Websleuths mentioned in Globe, next week KoldKase & Cherokee have work recognized

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    KoldKase in answer to your question Mame has not revealed one single iota of anything to indicate who her source is about the doll not being a doll.

    I believe I might have read where someone said something like, "Go find the source yourself. " LOL

    Why is it we, as in anyone who discusses the truth, have to be the ones to jump through these hoops that Mame puts up?

    We always show our hand because we are working with the truth.

    Rarely, although it has happened, but rarely has anyone on FFJ not been able to source something or to reveal their source.

    On those rare occasions when we cannot reveal our source we then must look at who is telling us the information. Is that person trustworthy? Have they intentionally lied in the past? Do their dogs bark non-stop through interviews?

    After considering the above questions I can say without question that Mame's source is in her head. It's the same source that tells her what a great investigative journalist she is. You know, that source. The one that never shuts up.

    Hope that helps.
  2. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Someone needs to show her what that hole is for. Oh wait, someone already did and it still didn't shut her up.

    Whether or not that pic shows a doll, I can guarantee one thing--Maimed is the absolute last person to settle the matter. I'd turn to Octomom or Mel gibson before her. You know, people who are more mentally stable.
  3. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    It looks exactly like a Holiday Barbie, still in the box, to me.
  4. Elle

    Elle Member

    Which photo are you talking about DeeDee? I haven't seen anything clearly yet(?). Could you please post it!
  5. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Leave it to me to spend my day being a productive member of society and now I have RUINED my opportunity to add a Priceless work of art to my collection :unreal: I can only hope now that you are correct and you have not left yet because I don't think that it would be as easy to find someone to replicate your handwriting as it was with The Ransom NOTe's writer...

    I Object!!!
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    Yeah...she has spewed this fantasy/side job of hers for years and years...don't ya just Love how she works herself into a Frenzy while The White's continue to not have a care in the world that anyone with a FUNCTIONING brain would buy into her oh so obvious unsuccessful Smear Campaign against the 2 people that stand in the way of John Ramsey's Lies?! I know I do!

    If only Fleet would be able to honestly testify that JonBenet was NOT in the room that John Ramsey found her in, mame would never have a word to say about THE Man...but that FACT is never going to change, so on she goes....

  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    tee hee


    Last I knew, she was in Chicago...would she really return to Boulder?! The town where The White's never left like she and the Ramseys did. I soo hope not as the thought of her stalking them again in person really makes me ill. I do remember everything she wishes that I had forgot by now.

    I did ask her if Kreb's was doing any better these days dealing with her childhood memories from when, as she stated under oath, she was molested by John Ramsey while he filmed it, but in the mess mass of postings at toxic, I must have missed her reply. Nancy has been on my mind recently because I watched a documentary on the Manson Family...it was heartbreaking and far too graphic, but all I could wonder about was which cabinet Nancy was hiding in at The Ranch when it was raided...I must sound like I am rambling here, but keeping up with what mame demands that we believe is very difficult - but I just have to BEG all to never miss anything that she Puts Out!!!

    Sad But True -
  8. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    Ah! these ones! Thank you, Tricia. Saw these! These were posted as an example. I believe KK posted someone confirmed it wasn't a doll. What a shame!
  10. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think so Ella. I think we were laughing about Mame saying it wasn't a doll.

    Mame is not known as someone who has a great reputation for the truth. In my opinion she is plain nuts.

    As far as I know this is a doll. It looks like a doll to me no question.
  11. Elle

    Elle Member

    You're the boss of me. Tricia! If you say it's a doll, it's a doll! "shiver!" :wave:
    Don't know Mame! Don't want to know Mame![​IMG]
  12. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    I don't want to know "Mame" either. But, yes, those are the pics I was talking about. Thanks, Tricia.
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Pssst! Meet me under the JB Case Library bridge at 1 am. Wear sunglasses and a black ball cap. Try not to fall in the river. I'll find you....

  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    No thanks. I'm not into porn.
  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Wise choice. Maimed has left a trail of lies and barking dogs from Colorado to Chicago.
  16. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Today the Globe comes out in some cities. If you see it buy it becuz KoldKase and Cherokee will be FAMOUS. And they did it 13 minutes before anyone else.
  17. Karen

    Karen Member

    ROFL! KK! I swear you crack me up soo much!:laffbig::thumbsup:
  18. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    OMG, Candy is going to have the meltdown of the century when she learns about KK and Cherokee's being cited in the GLOBE.

    I did watch the YouTube video, and I don't think it's all that horrible - the pictures are nothing we haven't seen before; in fact, they are all likely posted at this forum, somewhere. Aside from the fact that the video is slanted toward Ramsey innocence, I wasn't all that offended by it.

    Did jammy sue have any kids named Stephanie?

    As for (horribly) maimed, I can't believe anyone gives her the time of day, anymore. She's had it out for the Whites ever since the beginning of the case - sounds personal to me. Evidently, the Whites are still living in Boulder, their children made it safely to adulthood without being garroted in their basement and, from all accounts, seem like well-adjusted, good young people. Who really gives a rip what maimed thinks?
  19. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Kudos to KK and Chero!

    Nice work, gals!

    Thanks, Tricia, for keeping this Forum and Websleuths going. We all appreciate you so much!
  20. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Lurker but it's all you guys who do the hard work.

    Guess what??? I HAVE THE GLOBE . . . and the massive meltdown has begun. LOL.

    Front page proclaims: "JONBENET MURDER SOLVED."

    Here is what it says about our wonderful posters: "An eagle-eyed poster named "koldkase" on the Ramsey case Internet discussion group, ForumsForJustice.org, looked at an old photo of the basement crime scene and spotted what appears to be a small blond doll in a red and white outfit, with its arm extended.


    "Another poster named "Cherokee" pointed out the Boulder police search warrant lists everything collected by crime scene techs after the body was removed but significantly one entry is blacked out."


    It's an interesting article but here is the weird thing; it doesn't show the picture of the doll. LOL.

    Guess you solved it KoldKase. I knew someday you would heh.
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