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Discussion in 'Yana Huss' started by ACandyRose, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Here are two very early LE interviews that tells what was witnessed the day Scott dropped Peter off at his mother's house.

    Although there are pages missing from Michael Huss' interview below but the portion where Michael explains that he, his mother and Peter went to lunch while Peter sat there in his bloody shirt and told both him and his mother that Yana was stabbed. Michael also tells that Peter told them a black man stabbed his mother because that is what Scott told him to say. Michael's interview also reveals that Scott's mother knew all about the letter that Scott gave her in the suitcase that she claimed she didn't know about until after the lunch.

    Interview of Michael Grimes Huss (04/25/2007) Scott Lee Huss Brother:

    Laura Prutsman went to her ex-mother-in-law's house that morning because she had children by Scott and was concerned about their reaction to the news about Yana's death. While she was at Scott's mother's house, Peter told her that he lied about the black man story and told her that Scott make him tell that story.

    Interview of Laura Harris Prutsman (04/25/2007) Scott Lee Huss ex-wife:

  2. ACandyRose

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    RiverRat, just an FYI, the online news articles at www.yoursun.net (Charlotte Sun) are not available to the public without a paid subscription so we can't read the updates on the trial at that link.

    If you could be so kind as to post the full news articles or at least quotes that have to do directly with the trial, that would be most appreciated. :)

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    Okay, one report about the trial yesterday said that Scott claims the Russian mafia killed Yana because they wanted her to get Scott's money and give it to them. Ha! It was all about the money all along, wasn't it?

    Okay, I have just one teeensy weeensie question: is the Russian mafia so dumb, it never occurred to them to kill SCOTT and then force Yana to get that money? Hm? Hm? All killing Yana would have done for the Russian mafia is make sure they'd never get the money.

    And just how did the Russian mafia get Scott to abuse his wife so badly, LE got called to their house 19 times for domestic abuse incidents? Hm? Hm?

    And that old witch of a mother's behavior will look to the jury like a mother trying to help cover up the fact that her son is a murdering bastid. What human being with a heart and conscience would take a child who appears with a bloody shirt on him to eat and shop before calling police? Hm? HMMMM?

    All I want to know is why that old beotch hasn't been arrested? Child cruelty? Endangerment? Hello?!!

    Arrrgh. The hottest fires of hell for this diabolical duo. I say it was premeditated murder to keep Yana from getting any of the money that was rightly hers as Scott's wife and mother of his child, and alimony and child support which she would have been awarded in a divorce. Murder One, DEATH PENALTY, that's what this lowlife garbage should have gotten!

    Russian mafia my azz. If the Russian mafia were involved and had any balls they'd have done their worst on that worthless *** Scott!

    Oops. Sorry, I got a bit worked up there....
  4. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Using my psychic abilities...and the obvious body language of this group of miscreants...the photo you provided spoke volumes to me, Rat:

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  5. Elle

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    This is as close to any murder case I am ever going to get. RiverRat you are a very brave young woman attending this trial. I sincerely hope your strength can be sustained. I am glad Yana's young son wasn't killed with his mother. I'm wondering why, when young Peter was a witness to her killing (?).

    You are all doing a great job of reporting here. Thank you to all concerned!
  6. JC

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  7. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Very Graphic Day

    As you can see from the link JC supplied, today was a long day. Tomorrow will be even better! I feel very comfortable with the Prosecution and have NO Problem sitting behind the (cough cough) alleged murderer.

    I DO have a problem with the local TV stations showing the murder scene though, but what can I do? Thankfully they were not there when pictures of Yana were displayed.

    My Strength has never been Mightier...maybe knowing that this IS my last case...or because I fell in love with a lovely little family from Russia...

    Today, the Prosecution set up the scene for what will be revealed in the morning and yes, we will be there at 8:30 and stay until it's recessed for the day, but I will wake up early enough to leave links here from the paper. I am sorry that the local press has now gone and screwed things up for me by having to have a subscription...but A Rat has her Ways!!!

    Thank You All Sooo Much, you have been there since Day 1 with me and then Some and it will always be appreciated - by myself, Yana's Very Special Friends, and of course, her Family that is watching from afar.

    Good Night~
  8. RiverRat

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    One Word...

  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks for the link, JC. I cannot watch these updates without my heart hurting for Yana and her children and family.

    Thanks for keeping us up on things, Rat. Glad you're feeling better about the trial. Just remember when the defense starts spinning their BS, it's going to look and feel much worse than it is, because that's how trials go--whichever side is presenting gets to sway the facts at that time. But no matter how awful it seems, the jury isn't going to forget the real facts of this case in favor of the complete fabrication of Monster Scott, who will have nothing to support that silly story he's trying to push. In fact, his mother's behavior with Petr and on the stand calling a child whose mother was murdered in front of him a liar at 4 yrs old told the jury exactly what kind of sick evil they're now judging.

    They won't be fooled by these demons.
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    From The Sun...

    PUNTA GORDA — Jurors in the murder trial of Scott Huss, a local man accused of killing his estranged wife three years ago in the couple’s former home, got an intimate look inside the Port Charlotte house Tuesday as prosecutors showed more than a dozen photos of the crime scene.

    One photo — that of the body of 31-year-old Yana Huss — was considered too graphic to be displayed openly in the courtroom.

    Instead, the image was tucked in a folder and passed privately around the jury box.

    Some jurors gazed quickly at the photo, while others took their time, turning the image around and looking at it from different angles.

    As the photo moved its way through the nine-member panel, Scott Huss showed no outward emotion.

    The 52-year-old Punta Gorda man is accused of stabbing Yana Huss to death on April 25, 2007.

    The Russian-born woman had filed paperwork just two weeks earlier to dissolve her 4-year marriage to Huss.

    According to opening statements made Monday, Yana Huss was stabbed more than 10 times. Her neck also was violently slashed.

    The defense has claimed Yana Huss’ alleged ties to the Russian mafia were responsible for her death. :loser:

    Attorney Michael Powell claimed his client observed a “dark figure†climb into a waiting SUV in front of Huss’ Rickover Street home just moments before he entered the house himself and discovered Yana’s body.

    Huss’ then-8-year-old stepson — and Yana’s son — also was inside the home at the time. He was not hurt.

    On Tuesday, jurors heard from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s sergeant who found Yana’s body on the afternoon of April 25, 2007, following a well-being check at the home on Rickover Street.

    Sgt. Jon Fullerton testified that before he found the body inside the laundry room, he noticed bloody footprints outside and inside the home.

    Once inside the dwelling, Fullerton found Yana’s body.

    He told jurors that he only touched the deceased’s leg to confirm she was dead.

    “How did it feel?†Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg asked. “Cold and stiff,†Fullerton replied.

    The sergeant said he then carefully checked the home to see whether there were other victims or a suspect. After finding no one else, he and two deputies exited the home and secured the scene. Fullerton’s colleague at the Sheriff’s Office, crime scene technician Ron Mueller, was then called to testify.

    Mueller’s testimony was the longest of any other witness Tuesday.

    Prosecutors were able to place Yana’s son and one other person inside the home immediately following the homicide with Mueller’s testimony.

    Mueller was the lead crime scene technician inside the home, which he photographed and videotaped.

    In several of the crime scene photos showed Tuesday, a large pool of blood was located on part of the white-tile floor just outside the laundry room.

    Multiple bloody foot or shoe prints also were depicted in several of the images.

    Mueller, who told jurors that he had advanced training in shoe print evidence and processing, said the bloody foot prints on the floor of the Huss home were that of a set of sneakers, or footwear, and a set of sock-clad feet.

    All foot prints inside the home — of any examination value — came from one of those two sources, Mueller said.

    The crime scene technician said he was able to immediately decipher that the sneakers prints were smaller than the sock prints.

    And, after comparing impressions of the shoes collected from the home of Scott Huss’ mother, Mueller matched the sneaker prints inside the home to the shoes Yana’s son allegedly was wearing on the day of his mother’s death.

    Officials said the then-8-year-old Petir Shalin was driven by Scott Huss to Huss’ mother’s home in Longwood on April 25, 2007, following Yana’s murder.

    Mueller said the tread pattern and other more “individual characteristics,†like wear marks or cuts, line up in impressions taken from the shoe and the bloody shoe print.

    However, on cross examination by defense attorney Thomas Marryott, Mueller acknowledged that he was unable to detect anything more from the bloody sock prints at the scene.

    The witness also acknowledged on cross that he could only presume that the other prints were that of sock-covered feet and not of shoes.

    Also missing from the crime scene were any foot or shoe prints of the victim, Yana. Mueller speculated that the lack of those prints likely meant the decedent was not on her feet for long after she was attacked.

    The defense immediately objected to the witness’ speculation, which the trial judge sustained.

    Jurors also heard Tuesday from a former Tallahassee Police forensic specialist who processed Scott Huss’ hotel room on the night of April 25, 2007. John Derby said he found several items inside the room, including a military watch, which had blood on it, a police scanner and an after-color conditioner treatment from a hair dye box.

    The state is expected to continue calling witnesses today. The trial is expected to last all week.
  11. RiverRat

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    "Scott Huss, second from left, looks on as Ron Mueller, a crime scene technician with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Oÿce, testifies off the witness stand and closer to jurors at the Charlotte County Justice Center Tuesday. Huss is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his estranged wife, Yana Huss."

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  12. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Rat, you are one of a kind. Bless you forever.

    From the article you posted:

    I can't wait to hear Scott's demons...I mean lawyers...explain how that old Russian mafia managed to levitate out of the house without getting bloody footprints on the floor, too. Or was it Scott who levitated, a trick I'm sure he'll be glad to demonstrate for the jury...he he.

    The defense is showing their desperation when they object to the obvious, like the logical conclusion that Yana didn't walk around after she was attacked or her footprints in her own blood would be there, too. Maybe the defense is going to argue she levitated, too.

    And if there are no footprints with skin impressions, it's hardly a leap to conclude the person leaving those prints wore socks. Duh.

    So I do have some questions for you, Rat:

    Did LE find any of the clothes Scott wore during this attack? Did they find those socks? I imagine Scott got rid of them, but he must have changed clothes somewhere. He was living elsewhere at the time, so did he go to his apt. and take a shower, change? Or did he change at the scene of the murder? I would bet money he was covered in blood, not an easy sight to miss. Did he put on a raincoat? Change in a gas station restroom?

    Does the prosecution have any ideas on this, if not evidence?

    How about blood in the car? If he had blood all over his socks, he probably put his shoes on to drive, but he must have had blood all over him. Oh, wait: he stripped down to murder her, didn't he? That's why he had socks on and not shoes.

    Okay, WHY is the DA not going for murder one? I don't get that at all.

    Did they find any injuries on Scott, like cuts to his hands, bruises, etc.?
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Hey, ACR, good to see you here. I think about you often.

    So looking at this again to see if Scott might have taken a shower or cleaned up somewhere in here before he took the child and left. He must have washed his face and hands/arms, etc., though he could have had his clothes in his auto or garage or brought a bag into the house, laid it somewhere and then changed clothes and put the bloody ones in the bag.

    It looks to me like Scott went to the master closets after he murdered Yana, not into the bathroom. We have speculated on why he did that. Did Petr hide under something at the entrance area to the master bedroom, trying to call 911 and that's why the phone location is documented in this diagram? Maybe Scott went to the master bath entrance and closets looking for Petr? Found him and realized he might have called 911 and that's why he didn't kill him, in case there was a record Petr was alive to make the call and then feared he'd told LE Scott was murdering his mother? Afraid of the death penalty, he didn't kill him at that point?

    But then, there's that letter; can't wait to see that. Scott had a plan, no doubt. Maybe he never meant to kill Petr because he knew he'd be judged as a child kller and his ego couldn't take that.

    So Scott was stabbing Yana, Petr came to the washroom and saw this. Petr took off running to the master bedroom, got the phone and hid. Scott ran after him, didn't see him hiding and went to the door of the master bath. Then Scott saw him and Petr broke to run through the kitchen, Scott catching him and picking him up, exiting through the garage? So maybe Scott changed clothes in the vehicle? If so, there had to be blood in the vehicle. But I guess Scott has as his excuse that he touched Yana and/or Petr.

    Sorry, I'm sure LE know the answers to this, but you know me, impatient. :blush: Well, it has been 3 YEARS.
  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Rat said court will be running late tonight, and JC hasn't posted this yet, so I hope you don't mind if I do, JC.

    The thing is, I'm only more confused by the DNA testimony. The DNA profile found under Yana's fingernail doesn't seem to be much, which is rather disappointing, only "cannot exclude Scott."

    Maybe Rat can clear it up for us. Poor Rat. Me and all my questions! :rolleyes:

  15. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    Not at all, koldkase. I wouldn't have even checked the station's website until later this evening. I'm glad they had a noon update.

    What I am wondering is what Scott's son has to say.

    From the looks of the pictures, Yana was a really beautiful woman. What a pity she got hooked up with that SOB.
  16. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    'Tis True

    Take ONE Guess at WHO the freaking lab was that could NOT determine that it was Yana's blood?! Bode Tech can kiss my Touch DNA...

    All the "expert" could identify as positive is that it was female blood and that all of the swabs she tested matched as coming from the same Female and stated that SHE DID NOT HAVE A USABLE Profile of Yana's to compare with...so I am still trying to decide who I am furious with over this.

    The good thing is that one swab she tested had a mixture of female and male DNA from Yana's fingernails. She could NOT EXCLUDE Scott, but because it was his DNA was a Minor Componant...but the odds are 1 in 1.2.2 MILLION that it was anyone else but Scott.

    Now - I do need to tend to my famly for a bit, but promise to try to come back tonight to answer those questions, KK!
  17. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    KK, A thru X are the bloody shoe prints which now we know was what Peter was wearing. That means Peter was literally standing in the bathroom where his mother was murdered (See "A"). :-(

    He was obviously running toward the bedroom where S and T stop. Either Scott picked him up at that point or he lost grip of him. If I recall, RR said there was a phone right inside that bedroom door. Not sure why Scott's bloody sock prints go further into the bedroom unless Peter threw something across the room and Scott had to go get it, possibly a wireless phone. As you suggested, perhaps Scott thought Peter had called 911 on that phone.

    At some point Peter turned and ran toward the kitchen and again his foot prints only made it to the other side of the kitchen door (V, W and X) where apparently Scott picked him up and from there carried him out of the house. I think he either changed his own clothing in the car before he dropped Peter off at his mother's house or he changed on his way to Tallahassee.

    Russian Mafia my A-S-S !! Scott must have forgot he wrote that letter to his mother before Yana was murdered !! RR can correct me on this but I recall reading somewhere that Scott had other drafts of that letter in his car.

    Scott Lee Huss (Manifesto) letter to his mother


    Nice to see you too KK!! I think about you and all you guys!
    On a side note, OT, I had some major health and financial issues and had to move the first of September. It's been an emotional trip downsizing and relocating. Because of finances I had to cancel my main archive site where all my JonBenet online files were, but I'm slowly in the process of trying to upload some of those missing files over to my www.acandyrose.com hosting service and then correcting hundreds of web pages to change the links. It's a slow process but I'm making some headway.

  18. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

  19. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks for going over that with me, ACR. I really wonder what took Scott to the closet/bathroom entrance.

    I didn't know about the drafts of the letters found in Scott's car. Interesting.

    So sorry to hear about your health and downsizing issues. I hope things are better for you now. I think in this economy, we're all downsizing a lot. Oops. Didn't mean to get politic, but it bothers me when I know good people are suffering while the crooks are doing just fine.... :rage:
  20. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    RE: The Sun

    Just a little helpful hint for this week...they have a FREE 7 day trial subscription so that one can view The Sun and then just cancel it when the trial is over and no harm is done!!!!! The Link is on the Left Side under Electronic Edition :yes:

    I have not had time to read your replies yet and I have to run my kiddo to school and be back in my seat by 8:30 AM - I am sooo sorry, but if I've learned nothing else - I am not missing a minute with my wonderful kids & my Angel that is my Man. Life Does Go On...

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