retain or be assigned defense counsel and be formally charged with Ramsey crimes. At that time, a plea bargain could be arranged between defense counsel and the prosecutor and Karr is free to accept, counter/negotiate, or decline it to stand trial. If a prosecutor offers a plea, he/she is under no obligation to accept it but often does to save money, work and time ala AH.

    Punisher: “Here's another question: could Tracey have asked him leading questions?â€

    IMO, Tracey is undoubtedly Karr’s source for all things Ramsey including any nonpublic information Karr may but likely doesn’t have. The media has presented Karr as being a student of both the Ramsey and Klaas cases but clearly, based upon his highly erroneous “confession†thus far, Karr has very little accurate knowledge of at least the Ramsey case, and I have only seen that the extent of his knowledge of the Klaas case is a brief dialog with Polly’s killer and possession of her autopsy report. In either case, Karr is certainly not an expert on either case nor is he well versed in any sense in the true facts of either.
  16. philmein

    philmein Member

    Has this forum come to a favored meaning or obvious conclusion for S.B.T.C.?
    I have to admit, begrudgingly, "shall be the conqueror" is a little eerie and a possibilty, d_oh....
  17. Skigwy

    Skigwy Member

    Strangle Burke This Christmas has never been ruled out
  18. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    “Sometimes, so blurred by my own eyes, I’ve seen the best things come and go simultaneously; though, deep in the future, maybe I shall be the conqueror, and live in multiple peace.â€

    It was something he wrote in a girl's school yearbook. I think this is a quote…
  19. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    If that's so, why write SBTC instead of ISBTC?
  20. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Woody, Woody, Woody....all are too frightened to act.
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