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    I never knew you were a go go girl BJ! The way to go! :)
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    Was this blonde chick you, RiverRat? :) If so, you are so young and beautiful! Thank you for all your wonderful efforts for finding justice for this young woman Yana Huss and her family.
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    What good news to read first thing this morning ~ you go girl!

    What ACR did. :)

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    I wasn't allowed to copy the dancers JC [​IMG] How come they appeared for you?[​IMG]
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    I don't know Elle. Really I was a little surprised it worked for me.
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    Sorry 4 Sleeping In!

    I do have many stories to bring to you this morning, but the week caught up with me and I was allowed to sleep in late. I am no Star of The Show - That Honor goes to Petr Shalin!!! All of the prepping paid off and I will remain in Awe of that EIGHT YEAR OLD Little Brave Man! As I watched his video, I was amazed at how well he handled the painful questions that he gave brutally HONEST Answers to...I now have that transcript, but for now, it will just stay in my heart - maybe later though....

    It would have been nice of they would have given a Rat a moment's notice before she was surround with camera's, bright lights, and microphones. so that she could re-apply her make-up that was washed away with her Tears, but there was NO way that I was not going to speak on the Family's behalf. Now - THAT was quite the Honor. Now I will return to my normal life - and I officially hand over my resignation as a Victim Advocate becase my heart has become Too Soft and I get to end with a VICTORY!

    I do want to Thank This Gang of the world's most special people that never stopped helping me Help others - you never cease to Amaze me and just know this...I spoke with Elena LATElast night - or early this morning - and Yana's Family is very happy with ALL that has been done and today, Petr's has found out by now that he NEVER has to have dear in his Heart for DRUNK SCOTT.

    This excellant article that I will post next was too late for the Deadline, but it includes that Perfect Proesecutor's Closing Arguements that Sealed the Deal. There will BEE a more extended artticle in the Sunday Paper, so I - as always - will BEE Back. :yes:

    WE Love FFJ!
    RR & Friends
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    Charlotte Sun 10/04/10

    PUNTA GORDA — Scott Huss was worried. Two suspicious-looking, dark-colored SUVs had just pulled away from in front of his former Port Charlotte home on Rickover Street. So, the then-48-year-old man, who already was certain someone was after him, went inside to investigate further. But first, he took off his shoes.

    “We always walked without shoes in the house,†Huss told a jury, with a slight shrug in his shoulders.

    It was a seemingly minor detail in Huss’ testimony Friday as the Punta Gorda man took the witness stand in his murder trial, but prosecutors seized upon it, surmising a more diabolical motive for why the now 52-year-old man removed his footwear.

    “You took off your shoes so you wouldn’t be heard, right?†Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg asked. “And you hid in the bathroom.â€

    Authorities claim Huss killed his estranged wife, Yana Huss, on April 25, 2007.

    The body of the 31-year-old woman was found face down on the floor of the couple’s laundry room. She had been stabbed and slashed multiple times.

    All week, a nine-member jury panel listened to witness after witness in the state’s case, linking crime scene, forensic and DNA evidence in the case to Scott Huss.

    And the prosecutors’ final witness was Petir Shalin, Yana’s then-8-year-old son, who allegedly witnessed the murder.

    Petir however did not testify live in the courtroom, and instead jurors watched a videotaped deposition of him taken in October 2007. In it, the boy said he bumped into Scott Huss, his stepfather, in a bathroom at his home just seconds before his mom’s death.

    Scott allegedly instructed him not to come out, no matter what, according to Petir’s testimony.

    But after his mother’s screams rang out, Petir ran to the laundry room. He claimed he saw Scott Huss stab Yana five times.

    The state undoubtedly saved Petir’s testimony for last to make an indelible impression on the jury. Following the videotaped deposition, prosecutors rested.

    It was then the defense’s turn to present its case.

    And in a shock to some in the courtroom, the defendant himself was called as the first witness.

    Huss stood up straight as he was sworn in to testify. He seemed eager to sit down in the witness chair.

    And he did not seem at all put off by his attorney’s blunt, first question.

    “Did you kill your wife, Yana?†defense attorney Thomas Marryott asked.

    “I loved my wife, (their daughter) Katrina, (his stepson) Petir like my own
    son,†Huss replied, choking back tears. “No, I did not kill her. Absolutely not.â€

    Jurors leaned forward as the defense tried to poke holes in the state’s case.

    After asking Huss about his lengthy military service, Marryott cast a critical eye on some of the key testimony delivered by state witnesses earlier in the week.

    On direct examination, Huss alluded to why his DNA evidence could have been found on his wife’s fingernail.

    The Punta Gorda man claimed he grabbed Yana’s hands after finding her body. Scott Huss said he checked his wife for signs of life, moving his hands around some of her wounds.

    “I checked her neck. They cut her neck,†he sobbed.

    On Monday, the defense claimed Yana’s alleged ties to the Russian mafia contributed to her death. Attorney Michael Powell suggested that an “underworld’ figure killed the 31-year-old woman for not following orders.

    Those orders, the defense suggested, were gaining control of Scott Huss’ $1 million worth of assets.

    Marryott did not specifically reference the Russian mob during his direct examination of his client.

    On Thursday, two of Scott Huss’ grown children testified for the state. Jeremy Huss, Scott’s 30-year-son, told jurors that he received a phone call from his father on the afternoon of Yana’s murder.

    Scott Huss had claimed to have taken care of a problem, Jeremy testified.

    On Friday, the defendant claimed his son was mistaken.

    Instead of saying “I took care of my problem,†which Jeremy claimed Scott said, the Punta Gorda man claimed he said, “I’m done.â€

    That statement was made in reference to Scott Huss’ fear.

    “I thought I was going to be killed,†he said.

    The Punta Gorda man told jurors that he was certain that his wife’s alleged killers were after him and his family. “I’m done,†meant he was in deep danger, Huss claimed.

    The defendant also tried to lessen the impact of his so-called manifesto that was read Thursday to jurors. In it, the Punta Gorda man instructs his mother how to divvy up his assets.

    When Huss was writing the note, he thought he was going to be killed, but not by his own hand — discrediting the suggestion it was a suicide note.

    During the state’s heated cross-examination, Feinberg noted the letter, which Huss admitted to writing, contained multiple veiled and, at times, explicit threats.

    The prosecutor read verbatim from the letter, asking Huss if he had written, “tell (Huss’ ex-wife) she better back the (expletive) off or I’ll take care of her too.â€

    Huss paused and then tried to explain before Feinberg cut him off.

    “Yes or no, those are words you wrote,†he asked.

    “Yes,†Huss finally replied.

    Only one other witness testified for the defense, a retired U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent.

    Closing arguments were being made Friday night. A verdict was not expected until late Friday at the earliest.
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    Here is a Hero for ya!

    Also from The Sun:

    "The prosecutor asked then 8-year-old Petir Shalin if he actually saw his mother being killed.

    “Glued to my own eyes,†the boy said quietly.

    “What does that mean?†asked Daniel Feinberg, the assistant state attorney who was questioning him.

    “Means a yes,†he replied.

    He then calmly confirmed that he saw his stepfather, Scott Huss, kill his mother, Yana Huss, inside their house on Rickover Street in Murdock on April 25, 2007. She died instantly on the second stab wound, he said.

    “What makes you say that?†Feinberg asked.

    “Because I just saw it,†he replied.

    Petir, now 11, resides with his maternal grandmother in Russia. He did not attend Scott Huss’ trial. However, Petir was interviewed under oath for a deposition Oct. 16, 2007.

    The videotape of that deposition provided a counterpoint to the testimony of Scott Huss.

    Scott, in his testimony from the witness stand Friday, said he grew afraid that Russian thugs were after him in the days before the murder. He said he went to his house, where he had been ordered not to return under a domestic violence injunction, to check on his wife early that morning. When he arrived, he saw two mysterious vehicles in the driveway, so he hid from them and drove around a few blocks, he testified.

    After the vehicles drove off, he took off his shoes and went inside to discover his wife dead and her son, Petir, sitting by her so motionless he appeared dead, Scott said.

    Petir, however, states in the videotape that he and his mother were alone in the house. He said he was on his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth when he encountered Scott. He was armed with a knife and had a pistol in his pocket, the boy said.

    “He said, ‘Stay here a second,’†Petir said. “I was, like, kind of walking (after him), but when I heard my mom scream, I was, like, running.â€

    He said his mother was trying to get to the laundry room, where there was a burglar alarm.

    “She wanted to get there to call the police, because the phone wasn’t even near her in the laundry room, so she tried to get past,†he said.

    He heard his mother say no to something Scott Huss had said.

    “After that, he got really mad and he did that,†the boy testified. “He stabbed my mom.â€

    “Where on the body?†Feinberg asked.

    “Everywhere. About, like, five times. He did that,†he replied.

    The boy pointed to his arm, shoulder and upper thigh to show where he saw his mom get stabbed.

    Yana Huss incurred 11 stab wounds in total, according to testimony from a medical examiner earlier in the trial.

    But the boy might not have witnessed them all.

    “I was like running all over the house to find (a phone), but I just accidentally ran into him,†Petir testified.

    His then-2-year-old sister, Katrina, was in a day-care center at the time, he said.

    Scott allegedly pushed the boy into the PT Cruiser that he had rented two days earlier. Along the way, Scott “wiped off all his blood ... off his hands because he thought, like, if the people, like, see him, they would, like, they would think, you know, that’s why,†the boy said.

    Scott dropped the boy off near the house of Scott’s mother, Joyce Huss of Longwood, Fla. He gave the boy two suitcases and told him to give them to her.

    Feinberg asked the boy why he didn’t immediately tell Joyce Huss what had happened.

    “Because I was probably a little bit nervous, so nervous I probably couldn’t say one word,†he replied. “I was, like, shivering.â€

    During the ride, he said, Scott told him to tell the police a “black man with brown hair and black eyes†committed the murder. But Petir said he didn’t tell the police officers that.

    “I knew if I lied, he wouldn’t get in jail, and I want him to go to jail for what he did,†he said."
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    Small update from The Sun

    PUNTA GORDA — A jury Friday night found Scott Huss guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his estranged wife, Yana Huss, three years ago. The 52-year-old Punta Gorda man showed no outward emotion as the verdict was read at the Charlotte County Justice Center. The two-men, four-women panel deliberated for about 45 minutes Friday night before returning the guilty verdict at about 9:15 p.m.

    Joyce Huss, Scott Huss’ mother, watched tearfully as her son was fingerprinted. She exited quickly from the courtroom and refused to comment. The 79-year-old Longwood, Fla., woman testified during the weeklong trial as a state witness. Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg said the state will seek the maximum sentence possible for Scott Huss — life in prison — when he is sentenced Jan. 12, 2011. Defense attorneys Thomas Marryott and Michael Powell declined to comment immediately after the trial Friday night. See Sunday’s paper for more about this story.: :yes:
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    Oh my gosh, Rat, I didn't know you are so beautiful. Bonus! Inside AND outside!

    Yes, thanks Rat for being so faithful and being there for Yana and Petr and her family. I hope you got to talk to them. I'm sure they are so relieved to finally have at least this much behind them. Though nothing will ever change the evil that monster has done, at least he's locked up for good like the dangerous animal he is.

    Love that wool coat, by the way. :winko:

    Edited to add: I had missed this last page of posts, obviously. So glad Yana's family got the good news and Petr will know Scott is locked up...hopefully for life. And I can't imagine a judge giving Scott less. I still can't figure out why the DA didn't go for murder one, death penalty, though I'm sure he had his reasons.
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    You ask us to "pay no mind to the blonde chick on the evening news." Sorry RiverRat we cannot do this. We have to highly respect and honour your efforts relating to this case. Thank you again for all you have done for Yana Huss and her family! :rose:
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    Isn't that the truth Elle!

    And I perceive that is a young advocate in the making by her side. :sleuth:
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    Too Sweet...Thank You Elle & JC....the young lady with me is going to go much further than a VA....in Yana's honor, the 15 year old college student intends on becoming an Attorney - and She WILL be Sitting on the Correct Side of the Fence...She IS reading here, so Wave Hello to my Baby Girl FRIEND For Life! :heart:

    Much Love,
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    10/5/10 Charlotte Sun

    PUNTA GORDA — Scott Huss was found guilty Friday night of second degree murder after a jury rejected defense claims that the Russian mob was behind the stabbing death of Huss’ estranged wife three years ago.

    Huss was stone-faced as the verdict was read inside the Charlotte County Justice Center.

    While the 52-year-old man shed tears throughout his weeklong trial, most notably during his own lengthy testimony Friday, he did not cry as the verdict was read — or immediately afterward.

    After dozens of witnesses, hundreds of exhibits and hours of testimony, the jury needed just 45 minutes to reach its verdict.

    Huss will be sentenced Jan. 12, 2011. Prosecutors plan to seek the maximum sentence permissible, life in prison.

    “Based upon the nature of the crime, and the presence of a young witness, we believe that a life sentence is appropriate, and that’s what we’ll seek,†Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg said.

    Jurors listened all last week as witness after witness linked forensic, DNA and crime-scene evidence of the violent death of Yana Huss to Scott Huss, her husband.

    The Russian-born woman had filed for divorce from her husband of four years just two weeks before she was killed on April 25, 2007.

    Yana was 31.

    Friends of the victim embraced :heart: after the two man, four-woman panel was escorted from the courtroom. Relatives, however, chose not to fly from Russia to attend the trial.

    Scott Huss’ mother, Joyce Huss, watched tearfully as her son was fingerprinted and taken from the courtroom by bailiffs.

    The 79-year-old Longwood, Fla., woman, and other family members of Scott Huss, testified for the state during the trial.

    She filed quickly out of the courtroom, ignoring questions from a Sun reporter. Other family members and friends of the defendant also refused to comment Friday night. Defense attorney Thomas Marryott said Saturday that he has since spoken to his client’s family, and an appeal will be filed. :violin:

    “We’re disappointed, of course, in the verdict, but we recognize that (prosecutors Feinberg and Jill Kuykendall) did any excellent job in presenting their case,†he said. ::shocked2

    More than 30 witnesses took the stand during the five-day trial.

    But it was the testimony of the youngest witness in the case, Yana’s then-8-year-old son Petir Shalin, that was key for prosecutors.

    Petir, the state claimed, witnessed his stepfather, Scott Huss, stab his mother to death after the mother and son arrived at their Rickover Street home to get ready for the school and workday.

    Scott Huss apparently was hiding in a bathroom moments before he killed his wife.

    In his videotaped deposition taken six months after his mother’s murder, Petir claimed he witnessed Scott Huss, his stepdad, stab his mother inside the laundry room of the family’s former Port Charlotte home.

    The then-8-year-old’s haunting recollection of his mother’s murder was played for the jury Friday. The 43-minute DVD was the last testimony of a state witness heard by jurors.

    Prosecutors initially planned to have the now-11-year-old boy travel from St. Petersburg, Russia, where he has been residing for more two years with his mother’s family, to testify during the trial.

    However, the family elected not to fly back, apparently concerned over the multiple delays in the case.

    Feinberg said the State Attorney’s Office has no direct communication with the family but knows from contact with Yana’s friends in Southwest Florida that the family was aware of last week’s proceedings.

    “People talk about closure, but I don’t think there ever is closure in a case like this,†Feinberg said. “For her family, the loss is something they’ll never get over. There’s justice, not closure.â€

    The family apparently was concerned about the effect testifying in front of his stepfather would have on Petir, Yana’s friends said.

    The prosecutor said, in the end, the boy’s live testimony may not have been as effective as his October 2007 deposition.

    “I think it was more helpful for the jury to hear what the child had to say closer in time to when the event happened, because he was only 8, than to hear him three years later when there could have been memory problems, language problems because now he’s been immersed in Russian society for the last two years,†Feinberg said.

    The prosecutor gave a blistering closing, calling Scott Huss’ killing of his wife of four years a “crime of passion.â€

    Huss was full of rage toward his wife, Feinberg claimed.

    Jurors got a glimpse into the defendant’s rage after a lengthy letter he wrote was read aloud during the trial. The Punta Gorda man used coarse, explicit language in his so-called manifesto and railed against the judicial system and law enforcement.

    He claimed he was already “forgiven†by God in his note. :drunk:

    Marryott told jurors in his closing to weigh all of the evidence in the case with a critical eye, suggesting some pointed to two killers.

    The defense earlier told the jury that the Russian mafia was responsible for Yana’s death, after underworld figures were enraged the Port Charlotte woman was not quickly enoug control of Scott Huss’ $1 million-plus worth of assets." :lier:
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    Wow...just a few early monring rambling thoughts on the above article...over the decades that I have been doing whatever it is that I do...NEVER have I seen a statement from Defense Attorney for a large percentile of the Murder Cases around here - NEVER has Tom Marryott had a kind word to say in regards to The State's Win...Way to Be, TM...

    You know by now who Yana's friends are that are referenced...at first I thought that I was going to lose my anonyminity, so Thank You, Kate Baxter for your Fantastic Coverage! :yay: Maybe the Rat gets to stay now, but I was fully prepared to exit if I was no longer undercover and for Yana & Family - I would have made that Sacrifice, but it's looking like you guys are Stuck with me...:bowdown: However, if anyone has seen anything from the media that reveals my identity, please advise...I've heard that my name was given out in the first reports that came out before I even made it home, but I've yet to come across them.

    The picture I am attaching is exactly the same one that I took from my seat 2feet away from the CONVICTED Murderer...but at that point, he was no longer making eye contact with me as Yes, KK, I was wearing my Gorgeous Full Length Wool Coat that Scaught IS very Familiar with! :bigstick:

    The Good News is this...I have woke up with a Cold coming on and I will be able to be available over the next couple of days to add all of the links & my thoughts, but for now - Good Morning! I have my Heaven Sent Angel preparing Breakfast in Bed for his Lady, so I must :shadow:

    Back Later!

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    Want to see what CROCKodile Tears look like?! I've got the Perfect Example!


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  18. Cherokee

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    Scott guilty in 45 minutes!!!!

    This is the first time I've been able to check in and what wonderful news greets me! Thanks to all who made this happen.
  19. RiverRat

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    I am Thrilled to be able to bring this news to you, Cherokee! You had Scott pegged after reading his "Manifesto" - and So Did The JURY!!! Thank You for your help & support! I did win the poll on how long it would take the Jury, I just knew it would be a quick Verdict - and the Correct One Too!!!
  20. RiverRat

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    Paging ACR with a Huge Hug Request!!!
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