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    Yana Shalina met her future husband, Scott Lee Huss through an online dating service in 2002. She lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia and he lived in Port Charlotte, (Charlotte County) Florida in the United States. Media reports are that Scott traveled back and forth to Russia to met and get to know his future bride-to-be. Yana was a widow with a young son Peter Shalina, whose father was murdered in Russia. Scott had prior marriages and had several children of his own.

    Yana and Scott were married February 7, 2003 in Murdock, Florida. Within two months the abuse started when Scott fired a gun several times in the front yard and told Yana he was going "feed her to the alligators." That same year Yana enrolled in a nursing program at Manatee Community College. Scott was working for the Charlotte County Fire & EMS as a computer specialist but he was fired in 2004. The next year was peppered with more abuse and restraining orders but Yana was afraid and she kept rescinding the injunctions. In 2005 their daughter Katrina Shalina Huss was born and Scott bought a house in Charlotte County Florida.

    The abuse continued and Yana Huss called the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office 19 times since the couple moved into their Rickover Street house two years before. On April 25, 2007 Yana was murdered in her home. Reports are that her son Peter witnessed the murder. Scott then drove eight year old Peter in a shirt covered with his mother's blood for three hours to his own mother's house in Longwood, (Seminole County) Florida, 170 miles away.

    Several hours had past before Scott's mother notified the police while she took young Peter to lunch and to Walmarts to buy him a clean shirt. In the meantime, Scott's mother was in telephone and e-mail communication with her son who added another 264 miles to his escape destination of Tallahassee, Florida. Scott Huss was captured in Tallahassee at a Greyhound bus terminal buying a ticket to Texas and charged with Yana Huss' murder.


    On the Yana Huss Memorial Fund, the Trust shall use and apply donations for Yana’s beneficiaries needs while in America as well as legal expenses incurred to ensure that the children remain together with Yana’s immediate family.

    Yana Huss Memorial Fund Site Here:

    I have also started a complete timeline history with directory index on the Yana Huss murder case here at this link below. This is a work in progress as new material is located to add to the site: http://www.acandyrose.com/yana_huss_timeline.htm

    There is nothing on this timeline that is not in the public domain so anyone here is welcome to reference the found materials, links, news articles, etc. or post the timeline and memorial fund links to other forums.

    The sooner the word gets spread to help Yana Huss' mother fight the legal battle here in the USA in (Charlotte County) Florida to gain full custody of her two beautiful grandchildren the better. The children not only need to be with a family that loves them but a family that puts their welfare and well being at a high priority in their lives and that is what Yana's mother, Eleana Kuchinskaya goal is.

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    Thank you, my wonderful friend!

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    One clue.....

    What Scott really loved the most...........

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    Instead of this.......

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    For those that are not aware, I have been assisting this family through the extreme various procedures since mid-May. Since our first meeting, we now have the children out of the foster care system and they are with Yana's mother awaiting closure with a verdict for a brave little 8 year old eyewitness so that they can return to Russia and live happily ever after, far away, with Yana's immediate family.

    This case has it all unfortunately. The cries for help. The Murder. The Children left orphaned. The International angle. The Mother-Enabler. The Mother that left everything to come to a foreign land to stand her ground, without even knowing the language, to finish the job for her daughter. Allegations of child pornography and worse..... !ouch:

    This will be my world for a bit longer, so if you miss me, come find me here as I know that my time away from All JonBenet All the time will have more productive results.

    A Huge round of applause to my buddies that have helped me get this far, so ACR, Cherokee, KoldKase, Moab, and Little, without your various forms of encouragement and support, I would be miles behind where you have helped me BEE at now! Also to my buddies that have rallied around my spirits, ColoradoBabe, Shadow, Greenie, Tezzie, Barbara, Jayelles, and Pearlsim, you have all made me feel wonderful about my efforts at Righting This Wrong in my little town.

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    I'm still right beside you there girl and my hat goes off to you for all that you have done for this family. I'm just happy that I could be here to help you.

    ACandyRose -----> :bowdown: -----> RR :)

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    Good Lord. I missed where the little two-year-old was when he murdered his wife? Imho, Huss is a dead man walking. I hate it when these killers play the saved by Jesus card, pukes all. :devil:

    RiverRat, you are remarkable!
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    You are too sweet....what is really remarkable is that Yana was the only person murdered. The baby girl was at day-care, Thank God. However, instead of calling the cops, the Huss family called the day-care pretending to be law enforcement and said that they were coming to pick Katrina up. They were promptly told that 911 would be called if that was attempted.

    Thank you for responding on this thread - it means the world to me and Yana's family.
  10. JC

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    RR :rrcrown:, I call myself reading at websleuths, but I surely missed this.

    What all you FFJ :bee: :bee: do amazes me.

    Surely that long "I'm gettin' the hell out of Dodge" note will hang him.
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    Honestly it is a miracle that only Yana was murdered. How young Peter escaped is beyond anything I can imagine and then that 3 hour trip with the boy and Scott in the car to his mothers had to be unbelievable. The child must have been in absolute fear. He should be denied parental rights to all of his children for that act alone.

    You know after reading Scott's manifesto (man-full-of-chit-o) you really wonder what makes a mind like that tick. There's no doubt that he's trying to convince anybody who reads it that Yana literally deserved to die as though they were going to embrace him for his bravery that he removed her from society. And if his second wife Ellen had been anywhere near that scene that day you can bet she would be dead too.

    By the way, several of the media had reported about Scott's previous history on his domestic violence and had commented that the exception was the year 2005. I think I found out why.

    In Apopka (Orange County), Florida Scott had a DUI on February 27, 2004 of which he tried to fight, plea not guilty, even demanded a jury trial and he demanded to see the full discovery. It took him from Feb 27, 2004 until May 6, 2005 (15 months) d-i-c-k-i-n-g around the courts for three months and then finally to complete the probation for that case and even after that, the court stated "ADDITIONAL TREATMENT ORDERED." Prosecutors in this murder case need to get a hold of that report.

    So it looks like Scottie boy was on his guard from February 2004 into the first half of 2005 only because he was on probation and it was in another county so Charlotte County probably didn't have the information they needed during that period of time while that case was ongoing for any other charges he had.

    Here's a snip-it from the court docket: Arrested February 27, 2004.....

    Case Number: 48-2004-CT-000382-A - Scott Lee Huss
    02-Mar-2004 A COMPLAINT FILED - CITATION #006652-W
    05-May-2004 A TO COMPLETE DUICAS
    05-May-2004 A PAY FINE AND COST $573.50 ON OR BEFORE 11/01/2004
    18-Oct-2004 -- PAYMENT $573.50 - receipt 00244104

    Orange County Clerk of Courts

    ACR (still digging) :)
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  12. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    That's the truth! And who, in their right mind, would ever let his mother be around those kids ~ ever!

    He was headed straight for Old Mex.
  13. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    How priceless!!! That's Drunk Scott for ya!

    ACR - I only wish that you could be here in person to witness the responses to the site......please feel really good about yourself, please. All of your years were well spent preparing to be able to whip out such a masterpiece so quickly! Now I need to study this info and file it in the growing databank here in my head.

    JC - hopefully the drafts of that manfullofchito will also nail him for premediation as they were more than likely composed before Yana was killed.
  14. becca

    becca Member

    I am so proud

    Of you RR.... You have done good ....
    I wish there was a way for me to help you .... If you can think of anything besides my prayers... let me know.
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    And whether Scott's mother wants to accept it or not but there is a major conflict of interest here regarding his mother getting any visitation (much less custody) especially with Peter (if she really considers him one of her grandchildren) since he is considered the states eye witness to a murder that her son is being accused of committing.

    Plus the Charlotte County court records show that just twenty days before the murder on April 4, 2007 Scott's mother Joyce Huss (representing the non-profit corporation; The Temple of the Tao Inc., of which Scott is the president and Joyce is a director and who is also listed on the deed for the house) filed a "Tenant Eviction Notice" complaint (Case Number : 07000460CC) against Yana Huss at the Rickover Street property.

    As a grandmother it doesn't sound like Joyce Huss had any concerns as to where her grandchildren were going to live after she evicted their mother, Yana from her marital home. Tenant my A-S-S, Yana was legally married to this woman's son so she wasn't a tenant, she was still his wife.

    In my opinion Joyce Huss (The Scott Huss Enabler) was doing just what her son wanted her to do because what business was it to her if Yana lived there with her children or not. The warranty deed for the Rickover property is partically in Joyce's name (along with The Temple of Tao and Scott) because that is what Scott wanted, not that she had any financial interest in the home. In my opinion, Joyce and Scott (the real marriage here) were thick as thieves in the quest to get Yana out of Scott's life .... Now she has to face the fact that her actions may have contributed to Yana's murder.

    Yana did not file for divorce until April 11, 2007 so why try and boot her out before then?

  16. RiverRat

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    Since Yana was granted the Restraining Order in March, she was awarded the residential home and Scott had to move out to the Marion Avenue apartment, the eviction was pure retaliation and even further proof of how little concern there was for the welfare of the children from Scott and Joyce.

    Becca - prayers are always the perfect gift. Thanks, Sweetie.
  17. JC

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    "The Temple of the Tao Inc., of which Scott is the president"

  18. ACandyRose

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    Yeah, in February 1994, Scott L Huss formed a non-profit corporation called "The Temple of the Tao Inc." He listed himself as President/Treasurer/Director.

    I assume it was some religious teachings or gee, I don't know maybe for tax breaks for various warranty deeds he transferred under that name between him and his mother or maybe it keeps his wives or children from claiming his properties or maybe judgements filed against his properties.

    Although his second wife, Ellen (she's now married to a Scott Harvey) was listed on the original corporation records (up until '99 when they got divorced) as Vice President/Secretary/Director and his mother was just listed then as director. After he divorced Ellen then she got wiped from all the records but his mother has always been listed.

    3rd wife, Cathleen never made the grade to any of the records or properties and 4th wife Yana was never listed anywhere either. I wonder if he even had life insurance on Yana.

  19. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Hmm, interesting finds on Scott searches today.

    First, found this Blog, apparently by a previous Rev. Samuel Trumbore of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County, Florida


    Reflecting on Learning Tai Chi from an Alleged Murderer
    August 8, 2007 at 11:48 am by Rev. Sam

    Scott Huss showed up in the congregation I served in Port Charlotte in the mid 90’s looking for space to rent to teach Tai Chi and Martial Arts classes. He had trained and been ordained as a Shaolin priest in Florida and in China. With thinning blond hair, his gauze was steady as were his hands and strong, trim muscles. The beauty of his Tai Chi form inspired me to encourage the congregation to rent our main hall to him and take classes from him myself.

    At the time, I was impressed with his calmness and gentleness. Several of us started the class with him learning Yang style short form. I envied the graceful way he moved from position to position and his ability to crouch to the floor during “snake creeps down.†Eventually I had to stop my training because my knees and ankles started to hurt. I guess I wasn’t moving correctly or didn’t have enough strength in the right muscles. Unfortunately Scott wasn’t so good at helping me through these road blocks as I tried to imitate him.

    I also think there was a little competitiveness between us as I was a minister serving a congregation and he had just settled in Port Charlotte, anxious to buy land and set up his own school he would call, “Temple of the Tao.†My son took classes there when it was finished, learning a little martial arts and less discipline than I might have liked. Still, I remember Scott as a patient and skilled teacher with the kids.

    Yesterday I was looking for his web site because I had been looking at another marital arts web site as part of reviewing a web page designer’s work and thought of him. Imagine my surprise when I googled him and found this article describing how he is alleged to have murdered his wife. I couldn’t believe it was him but the picture sure looked like him as did the relevant details.

    Scott is the first person I’ve known fairly well who has been accused of murder. The evidence looks pretty strong that he did it as the police had been called to the house 20 times for domestic violence in the weeks before her death. A Russian immigrant, Yana came here with her young son in 2002 and they married in 2003. The marriage soured quickly with the first reports of abusive behavior in 2004. It appears the son may have witnessed the murder as Scott dropped him off at his mother’s house wearing a blood stained shirt.

    So as I look back on the Scott I knew, I wonder about all this. At the time he had a different wife and I left the area thinking that some day I’d read about his fame and fortune. All that is now in ruins. I also wonder about the fact that he was “the master†and didn’t have his own teacher to check his excess. The power he had accumulated through his training may have begun to serve his ego rather than a higher power. His ego was one of the things that came between us and alienated me from him. An ego unchecked is a very dangerous force.

    This all makes me appreciate congregational polity. In our tradition, the minister serves at the pleasure of the congregation. This works as a counterbalance to ecclesiastical power. I find my congregation is a great teacher to stimulate my growth and development as well as a curb on my egotism. If I’m off base, they let me know and if I don’t pay attention to their feedback, I’m out of a job. Another check in my life are my Unitarian Universalist ministerial colleagues with whom I regularly consult. Their guidance has been critical to my success in ministry over the years. The most important check however has been my wife who also keeps me from getting too full of myself. I honor the ways she can see me better than I can see myself. Clearly Scott wasn’t able to do this.

    I’m sorry Scott didn’t have someone in his life who could bring him to his senses and shake him up.

    I’m also sorry that Port Charlotte Police didn’t act to protect Yana from Scott and Scott from himself. I know there is goodness in Scott and I’m saddened to see his life degenerate to this moment.


    I checked out that Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County, Florida at http://www.uufcc.org and the history link on that page shows Rev. Trumbore was there from 1993 to 1999. That "different wife" was apparently Scott's 2nd wife Ellen as they were married from 1990 to 1999.


    "A second ministerial fund was established with the goal of obtaining a full-time minister. Its success brought the group its first full-time or Settled Minister, Rev. Samuel Trumbore, in September 1993. When Rev. Trumbore left in 1999."


    Then I found this site here at Horizon Gymnastics:

    In the instructors profile it reads:


    Head instructor, Peter J. Boisvert, has been studying Martial Arts most of his life. As a young boy, he studied Tae Kwon Do which was just becoming popular as a sport in the U.S. As a young man, he studied at the School of the Colored Dragon Iro-Ryu Karate under the direction of Master James Gonzalez. In addition to Iro-Ryu, he learned the art of Isshin Ryu and Iai-Do cutting techniques of the Samurai Sword and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Under the direction of Master Scott Lee Huss of the Shaolin Temple of the Tao, he learned traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan and many weapon forms. He then graduated to Instructors Level. He has been teaching Kung Fu and Self Defense for over ten years. Later he formed the Tai Chi and Kung Fu Alliance with Sifu Nancy Dellamura. He also has trained students at USF and studied Modern Wushu with all-round Grand Champion Sifu Richard Bliss for many years. Other sports interests include road-cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, archery, fencing, yoga, weight training, etc.

    The Tai Chi-Kung Fu Alliance has been giving classes at Horizon Gymnastics since 2001. The Horizon Wushu Team has performed bare hand, weapons and the traditional Chinese Lion Dance in many demos and shows. They have been competitiors in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, winning medals in Traditional Kung Fu and Modern Wushu events.


    Hmmm, so I check out some more searches and found a listing for Sunday worship services:


    The Temple of the Tao
    Located in Murdock. Principal Worship 10 a.m. Sundays. Scott L. Huss, Shaolin Priest. Call for service dates at 743-4457.


    On another search I found a listing with a link for:
    Scott Huss: The Temple of The Tao in Port Charlotte, FL

    The link was bad but found the link would have lead to the following site: http://www.ttao.qpg.com/


    So I headed for the Wayback Machine web archive for www.ttao.qpg.com/ and found this:


    The Temple Of The Tao
    17500 Richland Drive
    Port Charlotte, FL 33953

    Phone: (941)743-4457 Call before faxing
    Fax: (941)743-4457
    Email: shaolin@peganet.com

    Enhancement and complete unification of mind, body, and spirit The Temple of The Tao was founded in 1994 by Scott Huss, in honor of the Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng City, China. We are a Chan (Zen) Buddhist Temple dedicated to the enhancement and unification of mind, body and spirit. The concept of unifying mind, body and spirit involves working to achieve a healthy balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

    To acheive this balance we offer classes in hard and soft martial arts and healing arts. Classes in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, Bagua, Xing Yi, and meditation are some that we offer. We have weekly Buddhist services and Buddhist education classes. Personal counseling is also available for individuals and families.

    United Martial Arts Alliance is a subsidary of The Temple of the Tao.

    Mention you saw us on the Internet!
    © Copyright 1997,1998 by QuikPage, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The web archive showed Scott Huss had that web page address from January 1999 to June of 2002. Interesting it was in 2002 when Scott started the Internet dating thing with Yana.

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    You are amazing, ACR. Too good.....I had to wait to post after reading the above info you found as I couldn't get the picture of Scott and his night vision goggles in his crouching position outside of Yana's windows.

    I have more to send you.....in the morning, of course! :cheerful: So, please take the day off - you have been more than a Godsend, so Sunday is perfect for you to take this Evil Creature off your mind.....and yes - I do know how hard that is.

    JC - The Temple is only a mechanism for tax evasion....Scott liked to give It to The Man even though he loved playing the American Soldier....go figure! And under the guist of a priest.....I am sure he was quite the comfort one would seek with such a label. :curses:
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