Was Patsy taking Klonopin?

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    Of course it could.

    Remember Ollie Gray, the PI who used the Ramsey case to get advertising money can't buy while shilling for the Ramseys, not to mention, who was employed by the Ramseys? He also worked with Smit for some time in a PI company, when Tracey was churning out the Ramsey "intruder" infomercials. When that "touch" DNA red herring was highly publicized by "no comment" Lacy, Ollie was on a talk show, maybe Nancy Grace or some such, with a panel of about half a dozen people discussing this "new development." Out of the blue, Ollie offered that the DNA could have come from the paintbrush, which was shoved into the child and therefore could have gotten on the Bloomies, in the blood spots, on the hands of the perp who used it, and onto the longjohns.

    There are just so many ways that kind of infinitesimal matter could have been transferred to the clothing, it's absolutely asinine to throw out the rest of the evidence and say that "touch" DNA--which it took them 10 years to even find, it was so minute--proves an intruder was the killer. You have to really, really, REALLY mean never to solve the case to make such a misleading statement--which Hunter, Lacy, Smit, Tracey, and Team Ramsey have done everything in their power to make sure never, ever will happen, IMO.
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    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Yes, there was a bathroom in the basement, which LE in fact dismantled during their investigation.

    There was a laundry room in the basement, as well, and Patsy insisted to LE she laundered clothes for the family plenty.

    JonBenet could have gotten lint and dirt on her feet before or after the Whites' party. We only have Patsy's word that JonBenet didn't take a bath before she went, which means we don't really know.

    What someone once asked, and I have no answer, did JonBenet have that white mold on the bottom of her feet? Was a sample of the dirt on her feet taken for processing? I've never heard anyone speak to this question who would know, so I have no answers. But that might be important.

    I have often wondered if someone was using that blanket found in JAR's suitcase in the basement, to lay down with JonBenet, read her a book in the basement to lure her into a vulnerable situation while the others slept upstairs, or something like that. Is that why the suitcase was used under the window, in case LE found evidence on the blanket or body that matched? There was a chair right there, after all, so why wouldn't an "intruder" use that to attempt to climb out a window, instead of a suitcase which would have been unstable at best?

    Obviously I don't believe any intruder used anything in the home, but while staging the scene to look like an intruder was there, why use the suitcase instead of the obvious chair, if all you 're trying to do is stage an exit? Was it to imply that the killer tried to put JonBenet in the suitcase? Lou Smit sure fell for that. Fool.

    I saw a true crime show once where four elements of staging were listed. I think I wrote about it here. One thing that I remember: in staging the crime scene to look like an intruder is the guilty party, a trail used to exit is usually created.

    But why the suitcase and not a simple chair? It's been speculated, and it's a theory, that different elments leading to different members of the family were used to confuse things.

    About Patsy's note pad and pen: what else did she have? Whose pen and pad was she going to use? She could hardly run to the all night store and purchase these. All she had in the house belonged to the Ramseys. If she used John's, how was that going to help when they had to know he surely would be the prime suspect once the molestation was found. Was she going to implicate Burke by getting into his school supplies? What intruder would have rifled through the children's school materials to write on? The pad was right there in the hall, along with the pen on the desk; if you're going to blame an intruder and you have to use something from the house to write a ransom note on, it seems to me that the pad and pen in plain site would be more likely to be used in such a circumstance by an intruder--which was the idea.

    I do think Patsy was trying to point the finger at particular suspects in writing the note. She used John's business in the first paragraph to set up a large body of suspects, from terrorists to competitors or people with grudges, which every company is going to have disgruntled employees, etc.

    She did put some thought into the ransom note, which the missing pages of the "practice note" prove. What ransom note writer sits down to compose the note at the home of the victim and writes at least two drafts, 2.5 pages long? Not some stranger/intruder who could not predict that no one would show up unexpectedly at this busy home with lots of family and friends in and out all the time, especially during holidays.

    Just like that old intruder/stranger would not hide under the bed in a bedroom with piles of clothes laid out to pack in the suitcase on top, waiting for the family to go to bed so he could make his move. Puhleeze. How insanely dumb do you have to be to think that happened, AND tell the world that BS on a morning show with Katie Couric?

    Too bad Smit never thought to actually study the LE interviews with Patsy, when she was asked about someone hiding under the bed; she said there was no room under the bed, that it was so low she couldn't put anything under there. D'oh!

    Lou Smit created more absurd myths in this investigation than anyone. He made up evidence out of thin air to prove there was an intruder. He ignored and/or twisted solid forensic and circumstantial evidence to prove the Ramseys were innocent. And he couldn't interview a suspect worth a damn, not to mention, even read the transcript or watch the video of a suspect being questioned and figure out when he or she was so obviously lying a child would know it.

    But I digress...sigh.
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    Drugs linked to brain damage 30 years ago


    "Secret documents reveal that government-funded experts were warned nearly 30 years ago that tranquillisers that were later prescribed to millions of people could cause brain damage.

    The Medical Research Council (MRC) agreed in 1982 that there should be large-scale studies to examine the long-term impact of benzodiazepines after research by a leading psychiatrist showed brain shrinkage in some patients similar to the effects of long-term alcohol abuse."

    Xanax is a benzodiazepine.
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    I can understand why you're thinking along these lines KK, and quite rightly so! If someone was doing this on a regular basis; how convenient for the culprit, but when could this caper have been carried out? During the time John was visiting Patsy in hospital? Was there ever a time when JAR was there ? Wouldn't Burke Ramsey have been present as well, therefore the perpetrator was stymied by Burke's presence? With JonBenét Ramsey just being six years old, I doubt her absence with those in charge would have been noticed, and someone surely would have gone to see where she was and if she was okay(?).

    The only way this sexual interference could have been carried out is if the person responsible had no interruptions from anyone else. It was too risky with other family members around; therefore who was in this position to feel safe and secure more than anyone else in this family when alone with JonBenét Ramsey? I shudder at the thought, but how many family members actually stayed overnight during Patsy's time in hospital? John Ramsey had to have been there at all times, short of some other adult supervising(?). How many were involved in this personal task, I wonder?

    Idiotic thought by Lou Smit! Hypothetically, it's possible the suitcase was placed there "purposely" as part of the staging by Patsy and John, because neither one of them would purposely incriminate John Andrew, John's very own son, therefore Patsy and John couldn't be involved in this. Patsy Ramsey's thinking was crafty!
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