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    Default Worm Farmer

    His hat was Ellique. Rita Johnson claimed to have met him in Atlanta where he was supposed to have been working at JonBenet's grave along with jameson.

    She described him and although I'd need to dig out that post from a disc which is in storage just now, I have a mental image of a big middle aged guy possibly with a beard, wearing overalls and driving a truck of some sort. That's just my mental image of him based on reading her post. My memory could be wrong. Ellique's posts gave me the creeps so I wasn't too interested in him. He stopped posting not long after jameson's tape sale revelations and Patsy's cancer recurrence. Some posters thought Ellique WAS Patsy. His posts were dripping with sarcastic charm. Really creepy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic
    Rol Hoverstock...
    The real "high priest" contributed to Ramsey's campaign.

    Why would Susan Bennett contribute? She's probably on their payroll aka God only knows who, some man I would think.

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    I got a very similar mental picture of him, but for some reason I get the feeling that it probably was Putsy, I agree it could have been her and it wouldn't be difficult to point her out; she's got an interesting vocabulary.

    This all rings a bell, I know I've been told about this poster before and I also recall believing that Ellique was Putsy, I dug out this old post to see if anyone else noticed the similarities in Patsy's letter bodies; whoever this poster is, they contain MANY of Patsy's writing characteristics.

    18. "Mini, Mini, Mini"
    Posted by Ellique on 04:51:57 7/15/2001
    NOTE: This message was last edited 04:51:57, 7/15/2001

    Where in the world did you pick up your business economics, sales and marketing information.

    Honey chile!! when I realized that I was way way above average in intelligence, I could have gone in any direction to make money. Making money was not the reason I went into farming. I went into farming because of my love for being "close to the earth and animals". The same holds true as to the reason I opted for the avocation of worm farming on retirement. I KNOW how to read the market trends and reports and I KNOW how to get the most from my invested capital.

    It would not surprise me in the least to learn that I have more money in the bank than Petrocelli(sp),Lin Wood, and Johnny Cochran (combined). Why on Earth should I have become a lawyer.

    Yes, my son-in-law is a lawyer and a darn good one I might add. He claimes that I have taught him more commom sense as to how the law really works than he could ever learn in 20 years of practice. I have read, read, read and still read about the law. I have served on half a dozen Grand Juries and at least that many Petit Juries in my county. I have been sought out for advise by lawyers, believe it or not. Some litigants have bent over backward to settle upon being told there was a possibility that I would be called as a witness.

    Everyone knows that I "ain't" gonna say anything I can't back up. Some people say that they don't even like to see me in a courtroom.........I have even been requested to be in the courtroom just so certain witnesses can see me looking and hearing their every word.

    I am not a "mafioso" type person. I am just a VERY concerned citizen for the proper direction of the American system of jurisprudence.

    Should you ever spy a heavy set 70+ man in overalls with a flat-top crew cut in the booth or table next to you at a Dennys, you could very well be looking at old Ellique. Why don't you walk over and tell him hi. If my wife is with me you will recognize her by her charm and impeccably coifed natural silver hair and her precisely matched befitting attire with fine but not too gaudy jewelry.

    We are all about enjoying our golden years all over the World and just may be spotted anywhere. We are not pretentious. We are just your everyday people who doesn't
    have to worry about impressing anyone. If we have been to a special gathering or some other function such as a play or concert and we are at a Dennys, chances are you will see me in a good looking suit or a tux (yuck) with my tie loosened.

    Who knows, you just may be invited to spend a glorious 2 week vacation in my Swamp Lodge, (on the house), of course. The meals are included (2 per day). You order, and we prepare to you taste.

    Any of you care to guess which one of our offsprings has made a name for him/herself in the world. I bet you have seen and admired him/her dozens of times.


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    Thank you JIC for posting Ellique's post. I remember him very well. The first person to tell me about him was Thor. She was already a member of WS and asked me to join . I did! You're right, Jayelles, this fellow was a strange one. I remember reading about Ellique being at JonBenét's gravesite with Jameson being present. I posted with him a few times, but preferred to ignore him. Thor could probably fill you in more about him. She was at WS for a longer spell than I was.

    I got the impression he was a friend of the Ramseys, just like Toth, the Woosy poster.
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    Default Thank you, JustinCase.

    You have jogged my memory about the worm farmer.

    Of course, this could have been one of Patsy's elaborate hoaxes. The vocab is a lot like hers.."honey chile" and all her fake Southernness. West Virginia is NOT the South.

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    Glad you guys enjoyed the flashback,

    I thought the post was funny, it seems arrogant and snide, two of Patsys most commonly recognized personality traits which tend to be well hidden until she get's too angry to pretend she's the 'good christian' she's always said she is. I'd love to get a lingusitics expert to look at some of the linguistics of that post as well as several others that have come across as possibly originating from Patsy; it could also be hir, or even Stine, or someone we know nothing about. Either way it causes me to continually ask the same question:

    If most of the world compares their 'innocence' to OJ's 'not guilty' verdict, then how do they still manage to find friends in high places?

    Were talking about lawyers, doctors, corporation executives, politicians, all people who know the difference between bullchit and common sense- Does this signal some kind of attitude toward them? I think it does, and I think it points at something much, much, bigger than just JonBenet's murder which would have been relatively low in scale in comparison with the $$ scams that probably still go on.

    Maybe John and Patsy were a part of a money making scheme with others in Boulder and beyond??? It could explain why they were so reluctant to share the names of their close friends and in some cases said close friends were not close friends, like the Stines and the Fernies.

    Maybe they were afraid to reveal too much about their activities because there was illegal activity going on and that could have been revealed through names of associates??

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    Oh yes, old Ellique. I remember hir well. I remember lots of folks thinking it was Patster. I, for one, do not know exactly who it is, but I remember hir vanished off the forums after one of Patsy's later bouts of returning cancer. I also remember when he sent the champagne to Tricia & the rest that one year.
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    Default Listen up

    John and Patsy, discussing the election:

    John: Stop it, stop it! I am NOT going to listen to your dribble any more!

    Patsy: Dribble, my foot! Had you let me plan your strategy from the get-go, you wouldn’t be getting such hostile press now.

    John: Yea, yea. Like your ransom note debacle. You just HAD to put in that $ll8,000 figure, didn’t you?

    Patsy: Well, it just popped into my head, and I’ve learned that my first thoughts are usually the best.

    John: First thought, last thought…Geeze, woman, we would all be better off if you simply shut up and didn’t think at all.

    Patsy: Of all the nerve! Here I am, busting my buns, trying to get you elected into this pitty- low- level office, and that’s the thanks I get!

    John: Well, maybe you would be better off had you married some snobby Frenchman, who used such words as, “And hence;” “Victory,” and “Don’t talk to a dog.”

    Patsy: Well, Mr. Know it all, you are responsible for penning those idiotic, confusing demands to the kidnapper.

    John: At least I tried to help. It was your problem; not mine.

    Patsy: Is that so? Well, what a tale I could tell if I had a mind to.

    John: I know what you are hinting at, and I’m only going to say this once: DON’T GO THERE!

    Patsy: What’s the matter, John? You can’t face the reality of what happened?

    John: And, I suppose you can? Ha! You have completely blocked out what happened that night.

    Patsy: I remember enough of what YOU DID to last a lifetime.

    John: Don’t get cute with me. I’ve kept my end of the bargain. If you don’t keep your end, I’ll have a pretty ugly tale to tell, too.

    Patsy: You promised! Forever and ever, you said.

    John: Unfortunately, we are stuck with one another ‘til the end of time; muted forever. Damn the truth, full greed ahead!

    Patsy: Well, let’s start working on your acceptance speech.

    John: Yea, I’m glad I got that out of my system.

    Patsy: How’s this for the beginning paragraph?
    “Listen carefully.”

    John: No, I think we've used that line before.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor
    Oh yes, old Ellique. I remember hir well. I remember lots of folks thinking it was Patster. I, for one, do not know exactly who it is, but I remember hir vanished off the forums after one of Patsy's later bouts of returning cancer. I also remember when he sent the champagne to Tricia & the rest that one year.
    Thanks Thor, I remember when Ellique wasn't around for quite a long spell. You could be right. Patsy Ramsey had to be absent for her cancer treatment. I wouldn't put it past Patsy Ramsey and her buddy, Susan Stine the game player to have concocted up a few hats to browse the forums. This was probably fun and games for them.

    This story about Jameson and Ellique being at the graveside at the same time is a bit of a mystery. Jayelles has mentioned it, and I definitely read about it too. Hypothetically, with Jams so obsessed with the Ramseys way back then, she could have gone along with the game playing to make Ellique sound real.
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
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    Hilarious Greenleaf!

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    It's probably too late to get justice for JonBenét. Maybe it always was. But knowing where things went wrong is the first step to not going there again. **-- Alan Prendergast-Dec 21, 2006--**

    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    Great job Greenie! I bet they actually have fights like this too, because they are stuck together because of what happened until the end of time.

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