The Grand Jury indictment of John and Patsy Ramsey

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    Wonder where that speculation originated.

    Reading Lin Wood statements always reminds me of why so many people have such low regard for lawyers. (He knew the actual results of the GJ, IMO.) Sheesh! :snake:
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    Testified at the Grand Jury

    This July it was announced that Dr. Lucy Rorke-Adams, a world-renowned pediatric neuropathologist, was retiring from her career spanning 50 years, including positions with the Children's Hospital and the old Philadelphia General Hospital. She was recently appointed to the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Board of Trustees. As most likely everyone remembers, Dr. Rorke-Adams produced the report referenced by both Kolar and Beckner which gave the timing between the head blow and the strangulation as between 45 minutes and two hours.

    I've read biographical information as well as some of her testimony in two court cases. In reviewing her background in neuropathology her expertise was discussed enabling the court to approve her as an expert witness. She has testified for both defense and prosecution in court cases. It was estimated several years ago that she has performed roughly 30,000 brain autopsies and has worked on a daily basis with the ME in Philadelphia.

    To provide testimony the protocol was to review the autopsy and photos sent; she then would actually perform a neuropathological autopsy on the brain itself. (These brains were sent to her fixed in formalin.) The methodology she describes as used by all neuropathologists involves cutting into specific areas of the brain to review for disease, damage and prepare for microscopic review under the microscope.

    Having seen that Dr. Meyer would send brains fixed in formalin to specialists, especially in the event of a 'looming' court case, ('looming,' that's ironic, right) it doesn't surprise me that Meyer most likely did the same in the R case. What caught my eye in the most recent article about Dr. Rorke-Adams is that it's mentioned that she actually testified at the R Grand Jury.
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    I'd love to know what she testified about. The sexual assault maybe?
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    Kicking around a few historical embers . . .

    Elie Wiesel, a Nobel prize winner and a voice for those who lost their lives in the Holocaust, died a few weeks ago. Of course his recent death is a great loss to all he touched and helped. His life’s work held the importance of keeping the truth of the Holocaust alive, particularly as history gives way to more pressing current affairs. He recognized that many don’t know how hard the Nazis fought in the final months of the war to conceal the evidence of the gas chambers and death camps, to bury their evil deeds. And, as recently as 2007, Wiesel himself was attacked in a hotel by a Holocaust denier.

    While I don’t compare the Holocaust deniers to those who deny the fraud which occurred in Boulder, there is something abhorrent about burying the truth concerning a child’s death under legal devices. I will never, ever understand this. ‘Course it doesn’t come as any surprise to the faithful here that the words and actions of DA Hunter reveal a man totally committed to keeping the truth of what he did secret.

    One of the first things one might see in AH’s many public pronouncements is the number of times he mentions all the prosecutors who he claims endorsed his decision to not move forward on the case - LKL:
    They (American prosecutors) look at the sufficiency of the evidence. That's what happened here. And a number of us, you know, Bill Grant on one side -- I mean, Bill Ritter on one side; Bob Grant on another; Dave Thomas, the Columbine DA; Jim Peters; and then the three lawyers working with me, Mike Kane -- by the way, not a special prosecutor as John Ramsey said last night, but somebody I hired as a special grand jury person.
    KING: All saying?
    HUNTER: All saying insufficient evidence.

    I do doubt these other prosecutors told him to mislead the public about the True Bills, but they did keep silent about the fraud perpetrated on the public. Here’s an example how an AP writer understood AH’s announcement:
    BOULDER, Colo. –– The JonBenet Ramsey grand jury decided Wednesday there wasn't enough evidence to charge anyone in the 6-year-old beauty queen's killing, ending its investigation of a baffling case that cast a cloud of suspicion over her parents.

    Everyone may also remember AH’s brief exchange with Greta Susteren on LKL:
    KING: "Law and Order" takes an hour. Greta Van Susteren, who was on our show -- you saw her on Tuesday night -- called in with a couple of questions. I'll relay them to you.
    Under Colorado law, is it possible that a grand jury could indict and a prosecutor not file?
    HUNTER: Yes, because there has to be -- there has to be joint action. So the prosecutor's to sign off.
    KING: So you have to...
    HUNTER: But you know, I'm not going -- and Greta knows this -- I'm not going to talk about what the grand jury did or didn't do.
    KING: No, the question was only...
    HUNTER: Yes.
    KING: ... is it possible that they could indict and a district attorney says, it's not -- despite the fact...
    HUNTER: The district attorney has got to sign it.

    Creepily hinted, imo.

    Finally there was also this brief scare AH suffered when he witnessed the verbal challenge between LW and Kane on LKL regarding going into court and discussing the grand jury before a judge. Was Kane so fed up he would have relished telling a judge there had been True Bills? Who knows, but AH was Johnny on the spot about this. From the Daily Camera:
    District Attorney Alex Hunter's statement that last year's Ramsey grand jury secrets will not be released came a day after a lead prosecutor on the case spoke on Larry King Live.
    "Mike Kane and I agree ... the rules of criminal procedure do not permit release of grand jury transcripts or any discussion of what a grand jury did or did not do," Hunter said. "The rule clearly states that grand jury proceedings are secret and shall remain that way until either an indictment is returned or a report is issued. Neither of that occurred."

    Damage Control.

    Some may not know that Thomas, also in a moment of being particularly annoyed with AH’s accusation about his book being ‘blood money’, revealed AH had developed a little side venture of speaking engagements in which he talked about ‘Managing the High-Profile Child Homicide.' One of AH’s several speaking engagements occurred in Hawaii on July 8, 2006. For those who think there’s no such thing as coincidences, July 9, 2006 was DA ML’s big ‘exoneration’ of the Rs.

    How about that timing!

    AH might have had some idea that his steadfast sidekick DA ML having failed at nailing JMK, had something else up her sleeve. Well, that’s just my conjecture.

    He must have been feeling as though he was living the dream, a charmed life. Not only was he able to avoid the court room and hide the True Bills’ existence, but he was able to garner personal glory in telling others how to manage such cases. Up until . . .Did AH wince or not when he learned the information about the True Bills would be released? Probably that news didn’t cause any ripple in his life at all.


    Boulder’s DA office was the honey pit of deniers of family involvement in the death of JB. Possibly the revealing of the True Bills caused a little stir. But it was short lived. It looks like the devil is dancing once more as recycled Intruders are helping the tabloids make money on the case again. What AH enabled, the evil accusations against everyone except towards anyone in the R family, continue.

    As Wiesel proved there are some events, whether large or small, which will be forever denied.

    All JMHO
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    Disgusting, isn't it qft?
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    Damn She WAS lying through her teeth and never thinking that eventually the truth would be revealed like it did here. IF ONLY Dr. Phil would ask Burke about the Grand Jury issuing an ignored indictment....
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    Count VII states that the person assisted in the crime of murder in the first degree was able to be prosecuted, which wouldn't apply to Burke.
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