Up in the air! It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's John Ramsey!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Cherokee, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    It's a bit worrying to see a plane described as "fixed wing". I'd jolly well hope the wings were fixed on any plane I flew in!
  2. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Me too
  3. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Well, let's see. What has John been up to lately besides getting nasty viruses on his computer (even though he was supposed to be such a hot-shot computer exec) and a gushing love letter from Mary Lacy.

    Hmmm. It looks like he's made a couple of trips to Purdue from Charlevoix since the last time we tracked his plane. That's curious. Burke transferred from Purdue to Georgia State last year, and Purdue wouldn't be session anyway unless Burke is taking summer school. Is Burke re-enrolling in Purdue after a year at Georgia State?

    Whatever the case, John stayed only one hour at Purdue on July 24th, and only 15 minutes on July 27th! 15 minutes on land for a four-hour flight? Did John forget something the first trip and think he had to go back and hand deliver it? Whatever happened to using the US mail? Oh, I forgot. When you have money and your own private plane (and you don't seem to care about the environment and that there's a gas crunch going on) you just jet around whenever you feel like it BECAUSE YOU CAN.

    By the way, it sure looks like John's romance with Beth Twitty is kaput. No more flights to HER hometown or out to Arkansas to meet her family. Maybe she realized John's face lift and eye tuck couldn't hide that incessant lizard tongue.



    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

    27-Jul-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 08:09PM EDT 10:07PM EDT 1:58

    27-Jul-2008 BE35/G Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) Purdue University (KLAF) 06:02PM EDT 07:54PM EDT 1:52

    24-Jul-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 04:33PM EDT 06:28PM EDT 1:55

    24-Jul-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Purdue University (KLAF) 01:36PM EDT 03:26PM EDT 1:50
  4. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Lucinda Franks stated in her recent feature article about John Ramsey that he "has shed his plane." That is not true.

    As of today, 10/14/08, John Ramsey still owns his plane, and it is still registered to the BENNETT RAMSEY GROUP.


    Aircraft Summary


    1965 BEECH V35
    Fixed wing single engine
    (6 seats / 1 engine)


    WILMINGTON, DE (Corporation)



    Serial Number


    Aircraft Details


    Horsepower: 285 (Reciprocating)


    Less than 12,500lbs



    Mode S Code


    Registration Details



    Certificate Issue Date


    Airworthiness Date


    Last Action Date


    John's recent trips include one each to Green Bay, WI, Little Rock, AR, and Yakima, WA via Montana and North Dakota. In fact, he spent a week and a half in Yakima, and only returned yesterday (10/13/08).


    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

    13-Oct-2008 BE35/G Roosevelt Rgnl (KDIK) Boyne City Muni (N98) 02:29PM MDT 08:34PM EDT 4:05 (Dickinson, ND)
    13-Oct-2008 BE35/A Yakima Air Terminal (KYKM) Frank Wiley Field (KMLS) 07:24AM PDT result unknown (?) n/a (Miles City, MT)
    02-Oct-2008 BE35/G Helena Rgnl (KHLN) Yakima Air Terminal (KYKM) 04:41PM MDT result unknown (?) n/a (Yakima, WA)
    02-Oct-2008 BE35/G Helena Rgnl (KHLN) Yakima Air Terminal (KYKM) 04:23PM MDT result unknown (?) n/a
    02-Oct-2008 BE35/G Hamry Field (K74) Helena Rgnl (KHLN)12:06PM CDT 03:07PM MDT 4:01 (Helena, MT)
    02-Oct-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Hamry Field (K74) 07:56AM EDT 10:40AM CDT 3:44 (Kindred, ND)
    10-Sep-2008 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Boyne City Muni (N98) 02:51PM CDT 08:02PM EDT 4:11
    06-Sep-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Adams Field (KLIT) 10:50AM EDT 01:52PM CDT 4:02 (Little Rock, AR)
    05-Sep-2008 BE36/A Austin Straubel Intl (KGRB) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:00PM CDT 04:54PM EDT 0:54
    05-Sep-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Austin Straubel Intl (KGRB) 08:46AM EDT 08:49AM CDT 1:03 (Green Bay, WI)
  5. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks Cherokee,

    I rushed this right over to Topix for our good friend Mame, who is out in full force today.

    Even she gets bored with her own cronies
  6. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    You're welcome.

    You know, it's so easy to catch John in his lies, it's not even a challenge, but more like shooting fish in a barrel.
  7. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    Interesting to read what Pam Archuletta had to say on the other thread.
    I would love to see Mike questioned under oath (not that it matters with RST) about exactly what he was told by JR that day.
    Wonder if having to "hide" the Ramseys" as Pam said, was the only reason for the breakup of her marriage? Or was it maybe knowing her husband was "hiding" something else.
  8. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Didn't he once have a couple of planes? I suspect the writer of this article may be speaking "Spinnish" (RST are fluent in Spinnish ha ha).

    Did I ever share my own story? Earlier this year I had to give up my job. I'd been in the job for quite a few years and I liked it a lot but life dictated that I give it up. Then a month or so later, I had to sell my car. I loved that car - worked hard for it. But circumstances dictated that I "shed" it.

    People who aren't conversant with Spinnish might have read a hard luck story. Did a little deeper and you'd discover that I had to give up my old job because I got a new job. Then I sold the old car to buy a nice shiny new one (what would I do with two cars?).

    Spinnish my friends... It's all in the interpretation...
  9. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Hoo boy! Why_Nut wasn't kidding. John Ramsey has been busy in his little private plane - the same plane John told a reporter he had sold in a sob story about his finances.


    October 13, 2008 -

    "Since the murder, Ramsey has sold three big homes, in Atlanta, Boulder, and Charlevoix. He has shed his plane, his boats and his cars, stopped golfing, stopped sailing."


    Did John seriously think no one would check up on his lies? I guess no one does but us.

    In addition, John didn't quit golfing after JonBenet's murder. In fact, he didn't quit golfing even after Patsy died.


    December 12, 2006 -

    "That means plenty of time for golf. He plays when someone invites him, usually a half-dozen times a year."


    Anyway, since we last checked on John's flights of fancy, he has been to Rochester, MN (as Why_Nut said), and flew back a week later - possibly to get his stitches out, or have the plastic surgeon review his work. John has also been to Traverse City, MI (Cherry Capital Airport).

    On the 25th of November, John flew to Purdue University in Indiana, then to Gainesville, GA (Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport). Somehow, John made it back to Charlevoix, and on November 26th, he flew again to Purdue, then GA, THEN Adams Field Airport in Little Rock, AR. Hello, Beth Twitty!

    John stayed in Little Rock until December 4th when he flew to GA, and stayed for a week. This morning (December 12th), John flew back to Little Rock from GA, and he is still there as we speak since he only arrived a couple of hours ago.

    And what is with John flying to Purdue? I thought Burke had transferred from Purdue to Georgia State so he could be with his girlfriend. Did Burke end up going BACK to Purdue this past semester?

    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
    12-Dec-2008 BE35/G Lee Gilmer Memorial (KGVL) Adams Field (KLIT) 11:02AM EST 01:05PM CST 3:03
    04-Dec-2008 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Lee Gilmer Memorial (KGVL) 10:33AM CST 01:55PM EST 2:22
    26-Nov-2008 BE35/G Lee Gilmer Memorial (KGVL) Adams Field (KLIT) 04:26PM EST 06:19PM CST 2:53
    26-Nov-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Purdue University (KLAF) 10:31AM EST 12:35PM EST 2:04
    25-Nov-2008 BE35/G Purdue University (KLAF) Lee Gilmer Memorial (KGVL) 01:58PM EST 04:09PM EST 2:11
    25-Nov-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Purdue University (KLAF) 11:31AM EST 01:10PM EST 1:39
    22-Nov-2008 BE35/G Rochester Intl (KRST) Boyne City Muni (N98) 12:35PM CST 03:40PM EST 2:05
    22-Nov-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Rochester Intl (KRST) 10:40AM EST 12:03PM CST 2:23
    20-Nov-2008 BE35/G Cherry Capital (KTVC) Boyne City Muni (N98) 11:15AM EST 11:39AM EST 0:24
    20-Nov-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Cherry Capital (KTVC) 10:14AM EST 10:31AM EST 0:16
    17-Nov-2008 BE35/G Rochester Intl (KRST) Boyne City Muni (N98) 02:59PM CST 06:06PM EST 2:07
    16-Nov-2008 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Rochester Intl (KRST) 01:26PM EST 02:43PM CST 2:17
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2008
  10. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Great Sleuthing, Chero!

    You are like the FBI,CIA, and NSA rolled up into one when it comes to keeping tabs on John Ramsey.

    He is still quite the lying weasel, isn't he?
  11. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Yes, he is. A lying weasel with a lizard tongue.

    I may not be able to do anything about how the Ramseys circumvented justice, but I CAN help document their lies.
  12. Karen

    Karen Member

    It will be interesting to see if JR flies to Boulder to meet with the new DA after he takes office.
  13. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Can we please have an update on the rest of the month for John's whereabouts?

    ANd Karen - excellant question that I know I will be looking forward for the answer to!
  14. heymom

    heymom Member

    He has shed his plane, his boats and his cars

    Maybe John meant to say he "shedded" his plane, i.e. put it into storage, not that he actually got rid of it...

    "Shed" is a funny word to use here in any case - as if the reporter knew that John had not actually SOLD his plane. Dogs "shed" their coats, people can also "shed" a garment after walking indoors from outside, but to "shed" a plane...is a very odd usage.

    At any rate, John has not gotten rid of his plane at all, as is obvious. It amazes me that people can be so stupid these days, not realizing or in denial about technology - what you say is recorded, on tape, and you are up on YouTube before you can blink, yet here you have politicians denying that they said what they said! And here is John, reporting that he has "shed" his private plane, yet the flight logs are recorded as large as life for anyone to see!

  15. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    It looks like John spent the entire last half of December, Christmas and New Year's in Little Rock. He flew back to Charlevoix yesterday.

    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

    03-Jan-2009 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Boyne City Muni (N98) 01:56PM CST 06:50PM EST 3:54
    12-Dec-2008 BE35/G Lee Gilmer Memorial (KGVL) Adams Field (KLIT) 11:02AM EST 01:05PM CST 3:03
  16. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    What's in Arkansas?! I've seen references to Beth Twitty, but I thought that she was in Alabama.
  17. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Semantics - plain and simple - that is how The Scamseys have always rolled! Word Play at it's Finest....
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I believe Twitty originally was from Arkansas, wasn't she? Or maybe she moved TO Arkansas from Alabama? Or the other way round?

    Oh, whatev.... He's apparently chasing "that blond beotch" Patsy always dreaded....
  19. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Dangit!! I keep TRYYYYYYYING to get out...and y'all keep PUUUUUUULLING me back in!!!

    Okay, went to check on the origin of "romance" between Beth (no longer Twitty, but now known as Beth HOLLOWAY, again, it turns out) and Ramsey, just to straighten out the Arkansas/Alabama issue. Got sidetracked...got to looking over JR's stuff...and believe me, when I got to the part about him speaking on "ethics/integrity", I just about lost it right then.... :puke:

    But I kept on, being the MASOCHIST that I am...and there are several rather "influential" references singing the Ramsey praises...FROM ARKANSAS. One wasn't easily recognizable--"Ronnie Cameron, Mountainaire Industries"...so of course, I went googling.

    Now, it takes a little attention, because, as is so usual with these corp. types, they change the names a hundred small ways to cover their wheeling and dealing, tax and legal-wise, of course. But Mr. Ronald Cameron, who loves JR so much, of "Mountainaire Industries" turns out to be easier to find under "Mountaire Corp.", or variations thereof. (And he makes a LOT of political donations, as well.) I haven't gotten far, so I figured I'd go ahead and bring in the Guttah Investigators From Hell as many stupid groupies are better than one, right? :yes:

    So far, I"m thinking this is interesting, because...well, follow the bouncing ball:


    Now, look where Mr. Cameron did some kind of "Ministries" work, at "some point":

    Isn't that interesting? Wonder what "Doulos Ministries" is? And who do we know from Littleton? Any connection? Co-hinkydinky?

    Here is the summary from a watch group: http://www.ministrywatch.com/mw2.1/F_SumRpt.asp?EIN=237362463

    Okay, this is the "Littleton" one, though it seems to be an org. that has lots of branches: http://www.douloscorp.com/doulos/index.html

    Hm. I'm not making any serious connection, as far as Ramsey, Cameron, and Colorado. Unless their is some kind of religious affiliation that connected them...I'm turning into one of the wingnutz, aren't I? :shiver:
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2009
  20. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Okay, had to correct info on Beth HOLLOWAY in my last post, because she's not "Twitty" anymore--good move, on the name issue at any rate.

    Here is her info at the Nashville Speakers Bureau:


    This only says she "travels from" Alabama, and it doesn't give her Arkansas history...am I imagining that part of her history?
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