Tabloids No Longer Trash Journalism!!

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    Obviously the Ramseys and their lap dog Lin Wood have resorted to telling their "story" to the very tabloid press they have sued in order to fill their greedy pockets for the last 7 years. They've called the tabloids "trash journalism," and have asked they all be removed from grocery store racks, etc. so as not to expose their children and friends to the untrue and HURTFUL headlines. I now, more than ever, wish the stores would comply with the Ramsey's wishes.

    And now, I suppose due to the fact that the only other media outlet to air their crock 'o chit, CBS, has hired someone to check sources a bit more thoroughly than they had previously done, they are going tabloid media. And after all the lawsuits and defamatory remarks they have made in news articles and on national television, they expect the world to believe the current article they've had published in the National Examiner...

    Let's look back now at what the Rams and their bottom dwelling attorney have said in the past about "tabloid media," shall we?
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Interview

    The Ramseys portrayed themselves as victims of an aggressive and often callous news media.

    "I've often thought of the tabloids as a form of organized crime," John Ramsey declared at one point.

    That strategy, John Ramsay claims, included a relentless campaign of leaks by some in the department, fed mostly to the nation’s tabloids, that had a devastating effect on public opinion.

    “They convinced the public of guilt,†says Lin Wood, John and Patsy Ramsey’s attorney. “Based on false information leaked by the Boulder Police Department.â€
    It started in March of 1997, newspapers, quoting anonymous police sources said there were no footprints leading into the Ramsey’s home. The truth was, there wasn’t enough snow to leave footprints.

    The Ramseys believe the Boulder Police continue to ignore evidence pointing to other suspects. John Ramsey says a killer or several killers remain free.,1299,DRMN_1296_1575263,00.html

    Ramsey attorney L. Lin Wood said the couple feels betrayed that a friend would sell information to their enemies. Tabloids have cast suspicion on the parents throughout six years of reporting on the unsolved case. The Ramseys previously sued American Media, publisher of the National Enquirer, over a story about their son, Burke, and won a settlement.

    "It's horribly naive to believe that the tabloids are going to fairly and accurately report on any issue or piece of evidence as it pertains to John and Patsy Ramsey," Wood said.

    "Their stories are always accusatory and generally misrepresentative of the truth. She knew better than to believe the tabs would give the Ramseys a fair shake."

    Along with several others, the Whites were questioned by police investigators trying to get to the bottom of the Ramsey case.

    Wood said the tabloids seized the opportunity to publish rumor and innuendo about the Whites.
    On the Today Show with Katie Couric - Wood is commenting on ST's book:

    Mr. WOOD: You know, Alex Hunter, the district attorney in Boulder, has described Steve Thomas as a rogue detective. I think he's a bad cop. Somebody that would shoot before he would think. He's made allegations in this book against Patsy Ramsey that are totally unsupported by any evidence. It's like a tabloid in a hard cover. And I would think that if you go to buy it at a store, you would feel the way you feel when you have to go buy one of these tabloids. You hope nobody sees you when you purchase it. Unfortunately, because I have to monitor the tabloids, I know what that feeling is like. But this book is just a lie when it comes to talking about Patsy Ramsey. She did not kill her daughter. And there's no evidence to support this theory that's espoused by this rogue cop.

    She has broken her silence only rarely. On Sept. 2, 1997, she placed a surprise phone call to the CNN show Larry King Live, to join a discussion about photographers hounding celebrities.

    Referring to JonBenet as "America's people's princess," she said, "We are normal everyday Americans, and these tabloid photographers have ruined our lives. They are printing false information. They stalk us. ... This can't go on."

    Bold and color emphasis mine.
    Emphasis on the blatant lies, unreliability, and sensationalism of the tabloids - that would belong to Lin, Patsy, and John.
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    Good post.
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    You're hired!!

    Now that the media has decided to embrace the "Ramsey's are innocent" story, they Ramsey's have decided it's okay to do interviews with the very same magazines they did nothing but trash and accuse of exploiting their childs death; they couldn't stand to see their child on the front of a tabloid with a really invasive headline, but they sure don't mind when those headlines are lies intended to 'Vindicate' them in the court of public opinion.
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    I guess it's only trash if it's not in your favor.
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    Good historical, VP, thanks! The Ramseys and their RST are most infamous for doublespeak. :puffy:
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