The Search For Rachel Phase VII

Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by "J_R", Apr 19, 2003.

  1. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Prelimenary test

    It's way too early for the medical examiner to announce anything, but they started the dental record comparison today. Hopefully tomorrow they will have the sex of the remains determined.
  2. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    It's not Rachel

    After 5 days, the medical examiner determined the remains found nine miles from our house are those of a male, so it's not Rachel. My thoughts and prayers go out to the yet unidentified man's family.
  3. Twitch

    Twitch Active Member

    Oh RC

    I hope you and the family are ok. Its just like you to think of the other parents. God Bless you all.
  4. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    My thoughts and prayers go to the other family too, but once identifies they will have closure and be able to begin the healing process.

    Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight RC...I know you and your family have gone through a heck of a week.

    You had mentioned there was one other older missing woman about missing you know how many there are?
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    RC words truly escape me. I am grateful it's not Rachel but like you said another family will be grieving for a lost loved one.

    We are always here. Bless you and your whole family RC.
  6. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Searching For Rachel Saturday May 31, 2003

    RC had an area of concern that he wanted to search today so he called notified his search team members. Only 4 people were able to respond but that was OK since the area we needed to cover was not very large. We met at the Faith Lutheran Church at 9:00 a.m. and headed out in two groups. Our goal was to check the culverts on the roads around the Georgetown airport.

    Every single time I go on a search with RC it amazes me at what this man does to search for his daughter - things no parent should have to do to bring their child home.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  7. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    This culvert was not one that was as easy to get through but RC cleared it so he knows this is another place Rachel is not.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  8. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    We met up with the Marines just as they had cleared the area under this bridge.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  9. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Another culvert was cleared once we knew what the green item was at the far end. Sometimes it pays to be short when you are on a search. This searcher had to crawl but I was able to duck walk as I followed him to get this shot.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  10. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Here is one of the Marines gearing up to go through a pretty nasty culvert. These guys come prepared for everything.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  11. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    We ended the search between the frontage road and and overpass at IH35. RC and I searched along the land area as the Marines took on the culvert since they were prepared with waders.

    Our temperature prediction for today is 104 degrees. By the time we completed this area it was nearing 11:00 a.m. and it was pretty warm out.

    Our search today was negative but we do know that Rachel is not in the culverts near the Georgetown Airport and that is important, especially since human remains were found in one of these culverts recently.

    ©Jacqueline L. Riggs 2003
  12. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    How RC does it day in and day out I just don't know.

    Words always seem to escape me when I read about and see pictures from his searches. I admire RC and all involved so much.

    We're here. Whatever you need let us know.

  13. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Georgetown Remains Identified

    Georgetown police have identified a set of bones found in April. They belong to 68-year-old Charles Kelsey Jr. of Georgetown. He had been missing since the end of February. Police discovered his remains in a culvert near the Georgetown Airport. At first they thought it might be missing woman Rachel Cooke. Now police are searching for a killer. Authorities say they have no suspects in custody.

    Note: This is the first I have heard Mr. Kelsey was missing. We were never asked to help search for him to my knowledge.
  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    What's that one Marine

    have in his hand, a pistol? Do you take anything in the culverts with you in case you meet up with a snake? Give me goosebumps just thinking about it.

    What an awful way to spend day after day - climbing in culverts looking for your missing daughter. The heavy weight of grief RC and his family, and others like them, carry must be crushing. No parent should ever have to endure this.
  15. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    "have in his hand, a pistol? Do you take anything in the culverts with you in case you meet up with a snake? Give me goosebumps just thinking about it. "

    LOL, it's just his gloves this time. They did pull out a 9MM one time when we encountered a rattlesnack on the Sun City property. I wouldn't let them fire it since we were guest there. I certainly have now problem killing a rattlesnake, but the gun would have brough too much attention.

    WY, see the big stick they carry? It has a hook on the end for various uses. They even made one for me.
  16. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Showplace Showcase Program

    My friend Thad has posted the Showcase Showcase program from August 10, 2002 on-line.

    It includes interviews with:
    Pastor John Selle, Faith Lutheran Church (search center home)
    Jerry White,
    Tim Miller, Texas EquuSearch
    Robert and Janet Cooke, Rachel's parents
  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    RC are there any interviews or events scheduled for your family in the near future?
  18. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member


    Not that I know of, but they usually only give me a day or less notice for interviews. As with any media, they need a new angle to report on. There's nothing new now, so we will have to create something ourselves.
  19. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Rachel Cooke was abducted 18 months ago today. Robert, Janet, JoAnn and the extended Cooke family have lived through the nightmare of not knowing where Rachel is for 546 days now. We need a break in Rachel's case. We need to bring Rachel home!

    Please take a time at some point in your day today to offer up a moment of silence for Rachel and an extra prayer that we will get that one lead that will allow us bring Rachel home soon.

    Let's bring all our missing home safely!
  20. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member

    RC and Janet....

    I have just finished saying a special prayer for Rachel and will continue to keep her in my prayers....May she come home to you soon....

    In loving, prayerful support,
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