Susan Stine: Where is She Now? and The Patricia Letters

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    I thought I remembered that Susan Stine had impersonated Beckner in emails, and I wondered whether she has been caught in other shady dealings (Or suspected in dirty deeds) since then. I remember that in the early forum days, many (included moi) believed that Stine and Patsy shared the Jambo hat with others, and posted at the BNF and J-7 under various hats. Nothing was ever proved.

    Anything I've missed in my absence? The author of the piece below might be an interesting person to talk to about Stine.

    Here's a RMN article regarding the emails:

    Ramsey friend fakes e-mails
    Atlanta woman sends letters, claims to be police chief
    By M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Rocky Mountain News - June 4, 2003

    Boulder police have ordered a Ramsey family friend to stop sending bogus e-mails that claim to be from Chief Mark Beckner.
    The authorities sent Susan Stine a letter saying the e-mails had been traced to her computer and pointing out that under Colorado law, criminal impersonation is a felony and impersonating a police officer is a misdemeanor.
    Beckner said Tuesday he was "alarmed" by the series of e-mails from the address to people affiliated with the investigation into the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.
    Beckner said some of the e-mails were "nonsensical" and clearly not from him but that others could constitute criminal impersonation.
    Stine of Atlanta, a close friend of John and Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's parents, said she sent the "clearly phony" e-mails as a joke that no reasonable person would take seriously.
    "The e-mails were sent in an attempt to be humorous and satirical," Stine said in a telephone interview.
    "There was never an intent to mislead anyone. In the main, these were private e-mails. I would be shocked if any reasonable person would have thought this was a real e-mail from the real Chief Beckner."
    The investigation began April 25, after Rocky Mountain News reporter Charlie Brennan received an e-mail signed "Mark" that praised his stories.
    Brennan called Beckner questioning whether he sent the e-mail. Beckner then became concerned that others were receiving phoney e-mail messages.
    Investigators executed a search warrant for MSN Hotmail records in California and found that the account was established in 2000 under the name "Chief Beckner."
    Police determined that Stine had been accessing the address through an Internet provider in Georgia.
    One e-mail signed "Mark" was purportedly from Beckner to former Detective Steve Thomas: "Steve, I know we've had our differences in the past, but I want you to know I'm behind you all the way in this B.S. lawsuit the Ramseys filed, as are others here. I'm sure (Ramsey attorney Lin) Wood is bluffing. . . . Call me and let me know what I can do to help. Remember: truth is on our side. (Signed) Mark."
    Thomas' response: "Thanks for the message, (and nice try), but Beckner doesn't sound anything like that."
    "At this point, we've decided not to file charges," Beckner said. "That doesn't preclude us from doing so in the future."
    Stine said she had already sent Beckner an apology - by e-mail, of course.
    "Sure, I knew they were traceable," she said of the e-mails. "It was just a joke. I'm a very funny person."

    Police: Stop e-mails
    The Associated Press
    BOULDER — Police have warned an Atlanta woman to stop sending e-mails about the JonBenet Ramsey case that purport to be from police Chief Mark Beckner.
    The woman said the e-mails were obviously phony and meant as a joke. Police said Tuesday that Susan Stine sent e-mails from to people affiliated with the investigation into the unsolved 1996 slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet.
    Beckner said some of the messages were clearly phony but others could constitute criminal impersonation."

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    Seriously, where the hell is she? Does anyone know? I mean, I haven't been sleeping. I got a big barking dog, I got all doors deadbolted & all windows latched, and the security system is armed & set on 'loud'...

    Where is she? Has she committed suicide or been arrested on an unrelated charge?

    ...going to recharge stungun now.
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    The Swamp Knows.....

    Member since 5-8-02
    06-30-06, 11:03 AM (EST)

    "Patsy's visitation"

    I went to the visitation on Wednesday night. The funeral home was not far from the Marietta Square and I parked some distance away so I could walk and gather my thoughts before and after going to see Patsy for the last time.
    When I went in, there was a book to sign, then a long wait in line to see John and the children. While in line, I could see into the main room. I recognized a lot of people. John, Burke, John Andrew and his wife. I could see Pam and Paulette. Susan Stine came by and we spoke briefly. I recognized one friend of Patsy's from a visit to the cemetary with Patsy - we cleaned up the site. I could see Lin Wood and Lou Smit, Ollie Grey and so many others. Many Colorado people there.

    After greeting John and the family, a very good greeting, I approached the casket. Some would later say Patsy looked great but I didn't think so. To me, she looked like someone who had suffered so much... I was glad her spirit was not left in that shell but had gone on to that better place.
    I firmly believe she is with JonBenet and Nedra and Sherry and other good people. I refuse to mourn her passing as she has finished a difficult life and is now in a far better one. I know Patsy didn't want anyone to mourn her death but to celebrate her life. Maybe feel they had touched their lives in a positive way. I would remember her, not mourn her.

    I stayed at the visitation for quite awhile - speaking to people about Patsy's life and death. It is a fact that in the weeks before her death she had an unexpected burst of activity, productivity. She had completed 18 paintings. New paintings that were much like her work before the murder - - very different from those she did in the first years after the murder. (More on the paintings later.)

    I spoke to people about the upcoming anniversary and the projects being considered or worked on.

    I spoke to some about the investigation and how it is all but stalled. So sad. Unsolved - and that saddened Patsy. She repeatedly asked investigators to get the killer while she was alive to see it.

    My walk back to my car was nice. No evidence of press, just a nice evening walk in downtown Marietta. I was glad I had come down to offer comfort and support to Patsy's family.

    The next day would be a busy one. I would have to check out of my hotel room (if indeed I could find it again that night). Traffic in the area is TERRIBLE so I would want to find the church in Roswell before we went for breakfast. I still hadn't been given the directions to the reception, no one had. I went back to the room, and my son and I went out to dinner. It was a long day. But I am sure it was longer for the family. My heart went out to them.
  4. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Ah, a thread that I have to be careful about posting on, as Susan Stine has always raised a gazillion red flags for me. Something very wrong with the whole Stine picture/relationship

    Once again, a Ramsey pardon IMO. Where else but Boulder and what other case other than Ramsey, could ANY citizen impersonate a police offficer in e mails and get away with it with a little slap on the wrist? What if she had been sending letters through the USPS "joking" that she was Beckner? Would the postal service be so forgiving? I think not. Only in this case does the unthinkable become a "joke" or be so peripherally an issue. I thought the stunt was pretty serious personally, but seemingly, was in the minority. But in Boulder, all my opinions seem to be the minority.

    We haven't heard much of SS since the Ramseys left Atlanta. We heard no mention of SS attending the funeral either. Wasn't she considered one of the Ramseys true inner circle (when she wasn't, prior to the murder I might add)? I wonder if there was a falling out.

    There is no doubt that SS posted and possibly still does, but I don't think anyone cared enough to try and prove it. She is an underhanded, sleezy person who showed herself to be nothing more than a **** of sorts. This is the person who was Patsy's pit bull. This is the person that Susan Bennett blames for the mean spiritedness of Patsy during their cruel practical jokes because Patsy was medicated and didn't know any better. Yeah, okay

    Back to the e mails. She's a funny person? I wonder how funny the reporter's wife thought she was when SS called her and told her she was the reporter's mistress. I know Patsy just thought that was the funniest thing ever and wrote bragging about it in DOI. By the way, Jameson's defense of Patsy being drugged and not knowing any better is negated because when Patsy was writing her DOI self serving book, she made particular mention of how wonderfully humorous the whole thing was. Was she still medicated? Again, I think not. Just another attempt to mask the mean streak Patsy absolutely had.

    The Stines kinda fell off the face of the earth in all Ramsey issues after the Beckner thing. I don't know that anyone speaks of them anymore. For that, there is a reason and nobody's talking.

    Edited to add:

    I read Jameson's story and find her stories and accounts less than credible.

    I am one of those people that fails to believe anything a proven liar and lunatic says until I hear it from other real credible sources. I would believe SS was there sooner than I would believe Jameson was there.

    Maybe an overreaction at this point with Jameson, but that's my own issue with liars such as she.

    For me, I still don't know for sure if SS or Jameson attended.
  5. Elle

    Elle Member

    I'm totally baffled that all this stupid woman got was a slap on the wrist for impersonating Police Chief Mark Beckner. What message does this send to the sick pranksters out there?
  6. Little

    Little Member

    Oh yes, the Susan Stine issue. One of those that makes you just shake your head in disbelief that someone can be so twisted that they can find humor in interfering in the homicide investigation of "their dear friend's daughter". I'll bet she's a regular hoot at a 5 alarm fire, especially if there are any fatalities. She's your gal!

    Barbara - I'm match your gazillion red flags and raise you a low-class parasite. Yep - SS sure helped her friends to forget all about the dead child in their basement with her antics - what a gal!

    Too bad she didn't get to star in the jail house follies - she would have brought the house down! The rest of the criminals would have been as entertained as John was.

  7. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Like the three stooges reincarnated! They are a hoot!

    I wonder if they ever made themselves available for children's parties, bar mitzvahs, etc. It could have opened a whole new career opportunity for John with his excellent sense of business and his hilarious partners. Who would have ever thought they were so full of humorous talents?

    As far as raising me a low-class parasite, I don't think Jameson is available at the moment :) :head:
    Thank you for posting the excerpts Little. Always nice to re-visit these things
  8. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    LOL, isn't that the truth!

    Diane Hallis, who worked at Access Graphics, recalls that John Ramsey would look out the third floor windows of the offices trying to spot reporters. "He hated them," she says. "His anger was directed toward the media, but never toward the killer. He never mentioned the killer."

    Psychologically, this is one of the biggest red flags in the Ramsey's behavior.

    Their anger is NEVER directed at JonBenet's killer; they even said so on national TV only a week after a supposedly crazed, kidnapping, molesting, doesn't know if he's a freak or a foreign faction, ransom note writing (in Patsy's handwriting), psychopath took their daughter from them FOREVER!

    They weren't angry a week later, or months later, or even years later. All of their anger was directed towards the media and the one person who exposed the corruption in Boulder that saved them from prosecution ... Steve Thomas.

    The ONLY people who incurred Ramsey anger were the ones who had the ability to pull down the mask and expose them for what they really were. Apparently, killing their daughter didn't rank with that kind of threat.

    Man, they make me sick.
  9. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

    Susan Stine

    Susan Stine was to Patsy what Rasputin was to Alexandra (The Czar's wife.)

    And, we all know how that ended. LOL. :dervish:

  10. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    It comes through loud and clear in DOI.

    Anger towards the media (and authorities) with hardly any anger towards the killer.
  11. Skigwy

    Skigwy Member

    They were, justifiably somewhat, angry to The Intrusive Media...though then again, sickly somewhat, they did seem to enjoy the celebrity status.

    They could have been justifiably angry at Steve Thomas for letting JonBenet's intruderkiller get away, but they weren't. They were angry at him for his belief in their guilt, what he thought & said & wrote about them.
  12. Skigwy

    Skigwy Member

    That whole 4 (5?) month bunkin with the Stines many flags is that? The Stines ran under Hunter's umbrella of, jumped in Thomas's suspect bucket... There's no explaining that living arrangement.

    Also, anyone, were the Stines friends with Mike Byrum?
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

    Maybe this is one of the things they forgot to rehearse, Cherokee, being angry at the killer, because they knew how JonBenét had accidentally died themselves (?). Or. because they were involved, so they released their anger on everyone else (?).
  14. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    In my opinion, they had no idea that they would need to be "angry" or keep up such a front, therefore, not quite knowing how to react to those damn media people :nervous: There just wasn't enough time to prepare for all those photo ops and they just wanted to come across as the good, Christian people they liked to call themselves and they weren't sure if showing an angry persona would make it worse. Once again, a wrong choice, because even the best of people would be beyond angry.

    Never in a million years did they figure that this "JonBenet thing" (to quote Pam) would receive the attention it did, and never expected media at all other than perhaps a Boulder newspaper. They also, IMO never expected to have to shell out the major amount of $$$$ they did. However, it turned out to be money well spent. They figured that this foreign faction and ridiculous ransom note would be enough for the BPD to just shrug their shoulders.
    It is only because of the media that they had to get really :nervous: because of their real fear of real investigators finding them out to be what they are.

    The element of surprise is what created the anger they had. NOT at themselves....oops the killer/s, but at the media for causing them so much trouble when all they really wanted to do was get out of town quickly, with no doubt, and rightfully so, that the BPD would just forget about it as an unsolved homicide and they would live happily ever after (with the self loathing that I can only hope they experience/d). Of course, not enough self loathing to do in prison; but self loathing nonetheless
  15. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    I'm ...Curious ... has anyone seriously investigated possible links between Jambo and Stine?

    We've done the Jambo-Ramsey thang ... but what about the Stine-Jambo connection? Did we overlook that one?

    I ask this becuz Jameson reared HIR ugly head at BNF shortly after Phatsy moved in with that swine, Susan Stine. Hir (Jambo) came across as androgynous back then ... much like Stine. "SexGlove" sounds sooOOOooo Stine-ish somehow. The 'hat' named Jameson claimed inside info ... some of which was uncanny. Was Stine actually Jambo's initial connection to the Ramseys?

    Were the "sexglove" posts really Stines'? What about the shower visitations? I wonder if Stine has a believer in "visitations". I'm convinced that Jameson is NOT a believer in that crap. The shower visitations were someone else's posts.

    hmmmm ...

    I'm convinced that the early Jameson hat was a shared hat ... shared by several people posting under that AOL hat. I would bet BobC's left nut that both Stne and Patsy posted under the Jambo hat.

    Furthermore, I would bet BobC's remaining nut that if Beckner checked the AOL records from the february/march 1997 period, that they would find people logging onto the "jameson" account from both Boulder and Hickory on the same day. And CLOSER scrutiny would trace some logons back to the Stine house.

    Wasn't Stine the last Non-Ramsey to see JonBenet before she was found sexually abused and murdered in her parents' basement? Did Stine have a direct hand in JonBenet's murder? Was there PINEAPPLE served that night in the Stine home? Remember ... the Ramseys go to great lengths to make it clear that they never ENTERED the Stine home that night. But what if they DID enter?! What if there were witnesses? Did police EVER question Stine's neighbors about cars at the Stine home?

    Did Susan or Glen Stine wear boots that might match the print in the Ramsey basement? Was there matching duct tape, and cord inthe Stine home? Has the Stines' DNA been compared to the pantie DNA?

    hmmmmmmm ...

    ...YumYum :rs:
  16. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    Could JonBenet have been sexually abused at the Stines' house? Murdered? Ransom note written?

    ... hmmmmm ...

  17. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    What IF the sex party that Krebs talks about was at STINES' house ... and NOT Fleets? What if she was simply mistaken?

    How does a sexual predator abuse and murder without leaving a trace? How does hir cleanse the corpse without leaving a trace of detergent or other cleaning items?

    Answer: You do it at a different location from where the body is found!!!

    Was JonBenet sexually abused, murdered, cleansed and trussed at the Stine home ... then transported to the Ramsey home along with the staging items? Did Susan and Patsy compose the ransom note?

    A murder site AWAY from the Ramsey home would shed a whole new light on the EVIDENCE found ... and the evidence expected, but NOT FOUND.

    Hmmmmm ... Stines

  18. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    Size 12 panties?

    Why? Ain't no way that Patsy would have EVER put JonBenet in size 12s when she had drawers full of the correct size. NEVER!!!

    Would there have been size 12 "Wednesday" panties at the Stines' house? Stained with "foreign" DNA?

    ... well ... there surely MIGHT be ... IF the Stines were involved in sexual abuse of children.

    Stuff just starts makin' more sense when ya look outside the RAMSEY explanations.

  19. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    "Has the Stines' DNA been compared to the pantie DNA?"

    Wouldn't do any good!
  20. YumYum012

    YumYum012 Member

    I'm not sure that i understand the cryptic meaning of your post, Punisher. If it's becuz the pantie DNA was degraded ... then I kinda understand. But if the few available DNA markers are consistent wit a Stine, we might add another spoonful to a mountain of evidence ... and EVERY spoonful counts.

    No single item that I have mentioned would, alone, yield a conviction ... but, as evidence mounts (as in MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE), the critical missing piece to the puzzle just may be the Stines.

    The sexual abuse aspect of this case is often ignored, or downplayed. That is WRONG, imho. Sexual abuse is THE KEY to this case. Think Stines. Think Jambo's 32 foster kids.

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2006
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