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    Default John Ramsey's '98 Interview...Things That Were "Strange" or "Out Of Place"

    2 LOU SMIT: Very much so. I would like to

    3 just know, perhaps, what you ate or whether the

    4 children ate or if it was different or how things

    5 were set up.

    6 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, all I can specifically

    7 remember was the cracked crab. I think they had a

    8 turkey dinner. But I think she made, she always

    9 makes these little hot dogs with barbecue sauce

    10 that the kids love. I remember her specifically,

    11 Priscilla coming over this big plate of cracked

    12 plate making little plates, and I wanted to save

    13 these out for JonBenet and she took them out and

    14 put them in the plate.

    15 LOU SMIT: What were they?

    16 JOHN RAMSEY: I think it was the cracked

    17 crab.

    18 MIKE KANE: What is cracked crab? I'm from

    19 the east. I don't know --

    20 JOHN RAMSEY: She doesn't take all of it.

    21 It's like pieces of crab that are cut up. They're

    22 cold.

    23 MIKE KANE: They're real crab?

    24 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. They're boiled like.

    25 They're already broken. They're like just chunks


    1 of, like somebody has already broken up the legs

    2 and I guess it was like king crab that was

    3 partially open.

    4 MIKE KANE: Okay.

    5 JOHN RAMSEY: But she specifically, I

    6 just remember her making little plates going down

    7 the line. Which, in retrospect, seems a little

    8 strange

    Funny how Patsy thought that this was "strange" too. I frankly do not see anything at all strange about it. She knew that JB liked crab, and wanted to make sure that she got some of it....what is so strange about THAT, John??

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    Default John's Comment About The Handwriting In The RN

    16 LOU SMIT: Okay. And I know, John, that it

    17 really hurts to talk about this guy, but that's

    18 probably all you've thought about since day one.

    19 You must have a mental picture of the type of

    20 person this is. I mean, in your mind. I know I

    21 have a mental picture of various people that I

    22 would look at. But I'm sure you think about this

    23 all the time.

    24 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, absolutely, everyday. You

    25 know. Of course, my first instinct is, it was a


    1 man. Because of some of the similarities,

    2 apparently in Patsy's handwriting, I wondered if

    3 it was a woman

    Hmmmm...are you giving us a little hint there, John?? Of COURSE it was a woman's handwriting. Even JOHN thinks there are some similarities in the author of the RN handwriting, and Patsy's handwriting. intruder that breaks into someones home, and kills their daughter, and they just HAPPEN to have a similiar handwriting as the mother of the murdered child. what are the odds???

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    Default Patsy's Drinks at The Party...

    The post above this one, and this one...are not things that are out of place...but, I thought that they were interesting.

    4 LOU SMIT: And how much would you say you

    5 had that night?

    6 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, I don't remember, but

    7 certainly not more than two glasses, and only if

    8 like the glass is not very full. I like to sip on

    9 it. I might have two glasses.

    10 LOU SMIT: How about Patsy?
    11 JOHN RAMSEY: She wasn't -- she might have

    12 had a glass served to her. Whether she drank any

    13 at all of it. It would have been unusual for her

    14 to drink much alcohol.

    In Patsy's interview, she said that she had "a couple of cocktails".

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    Default The Picture in The Magazine

    14 LOU SMIT: What I have here is a photograph

    15 here that's labeled 23-12, and this for the

    16 camera. It's a photograph of an entrepreneurial

    17 magazine, and it was found at the scene. And it's

    18 something that kind of caught our attention from

    19 the standpoint that there is writing on this. Now

    20 take a look at that.

    21 JOHN RAMSEY: (WHISTLE). That's weird.
    22 LOU SMIT: Why do you say that?

    23 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it's got Ray. It's

    24 got "no, no, no" written on the three faces, one

    25 of whom is the guy from Corporate Express, I


    1 think. What does it say? "Heart" "Two Hearts."

    2 Where was this found?

    3 LOU SMIT: It was found in the house. I'm

    4 not sure of the exact location. It's a piece of

    5 evidence that was taken that morning.

    6 DAVID WILLIAMS: I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

    7 Did you say it was found in the house?

    8 LOU SMIT: In the Ramsey's house.


    10 LOU SMIT: What do you see in that picture,

    11 John, that seems like it -- have you ever seen

    12 that article before?

    13 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I don't think I ever had.

    14 LOU SMIT: Can you describe the writing on it?

    15 JOHN RAMSEY: It looks like --

    16 LOU SMIT: I can get a bigger copy of that.

    17 JOHN RAMSEY: It's weird.

    18 LOU SMIT: It was in a folder of some kind.

    19 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I don't know. I mean,

    20 I didn't, I'm not. This was a very nice event and

    21 a nice award. But it wasn't a big deal for me. And

    22 I don't even know if we saved any of this stuff.

    23 It was a nice thing. But that is bizarre.
    24 It shows a heart and I can't quite figure out what

    25 that is across the face.


    1 LOU SMIT: (INAUDIBLE) identify any

    2 one of those as your picture.

    3 JOHN RAMSEY: Well I think that's my picture,

    4 but I can't --

    5 LOU SMIT: But it's written on your picture,

    6 is that correct?

    7 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, yeah, it looks like

    8 it's my picture.

    9 LOU SMIT: Could Patsy or would JonBenet

    10 would have written that?

    11 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    12 LOU SMIT: Are you sure?
    13 JOHN RAMSEY: Absolutely. That is very

    14 strange.

    This magazine was found in a folder in the Ramsey home. Now HOW can John say for sure, that Patsy or JB didn't do the drawings? He is doing just like Patsy did, and taking every opportunity that he make it look like an intruder broke in and did these things. So, now, we have the intruder bringing in his own rope, and tape, AND carrying a folder with John's picture in it. I don't THINK so.

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    Default JB's DAILY Baths???

    17 LOU SMIT: Do you remember washing her

    18 hands or cleaning up her -- as the Whites are

    19 cleaning up before or anything of that nature?

    20 JOHN RAMSEY: She was pretty good about

    21 cleanliness. She always took a bath (INAUDIBLE)

    22 daily, I think.
    I think she was getting to paying

    23 attention to her grooming. I don't specifically

    24 remember her washing her hands.

    25 LOU SMIT: But could you specifically


    1 tell

    2 us of a time --

    3 JOHN RAMSEY: Where she washed her hands?

    4 In fact, Patsy was always after the kids to wash

    5 their hands before dinner when they came in from

    6 playing. So she would know.

    And Patsy can't remember the last time that JB had a bath....and Patsy says that she didn't know if the kids washed their hands at the White's before dinner. But John says that JB ALWAYS took daily baths....he THINKS.

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    Default The Cigar Box...

    18 JOHN RAMSEY: It's possible. (INAUDIBLE) I mean,

    19 you can figure out what's in them. The cigar box

    20 was sitting on a paint can, or something like

    21 that. And I believe it shouldn't have.
    22 LOU SMIT: So it wasn't in the place

    23 where it had been. It's not on the floor?

    24 JOHN RAMSEY: And if I interpret the picture,

    25 it's looks like it's kind of almost upside down on


    1 the floor.

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    Default The Flashlight...

    5 LOU SMIT: Were you ever shown the

    6 flashlight?

    7 JOHN RAMSEY: No.

    8 LOU SMIT: Where does that flashlight

    9 appear to be here?

    10 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it's on the kitchen

    11 counter.

    12 LOU SMIT: Can you point on the diagram

    13 where that is?

    14 JOHN RAMSEY: It's right here. (INAUDIBLE)

    15 is right there.

    16 LOU SMIT: Do you have any idea how it got

    17 there?

    18 JOHN RAMSEY: No.
    19 LOU SMIT: Did you put it there?

    20 JOHN RAMSEY: No. Not that I recall.

    Have you ever wondered, if the supposed intruder used this flashlight...and thats what John is trying to say the heck did he find his way out of that dark house, without running into things and waking up the Rams?

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    Default The Purple Bag, and the Cane..

    25 LOU SMIT: By the way, that's photograph


    1 number 374. And that photograph was taken during

    2 the crime scene investigation after the search

    3 warrant was obtained. So that was after.

    4 Now I have photographs 72 and 71. And these are

    5 photographs taken during what we can describe as

    6 the kidnapping phase, when the crime scene techs

    7 were there. And that's before the body was found.

    8 And I wanted to show you this. This was taken

    9 earlier that morning. And I want you to take a

    10 look at these photos and do you see anything out

    11 of place and anything which would draw your

    12 attention, or if anything is missing that you can

    13 remember?

    14 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it's obviously been

    15 moved around some. This bag has been moved, looks

    16 like.

    17 MIKE KANE: Which one are you referring to?

    18 JOHN RAMSEY: A purple bag with my name on

    19 it.

    20 MIKE KANE: From where to where?

    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, it looks like it's been

    22 moved down off the pile, because it's usually

    23 here.
    This laundry basket doesn't show in here.

    24 LOU SMIT: So it looks like something has

    25 been moved between the time this picture was taken


    1 and this picture was taken?

    2 JOHN RAMSEY: It looks like this cane

    3 has been moved.

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    Default The Cigar Box...Continued.

    16 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, in terms of the pictures,

    17 this cigar box is different, certainly.

    18 LOU SMIT: And what do you mean by that?

    19 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, in terms of versus the other

    20 picture, it's kind of resting on its bottom here,

    21 more or less. Here it's a different box.

    22 LOU SMIT: So you had more than one box

    23 of cigars?

    24 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember that box,
    25 Romeo and Juliets. I remember this. The Cubans.


    1 LOU SMIT: (INAUDIBLE) the same box?

    2 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I don't remember that box. 3 LOU SMIT: Okay. That's it?

    4 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. I don't. I don't. This --

    He is making it quite clear that he doesn't remember that particular cigar box. Guess that the intruder must have brought that in with him too. Man, how in the world did he carry all of that stuff, and climb through a very small window?

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    Default Duct Tape...

    6 JOHN RAMSEY: -- 149, that was like

    7 (INAUDIBLE) what looks like a big piece of duct

    8 tape. That doesn't look like that tape I took off

    9 JonBenet's mouth

    10 LOU SMIT: Okay. And why do you say that?

    11 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, because as I recall,

    12 it was black. It was like a little larger than

    13 electrical tape in width. And it struck me, and as

    14 I thought about it later, as the kind of tape you

    15 might use in sailing to wrap around the stanchion

    16 or something.

    17 LOU SMIT: The black tape?

    18 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah.

    19 LOU SMIT: Have you used that type of

    20 tape on (INAUDIBLE)?

    21 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I didn't recognize it.
    22 But in this picture, it looks like a piece of duct

    23 tape. A big piece of duct tape. And that's not

    24 what I remember.

    Guess the intruder (or the victims Advocate people) left this big piece of duct tape too.

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    Default The Blanket...

    9 MIKE KANE: This is really important.

    10 That blanket, I mean, was it like there was care

    11 taken? It was neatly folded?

    12 JOHN RAMSEY: I thought so, yeah.
    13 MIKE KANE: It wasn't like it was just

    14 barely thrown over her?

    15 JOHN RAMSEY: No, it looked like somebody

    16 was trying to make her comfortable
    , because it was

    17 under her, completely under her head and brought

    18 up around her,
    as if you would wrap a --

    19 MIKE KANE: Papoose?

    20 JOHN RAMSEY: -- a papoose.

    I never ever realized that she was wrapped like a papoose....with the blanket under her HEAD. I had always thought that it was just around her legs. Now WHO, besides her parents...would try and make her "comfortable"?? And WHY would she be wrapped like a papoose?? Why wrap her in anything at all??

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    Default That's all for tonight...

    Well, its late and my eyes are getting blurry. I will post more tomorrow...until through these portions of John's interview...and ponder them for awhile.

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