Yana Huss Murder Case and Memorial Fund

Discussion in 'Yana Huss' started by ACandyRose, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. RiverRat

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    Ohh - It was some Very Special Hearts from HERE, not the local community, that helped Yana's family the most with donations to the Trust Account...at the time Elle, Yana's Mother had to prove that she could financially care for the children in order to be granted custody of BOTH kids - even though she was not allowed to work here in the US or apply for assistance because she was not a Citizen here...another chapter of this nightmare that we were able to overcome...and to this Day, I am Still Overcome with Emotions at the Genorosity from FFJ, if not for this place, I have major doubts that the outcome would have been what it was...and if the children had not been placed with Yana's family...oh my...I can't even let my mind go there.

    I just checked the Clerk's site and it reads... SENTENCING 1/12/2011 2:30 PM. :yay: No last minute delays - Knock Wood! It also looks like the new Judge assigned will address the Defense's Motion for a New Trial on the same day at the same time!!! I have a copy of the videotaped testimony transcript, I watched the video - glued to my eyes as my Little Hero would say...and it is Not a scenerio of Scott's attorney not being allowed to question Petir because he DID! Asked and Answered ALREADY! Deal with IT, Scott and please quit terrorizing Yana's Family - and your OWN - with your pityful ploys that only line the pockets on your attorney's as they are the only "Winner's" on your side of the Fence.

    I think that I shall now show up in my own clothing for Sentencing, make-up and Smile included!!!

  2. Elle

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    Oh Geez. My head is in a whirl with all I've been doing here, KK. I'll have to pay attention to the post dates. I remember about this now. No fun being a Senior KK.[​IMG]
  3. Elle

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    :toast: Three Cheers RR! Take care of yourself, won't you! I will pay more attention to dates and not be in a rush! :hiya::blush:
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    It's ShowTime!

    Sentencing Hearing and Motion for New trial TODAY at 2:30...Finger's Crossed that this will be the LAST Day that I ever see Scott's face!!!

  5. RiverRat

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    Life Sentence!

    Just reporting in on the facts for right now - I will return after I gather my thoughts, but Justice for Yana was Delivered today and Scott Huss was Sentenced to Life in Prison plus $25,000 Restitution!!!

    The Motion for A New Hearing was Denied as well!!!

  6. Moab

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    Absolutely wonderful Mouse...As it should be.
  7. Elle

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    WONDERFUL NEWS RR! - JUSTICE FOR YANA AT LAST ! Now you can relax a bit. You have been a wonderful faithful friend to Yana Huss and her family.
  8. RiverRat

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    Mega Thank You's Moab & Elle!

    I have this new unfamilar emotion - I feel lost now that there is nothing more to be done and It's Over...well, at least in the Courtroom. My Heart is with my Special Friends on the other side of The World tonight, but at the same time, my Promise to Petir is fulfilled and I can only hope to be as amazing as he is when I grow up!

  9. RiverRat

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  10. RiverRat

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    Muchhhhhhh Better!


    The man convicted of killing his wife in 2007 was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday.

    Scott Huss was convicted last month of second degree murder in the death of his wife Yana Huss in April 2007.

    Yana's 8-year-old son found her lying in a pool of blood in their home.

    "The Russians have won this battle," Huss said.

    Defiant to the end, the convicted killer showed no remorse for killing his wife.

    Yana Huss was stabbed and slashed 11 times, at the hands of her husband.

    Scott continued to blame the Russian mafia for her death, just as he did at trial.

    Scott Huss testified for 5 hours in December that he didn't do it.

    Yana's friends are elated with the life sentence and say its justice for Yana's son Petr who watched his mom die.

    Petr who's now 11 was not in court today, but continues to heal with his family in Russia.

    Huss was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole."

    Video included ;)
  11. RiverRat

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    Ok...so One LAST phone call has been made to correct the record AGAIN and hopefully those words will NOT be used when they replay this on the 11PM News!
  12. RiverRat

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    Re=Printed WITH Permission

    PUNTA GORDA — Scott Huss was defiant to the end.
    And delusional, according to prosecutors.
    Huss, 52, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison — without the possibility of parole — for the 2007 murder of his estranged wife, Yana Huss.
    The Russian-born woman was stabbed to death at the couple’s former Port Charlotte home on April 25, 2007. She was 31.
    Inside a packed courtroom at the Charlotte County Justice Center, 20th Circuit Judge John Dommerich, who presided over Huss’ five-day trial more than a month ago, admonished the Punta Gorda man for committing an act he called “brutal and vicious.â€
    The judge didn’t mince words.
    “You stabbed your wife savagely,†Dommerich said. “She was aware of what was happening to her.â€
    Huss stared straight ahead as the judge pressed on.
    Noting evidence that showed a troubled marriage from the start — Yana Huss filed multiple injunctions for protection against her husband — Dommerich said Huss ended the relationship by committing murder.
    “Divorce is a way of ending a troublesome marriage. You chose not to do that. You instead committed a horrendous act, (of) which you were found guilty,†the judge said.
    Dommerich spoke for about five minutes before sentencing Huss to life in prison. He noted the overwhelming evidence in the case that suggested Yana’s murder was premeditated.
    A so-called manifesto penned by Scott Huss was found on a file on the defendant’s computer following his arrest four years ago. Timestamp information from the saved file showed it was first created months before Yana was killed.
    “I think the state probably could have made a (case for) premeditation, but they chose to prosecute you on second-degree murder,†the judge told Huss.
    Huss, for his part, remained defiant.
    Before sentencing was imposed, Huss read a prepared statement, where he again directed blame to the Russian mafia.
    “The Russians have won this battle,†Huss said, his voice filling the silent but packed courtroom.
    At Huss’ trial last month, the defense argued Russian mobsters killed Yana Huss after she disobeyed orders to take possession of Scott Huss’ assets.
    Defense attorneys Thomas Marryott and Michael Powell did not offer any argument Wednesday as to sentencing, per Huss’ request, Marryott said.
    The 52-year-old man told the judge Wednesday that he will continue fighting.
    “In time, the truth will be revealed,†Huss said.
    Huss’ sentencing comments did not appear to surprise prosecutors following Wednesday’s hearing.
    “I think sometimes people tell stories so many times they begin to believe them.†Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg said.
    Joyce Huss, Scott Huss’ elderly mother, watched quietly as her son was taken away from the courtroom. She filed quickly out of the room, flanked by two men.
    While the Seminole County woman said she had “a lot to say†about her son being sentenced to life, she refused to say anything further.
    Yana’s son, Petir Shalin, witnessed Scott Huss, his then-stepfather, stab Yana repeatedly in the chest and torso.
    Impact statements from Yana’s family, including Petir, also made an indelible impression on the judge for sentencing.
    While Dommerich did not read aloud the statements by Yana’s mother, Elena Kuchinskaya; sister, Yulia Nabokova; or son, Petir Shalin, who witnessed the murder, copies were furnished to the media.
    The family currently resides in the Netherlands. They did not attend the trial.
    “I tremble every day when I think of this ugly man,†Petir states in the document. “The time I lived with him and my mother in Florida has been a time of sadness, a time of mishandling and a loss of children years for (my sister) and me.
    “My dream is: The whole situation will change and my mother will be with me,†Petir wrote.
    Following Wednesday’s sentencing, several friends of Yana Huss were on their phones trying to ring up the late woman’s family in Europe. They said they were elated that justice had been served.
    Hayley, who assisted Yana’s family with their efforts to gain custody of the Huss’ young daughter and Petir, gave a discreet thumbs up to her friends inside the courtroom when Dommerich sentenced Huss to life inprison.
    “Hopefully (Yana’s family) can keep going on with their lives without Scott on their minds,†she said."

  13. RiverRat

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    The local paper around here - The Sun - has made it impossible for readers, that do not live here to buy a copy or have a subscription, to follow stories on-line, so I Do Have their permission to reprint the articles in their entirity!

    Buh-Bye, Murderer!

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  14. Elle

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    Thank you RR! It was wonderful to hear the judge socking it to Scott Huss. What a great feeling this must have given you hearing this in person, and giving us the chance to hear it and see it!
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  15. Elle

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    More power to you RiverRat! The way to go girl!
  16. RiverRat

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    After hearing Scott's disgusting words, Judge Dommerich was a major help for taking that sting away!

    Thank You, Elle...I'm still waiting for my Brain to take ALL of this in so that I can give a Final Thoughts Recap...maybe if I quit reading Petir's victim impact statement, I could get to it quicker, but it's pretty overwhelming.

    Such a blur too, not sure if I mentioned this here or not, but take a Wild Guess at WHO the friend was that have the Thumbs Up that the reporters are referring to?! :)

    Lot's of FFJ Love~
  17. zoomama

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    Nice going Ratty. Yes, it was good to hear the judge read those words to the murderer. What an arrogant bastid he is. You deserve some much need rest.
  18. koldkase

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    As happy as I am to hear the judge bring it home to wife-murdering, child-abuser Scott, it hurts my heart to read Petr's statement he dreams of his mother being with them again.

    There is never going to be a happy ending to that. I just hope that Petr and his sister and family are able to fill their hearts with Yana's ever-present spirit and go on to live long and happy lives. That's what she wants for them.

    As for you, Rat, it's a big release of tension to finally be at the end of your journey with these people. But even warriors need rest. You will have to give yourself time to fill up the large space they once held daily. They'll always be with you, too. But you have lots of joy in your life, loved ones who will benefit from your rich and loving soul, Rat. You are a blessing to each other.
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    OMG, I finally had the time to check in here, and it has brought me to tears!

    For the lying *** murderer, Scott Huss - LIFE in prison with no parole, restitution to be paid AND no appeal hearing!!!

    Unfortunately, for Petr and his sister - it's also LIFE without their mother. I already knew that, but reading about his "dream" just brought it home to my heart again.

    I'm elated and saddened at the same time. Thank you, Rat, for all you have done in this case.
  20. Elle

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    Watched the video again RR. Erin Maloney talks about Yana's friends giving the thumbs up. Didn't see the friends in this video, but I did see a few others before. I think there were two with you in it. I must backtrack and save those. Tell us, tell us! Can't stand the suspense!
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