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    This is by no means meant to minimize the tragedy that took place at the World Trade Center. This is to help in opening peoples eyes that something needs to be done about this.

    Here are some frightening statistics released from the FBI for the year 2001:

    Fact Sheet
    2001 Missing Children Statistics
    · In 2001, 840,279 missing persons (adults and juveniles) were reported missing to the police and entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC). This represents the smallest number of missing persons reports since 1992 (801,358).
    · The FBI estimates that 85 – 90% of missing persons are juveniles. Thus, in approximately 725,000 cases (or 2,000 per day) the disappearance of a child was serious enough that a parent called the police, the police took a report and entered it into NCIC.

    The same report goes on to point out that nearly 150,000 of those cases are categorized as involuntary and/or endangered. Imagine how many families have to wait and wonder as to the whereabouts and welfare of their loved one. I have broken that number down to find that 3000 missing persons a week are categorized as involuntary or endangered. That is equivalent to the number of people that were lost in the World Trade Center attack. We are not tolerating loosing 2801 people in the World Trade Center. I will also not tolerate loosing over 3000 people/children a week.
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